Restaurants in Ipsos

Angela F           

Been going to Ipsos for 7 years now and have always been too lazy to go that far down the strip, but Chrissy and Bryn solved that and sent a car for us!!!! Will definatley make the effort next time as everything was brilliant, my sceptical husband was very impresed and that is saying something, you have to give it a go. Will be there week after next, can't wait.


Jill B           

We visited the Viceroy twice last August and both times it was fantastic! Chicken tikka jalfrezi, butter chicken, Korma, brilliant naan breads, excellent service and wonderful hosts in Chrissy and Bryn. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed 

Paul B           

As always very good food, I have been going there for years, Brin is a very adventurous cook, try his Marengo (it is to die for).

Joe B           

Have you got change of a hub-cap? We visited the place three times during August (as the general Greek cuisine was pants, shame really, you'd think they'd realise that not everybody wants soggy chips and microwave moussaka/stifado/kleftiki etc especially at exhorbitant prices now they have switched to the Euro) and found the food on the first night excellent. We kept on the lamb korma for the three visits as a marker and experimented with other main dishes.

Korma did drop in taste from excellent to good to ok, as did the size of our portion of rice, but the service was good. The tikka masala was excellent, Jalfrezi fair and the mananga reasonable. The samosas are very tasty as were the koftas. The onion nan was also very tasty although do turn it over and check the bottom of it as mine was a bit black on two occasions. We took an innocent Australian chardonay with our meal at 9 euros and a couple of beers a piece and were charged around 45 to 49 euros on the three seperate occasions.
On the whole I would recommend a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Joanna H           

It was my first time in Corfu last year and i can honestly say that with the excellant food and service at the viceroy it was the highlight of my holiday! I will definatly be going back to Corfu and especially visiting the Viceroy again! Bryn the owner is the best host i have ever come across and the food he cooks himself is exceptional. If anybody that reads this does go to the restaurant then ask him about his moment with Frank Sinatra and ask him what is in that wooden box?..................11/10

Kath B           

Possibly the best Indian meal I've ever had. I couldn't believe the chef wasn't indian. I was told he travelled all over Asia before opening the restaurant, I can believe this.

Viceroy I           

As the first Indian Restaurant to open in 1990 and the only Indian Restaurant in Ipsos relocated from Kontakali in 2001. Recommended in many guide books including W H SMiths & Fodors. Offerring top quality Indian Cuisine and open 6 evenings a week from 7pm. Closed Mondays. Telephone 06610 93814 for reservations. Takeaway menu available.