Alcoholics Anonymous

Bars in Ipsos

Sarah B

hi everyone sarah here from kendal whooopaaaa :-) a reunion would be a great idea and all stay at deep blue with costas you need to get a fb group set up. hope everyone is good. do you think we could have a good old ipsos p**s up like old times and stick it out for our special in nibbles at 5am ha ha good times x x

Adam P

Hi its Adam the dj from cacoon bar i was from 1999 til 2004 i think lol hope everyone is well me n sean are goin bk in summer 2015 plz get hold of me on facebook Adam poyser we shud all go at same time we had sum very good times xxxx

Saul G

Hows it goin jus wondering if there's anybody about who use to work in AA between 200 and 2001. Gordo d handsome pig is looking to say hello!!

Just want to say hello to everyone that was there and reflect on the good old times because dirty nellies was the best bar?

because saul gordon wants to get back in touch everybodydrunk as usual!!!! ha ha

Sarah K

hi guys,just found this site....i worked in ipsos for 2 seasons from 98-2000 & had a bloody ball & was very very crazy he he ....i worked in faces night club & ended up fallin for the dj in cacoon...he treated me to a giros & there was no lookin back lol...we had a perfect little girl (millie)who is now 8...sadly now seperated but good pals...ipsos made me an alci thou & not much change there,he he....there were happy mad foookin days xxxx

Louie H

hi guys

it 's Louie here. I was the barman of Monaco club, the summer of 2001.
Glad to see you again

Jamie L          10/10

Yo Peeps

Jamie aka spoon head here! PR or what ever it was I did in AA for a few years :)

 Ive been going to Ipsos every year for the past 10 years.
And nowadays id not like is was. It has gone through a lot of changes but it
started to pick up again last summer.  It gone from English, Irish and Italians.
To a few English and Irish but mainly Serbaine, Hungarian, Czech but they are a
better crack them the bloody Italians!!
AA is now Chilli's like Any said its not like the old days but  Sebi has it on the up  I think.
Hectors it the better place to go these days although its called Mojito's now. Shooters is dead!
All the staff are in Mojito now.
Any way I'll be there on Friday so I'll see some of you there. Andy, Sebi and Dimitri I'm sure ill see you guys take care guys is me!!

Johnny G          10/10

hey there andy.

johnny the pr from ireland sure you remember me,james,danny and john mc.good to hear from you and that you are alive and have to join facebook cos everyone from the ipsos of old is on there.whats the craic over sounds like the a**e really has fallen out of shows that it all started to decline in our second year over there.whats the story with cafe uno is it still on the go?what u plan to do with yourself after this year.send me an e-mail;
chat later

Andy B          10/10

hi guys , its andy the dj from 2001-2004 .loads of changes in ipsos ,a a is now called chilli bar.sebbi the hungarian d.j is running it now,with all hungarian staff.i've been at the temple bar for the last 3 seasons,doing the irish thing .but it looks like this year is the last time for the irish in corfu,crete seems to be the in place to go.even hectors has changed its name to mohitos , and has mainly serbian / eastern european customers.still had some great times at aa ,not the same anymore without the old team.


Gemma T          10/10

Meant to say i came on holiday in 2002 and loved it so much i came back in 2003 as a pr an bar person.Although i was so wrecked from all the red bull an red vodka i prob wasnt very good at either!Such good times though an met so many brillliant people who stay with me to this day.Came back briefly in 2004 to work but it wasnt the same and not so much fun.Cant remember which year i set fire to my mouth by lighting sambuca in it and pouring cinnamon in(some girl did it and it looked really good!Think i put to much cinnamon in though!)Spiros saved me with ice so all good.Although i did do my little stunt on the bar in a really short skirt!Its really hard missing people who meet so many different people year to year that u prob dont matter but best thing to do is just remember your good times,if they were special to you they are special.Big thank you to Panos who helped me through a horrid time when i was first there in 2003,you looked after me and u were the only one who made me want to stay all summer.And spiros if you can email me  Also jonny get in touch and anyone else who wants to.Hi to Andrew and Chris comedy dude 2004.Sorry this is so long but nearly 4 years and im still missin it.Worth it though.

Gemma T          10/10

Hi!Im Gemma and i worked for panos in a a in 2002 & 2003.I totally loved it and miss eveyone like crazy.Am hoping to be able to visit really soon but if i cant just wanted to say hi to Spiros and Panos.Miss you guys!

Tony M          10/10

 hi ! im Spiros i was working  in AA for many years in the bar..

arfochunatly AA is not like it was some wears before.. many thinks chanche.. 
just wont to say hello to james, johnny, danny, and all the others ho we are work together all this years..
sorry for my english but im greek..

Johnny G

 I'm johnny .Me,James,Danny,John Mc,Alice,Jeanne,Sarah we made corfu 4 so many people in AA.Dont go back,remember it 4 what it was.Great times.Its not the same place.i miss and love u all.jonathan

Jamie L          10/10

Hi Everyone who has ever worked in AA.

I worked there in the summer of 2004 but been going to AA for the past 8 years. Worked last year and the year before for a week or so helping out Panos as the PR's were not as they were in 2004. Last year an un heard of thing happened towards the end of the summer, Panos had no choice but to turn it into an Italian bar as there were more italians than Brits. Any who Im out there again for 2 weeks from 16th July. Hope to see some of u guys out there.

Anyone wanna email me can get me on my space at


Suzy W           

Paddy DJ in AA's was well fit!! Best music I heard in Ipsos x x x

Paddy P           

Sorry for just leaving to everyone who worked at AA, it was ace! ran out of cash and had no accomodation sorted.  Gonna go back next year! Hope you liked my tunes! So will see ya there x

Liam K           

Well mel whats the crack sorry didnt get back down to see you that night was steamin no excuse like but hey

Sarah B           

Hey everyone out in Ipsos at the moment, i worked out there in 2004 hope everyone is having as much fun as we did, hey orlaith, how mad is this just thought i would have a quick look on the site for old times and there you all are.  HAVE FUN

Linda H           

Hi Orlaith,
It's Lindo from Nellies. Worked there in 2004. Hope your keeping well. Say hi to Aoife for me as well. My e-mail address is mail me and we'll catch up.
AA's is a good spot. Would defo recommend it to any holiday makers. But it doesn't get kicking til around 2 so best to work your way down the strip starting off in Nellies.
Linda x x

Katie B           

Hey everyone!

Hope the rest of your summer was brilliant, I had a wicked time working at AA's! Me Laura Tiff and Ben are coming back for a holiday this year! Hi orliath! How are you? Summer 04 was alot busier than 05! you still in touch with any of the AA guys?

Nicki L           

A pic of Melissa and Ian in AA's in July 05, its not too good coz I had to re-take it on my phone to add it to the board

Paul(bubbles) A           

oi oi mel u got a fine assssssssssss xx bell ya soon


Hey everyone!!

Its the Wicklow lot here!! We're coming back!!!! We've booked and everything... all we need now is for July to hurry up and come around!!!!
Lotsa Love,
Amy, Amy eile, Leanne and Grace!!

Paul A           

mel,sam,emma,cathy hello sexy ladys? wassupp,how ya doing,miss ya all,.cant belive i found ya any of ya c this msg contact me asap at ,would love t speak t ya all, esp mel luv ya baby x 

Emma G           


    Hey Melanie hows you????you better phone me soon or has sambuca mad you forgetful HAHA;) HEY Laura G hows you???Email soon oooooookay!!!!Chat 2 yous soon girlies.....................Lots and lots of Jell Tots Miss Emma Griffiths

Laura G           

Kate Moss.....shhhh sorry mel... its your good friend Paris Hilton here.... ha ha, how you doing chicken?  Im got an email or phone number i can contact you on... will be good to stay in touch.  hows vacillies?  Laura