Restaurants in Sidari

David P          10/10

This has to be the best restaurant in sidari i,ve been going to sidari now for twenty years and this is the dogs B......s the food is cooked fresh and the menu is so vast you are really spoilt for choice and you are well looked after. I just love the whole menu,give it a try you will not be dissappointed ...keep it up

MetaΞa 5          10/10

Easy to find, but only if you know where to look; it's behind the church, just off the main street, or there is a back entrance from the car park.  The best pizzas we've had outside Italy, cooked in an olive-wood fired genuine pizza oven, by a wonderfully enthusiastic lady.  Very reasonably priced (when I queried the low bill the owner came across immediately; I think he thought I believed I was being overcharged).  The two young lads are most attentive, . . . and good fun.  The Broclava(?) sweet is also excellent. If you can't finish your pizza they'll even put the rest in a 'doggy box' for you.  Nearly forgot, they do take away pizzas as well. 

Sarah B          8/10

Have just returned from Sidari, we ate here a few times, yes at times service was slow but every meal we had was great. Kids menu was also great! would definately recommend this restaurent. Especially liked the quiet location hidden behind the main street of Sidari

Di & dave J          10/10

What a great restaurant!! We had a few meals in Romanos and each was better than the last!Everything is freshly cooked to order so yes, you may have to wait a while, but we're not talking Mcdonalds here!!! Relax, have another glass of wine, you're on holiday!!!  Romanos was a bit difficult to find so if it helps, look for the church on the main street and go into the grounds, you'll find Romanos just to the right in a little courtyard with a wishing well . Oh and the best bit for me was they have a diet section in their menu, so enjoy and wear your bikini with pride!!!!  lol  xx

Aaron A           

Superb food, the only let down was the lack of a childs menu. However we ordered our daughter an omlette from the main menu and she couldn't eat it fast enough. Service a little slow but staff were very friendly. 

Nicky&dee L           

We have been going to Sidari for 11 years and remember the original Romana as was gutted when it closed and are so pleased that the family brought it back, before we arrive back in the resort we have dreams about he fantastic pizza. looking at others comments about having to wait this is expected as everything is cooked fresh and not forgetting that greece is renowed for being laid back and applying greek maybe time to all aspects of their enjoyable chilled pace of life isn't that why we love greece? 


OMG! Romanos was the place to go, if ever there were any little parties among the workers it was here and if ever we fancied a little snack we would get it here. It was fantastic, the staff were tops, depending on how busy it was would depend on how long it took for your meal. But its soo worth the weight. Its well priced for the quiality of the food.

And i back everything you said Amanda! spent 5 months over there and couldn't get enough of the place. they even delievered.
P.S Amanda you were right about Phillipe and that.

Amanda F           

Well all I can say is Denise Jones (August 17 2005) -  is that you should first learn to spell!!!
We all have our opinions on food etc and I have to say that all 7 of us found Romano's to be excellent -couldn't eat all of the food mind you as the starters are as large as the main courses.  We were recommended by Phillipe (the guy with the Pomerian puppy - beautiful), at one of the excursion places.  (Phillipe also arranges weddings by the way!!!) Thought I'd get that in too!! (I think its called Vaselloros - but don't keep me to that).  Any way the food was excellent and Eva (Mama) was very kind and gave me the recipe for the pizza base and some yeast so I could make my own back in Cornwall.  Sidari itself was ok but a little like Newquay - so not sure on staying again but would go back to Romano's any day.  THE GANG OF 7.

Sylvia C           

Been again to Sidari, returned last week. Had lunch and evening meal on several occasions were never dissapointed!!! Red wine now at room temp I am glad to say - in 2004 it was always chilled!!!!!

Try the meze - to die for!!! Lamb chops - wonderful, Pizza WOW,excellant chef salad - I could go on and on!!!!!

Denise J           

i found romano very slow service we waited for our bill for nearly 2 hours the bloke that ran the resturant was a p**ving over my daoughter and what was even funnier he didnt realise she was a lesbian how many knock backs does he need to reliase shewas not interested i thnk i remember the family from the zafiris a few years ago and i have to say the bloke that owns it has let himself go abit just cause its your own business now it dosent mean that hygeine should go out the window but that is my opionioun dont let me put you off but remeber girls make sure you wear tight proof knickers or he will try to wip then off

Sylvia C           

It is very difficult to find when you dont know where it is. If you follow the road that leads to the large car park  (at the crossroads where McDonalds is go past and opposite the paridise is the road) go to nearly the end and you will see Romano on your right. Very very good food. Used by many Greeks which I beleive speaks volumes!!!!!


where is this reatuarnt?is it in canald'amour?whats it next to??

Sylvia C           

have just returned from corfu - again great food - try it!!!!!


There are very few good restaurants in Sidari but this one is a shining example of what good fresh home cooking is all about.  I have visited this restaurant several times and have never been disappointed by anything I have chosen from their varied menu.  I'm off to Sidari again next week and I'm drooling just at the thought of there hot, fresh pizza dough bread dipped in the best Taramosalata I've ever tasted.  Undoubtably one of the best restaurants in Sidari, if not the best. 

Sylvia C           

Going back to Sidari in May cannot wait to go to this eating place and again be amazed by the variety and good quality food and friendliness of staff - save me the best table

M K           

we went to romano in sept 2004. food was excellent, choice of dishes unbelievable,you need a week just to read the menu.this is a family run restaurant,you must try the fresh baked bread,all the locals eat here as well as the tourists so get there early.we will be back in sept 2005 for our first wedding anniversary,hope to see you there.


best restaurant in sidari was there when it was being made and it turned out excellent along with the food had many a good night in there always supplied us with special house wine sometimes bit to much but excellent place and a lovely family!

Sylvia C           

We went there in June - just opened and were minus doors!!!!! food excellant great choices - very varied menu. Not keen on red wine being served from the fridge!!!!! Went back in Oct - now they have doors had to sit outside and wait for a table because it was full - greeks as well as holiday makers, good sign!!! The lamb chops are to die for and the pizza's are very good but red wine still cold!!!! You have got to try this restaurant it is sooooo good!!!!!

Andrew C           

great food, great choice!!!!

Andrew C           

great place great choice !!!!

Sylvia C           

we have just come back fro Sidari and went to this resturant serval times due to the food being so varied and so good. Choice very good food, whatever you order fantastic. Servicew slow!!! Its not McDonalds!!!!!!! Give it a visit - you will not be dissapointed - but be patient!