Compass Restaurant Bar

Bars in Roda

Nicola K           

Hey this bar rocked great tunes great ppl nice beer!! wud love to be there again beats most of the other places there neway. xxx if ne1 remembers me give me an e-mail!!!!!!!!1 xxxx

Lisa G           

The Compass is absolutly fantastic, the staff were lovely, food was great and the cocktails were the best in the world! i went away with my 2 best mates and we had a wicked time, helped mainly by finding this bar! Everybody was really friendly and we felt so welcome we have planned to go back!

Jode H           

It was the best bar in Roda by far! Good looking waiters, reasonably priced food and drink, and a very chilled atmosphere. Myself and 2 best mates love this place!

Georgie P           

Me and my two best friends loved this place! The food was fantastic especially the pizza's, and the staff where lovely. If you go to roda, you have to visit the Compass, it DEFINTALY made our holiday. Make sure you true one of their fantastic cocktails (sex on the beach is good!)

Peter K           

Food was excellent.
Good friendly staff who always made you feel welcome.
Also used by a good number of locals which is always a good sign

Peter K           

Food was excellent.
All of the staff were friendly and welcoming.