Bars in Gouvia

Penny           10/10

Melodies - The Best Darned Pub ever!!  Such amazing vibe.  Had loads of fun at karaoke night.  Your trip will not be made without visiting it..

Minas - thanks for special times!

Sam J          10/10

Melodies was great they had good live music and karaoke. I would really recomend melodies. Could anyone give me a list of staff who work there ? Thanks. Who are Nicko, Julea, Minas, Andreas ?

Kellie A           

We thought Melodies was excellent!!!! Easily the best bar in Gouvia. Eveyone was really friendly and the cocktails were delicious! There was always such a great atmosphere!

Nicko...we hope the shirt fits!!

James P           

Went into Melodies and i can't fault the place.  Very friendly staff always up for a laugh, great cocktails, great prices.  The place is quite small but that makes the atmosphere even better. We made friends with the people on the table next to us and now we are going to Sweden to visit them at Christmas.  Music was goos, not too loud and they played everything and everything. Definately 10 out odf 10

Bimbo S           

we love melodies.....its the best bar in gouvia!!! we are comming back soon:)

Carly L           

Melodies is my favourite bar in gouvia, the people are lovely, Nicko makes excellent cocktails, Julea is very friendly, she even got her hair cut of me and my mam, minas is an excellent manager as he always bought my drinks, andreas is very scary, but lovly inside! The music is excellent.