China Palace

Restaurants in Sidari

Julia R          7/10

We really enjoyed the restaurant,the food was good and so was the service,the waiter and bar staff were greek but the chef was chinese.When the meal arrived it didnt look much but we were all stuffed when we had finished,and the crispy duck we had was delicious.Because we stayed at the ledgends apartment and the same guy owns the chinese we had a discount card that gave us 10% off,so if you stay at ledgends and fancy going to the restaurant just ask behind the bar for a card.Id recommend giving it a try and if we go back to Sidari we,l be going there again.

Laura N           

The best chinese in Sidari by far, the owner is the owner of the Legends Apartments and a great bloke.  Food excellent just like what you get back home... How can anyone complain 29 Euros is not expensive as compared to back home work out the maths its around 21.  Anyone with comments please email me also at Regards Laura xxx

Sylvia C           

The chinese we went to was actually called China Town - excellant food, great service Pablo was great!! Have been a few times never dissapointed - highly recommended.

Gary E           

This place was crap 29 euros for a meal for two i say meal it was all snack sizes, Plus why was everyone greek???????? didn't like it, And we got refused tea or coffee like it said on the menu, We was in and out in 25 mins, CRAP

Lauren M           

i'm not sure which chinese restaurant this was but if its the one opposite Mojito's (on the beach) Then i didn't really like it and the waiters couldn't really speak english and i think if they are going to work with tourists then they should

Gemz ?           

me and my family have been sidari 3 times including this year and china palace was great the 1st time but the 2nd time well the food poisoned my dad and step sister and i wasnt very pleased at all the results are for the 2nd time at this restaurant

Andrew D           

You will find this is called the China Town - one of three in Sidari, between the main centre and the restaurants in Canal d'Amour, opposite the beach.

Set meal for 2 excellent, very prompt service - slow them down if necessary by asking to delay one of the courses, but then watch your bill that you don't get charged for the desserts on top! Good setting, just off the road and plenty of space around the tables so you don't feel crowded.