Tiffanys Bar

Bars in Ipsos

Eric@pam W

what a bar great music.i will be back.

Eric@pam W          10/10

hi just like to say pam and I were passing through ipsos the first week in may and popped into tiffanys for a few pints the music was great some sounds I havnt heard in a good while. the service was friendly  it was a bar I could of sat in all day long nice people .I have been going to corfu for nearly 35 years so next time we go I think we will stay in ipsos just so we can hang out in tiffanys bar  [ and that's a promise we will be back ]x

Andrea S          10/10

Qust'anno sono andato per la prima volta con dei miei amici a Corfu'. Le prime sere non sapevamo dove sbattere la testa, poi ci siamo imbattuti nel Tiffany's Bar. Questo locale e' diventato subito per noi un punto di riferimento perche' offre tutto: musica, drink, sport in televisione, e molte altre cose. Inutile dire quanto il personale sia fantastico, con il BOSS, Wendy, Vuk e tutti gli altri. Insomma questo e' stato per noi il miglior locale di Ipsos.

Nigel P          1/10

hi mate hope u wendy and little one r ok hope 2 c u soon  from hobbit

Adam W          10/10

hiya neil wendy n ross???    its adam williams    aka  from wales/ 7weeks at three brothers n then cocoons until i had too sadly go home due to illness bt had a gutsful of life over here again looking to get away again bt this time gna actually take it easy on myself just wondering if theres any jobs going ready for the summer!!!!   dont care what im doing workwise im up for anything  please get in touch on the email addy  ive supplied hope to hear from u soon lots of love adam   from SWANSEA   

Babs K          10/10

Laugh Hi Niel,Wendy, Ross n Paul,

Had to say nother great holiday, once again food, company and Bar great. Lots of good memories, and would recomend it to any one, and for thouse who havent been to Corfu then its a must. Did notice how many people coming back to see you guys on thier return visit.
Next time we may have to researve a seat.Say Thanks to Gregory for two fantastic meals.
Got Your Email now so will keep in touch.
Babs, David , Owen n Christine 

Val B          10/10

 Well we came back from Ipsos on the 19th of may and again had a great time. We are so lucky to go back to a place over and over again, and to see so many friends that we have made. Oh course you cannot go to Ipsos without going into Tiffs, we have been going in there for many years and know the family really well.

We met Neil and Wend a few years ago and again they have become really good friends of ours. They will go out pf there way to help you and they have got smoothies off to a t. So if you go please ask Neil for one.
Tiffs is a pleasant Bar to go into, in the day it is relaxed and they do great food (Ian & Rita, thx) They were doing food till late. In the evening they have great music and a real good atmosphere.
So if any of you are going to Ipsos soon please pop in and say hi to Ross, Neil, Wend, Ian, Rita and Lynci, we miss you guys loads.

Wendy S

 hi this is wendy from Tiffany's (neils wife) if you want to get in touch with neil or ross then email me at


Andrew R          10/10

hi just read your note if you would like to get in touch wi ross i have contact deatails so email me yours an al pass em on  and yes it is possible to marry over in corfu but you need to organize it at least 2months b4 k

cheers andy
ex worker shooters bar 97-02

Linzi M

Hi Iv bin in corfu a few times now with my friends an a sister has recently got engaged an talks are she'd like 2 marry in gouvia corfu at a lil church that sits out in the water she saw yrs back...anyway me an her bo are tryin 2 find out as much as poss about the church an if a weddin is even possible...we were very friendly with ross sarah paul an neil  so if anyone has any of their emails please pass them on ...i know they'd b over the moon 2 see us all again an wod def b gettin invites xox

Lyn W          10/10

hi neil and everyone ,tiffanys greatest breakfast ever ,lovely warm welcome ,had wonderful hoilday in ipsos in july 2006 and will be back july 2008 cant wait to see u all again ,neil u georide your great such a laugh with u please get in touch

Sue E          10/10

Tiffanys was the best bar along the strip.Great atmos especially when the footy was on.

Annemarieb B          10/10

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just got back from ipsos had a fab holiday!!! The best bar is Tiffany's and it does the best hangover breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Hands up 2 Neil and crew!!!! Especially amy coz she's from Lancashire!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina T          10/10

Just come back from corfu to anyone that is going soon pop into see ross,maria and christina oh and not forgetting neil. They are the best hosts on the island and have become very good friends. Just tell them tina and mick have recommended them and i,m sure you will be in for a good night. They are the only reason we go back year after year,they make you so welcome have fun.

Cee J

  ... I have been working in entertainments on this Island since 1989... Its  Like this.. Ross and his bar gives value for money NO bomba / Petrol served here... UNLIKE SOME LATE NIGHT / EARLY MORNING SO CALLED CLUB I COULD MENTION.. The food is tops... The Breakfast to die for.... Just one other thing Rossi Mou... Get some sun Dude ...You look older than me...

Easy Now....see ya soon.. yassou Maria.  C.J.   

Sarah D          10/10

Hi Ross! Hi Niel!  Its the two LIVERPOOL fans. You remember Dave nearly getting run over when we scored against chelsea? We need your help!!! PLEASE PLEASE email us at with a phone number we can ring you on. We'll see you again in June! Possibly May if we can get in touch with you!!

Dave and Sarah!

Greeny M           

We stumbled across Tiffanys on r 2nd nite whilst we we'r on my (Greeny) uncle n auntys golden weddin anniversary, luckily enuff 4 us we stayd a mile or so away dwn the rd in Kommeno bay, so r locla residents didnt c the stuff we got up2 (like standin on chairs n fallin on2 the table...cough...cough loool soz bout that paul) wot a time we had! we watchd the footy n tucked in2 sum oif the finest cuisine ipsos had (nice full english at tiffanys, no contest!)every nite out had 2 start n in sum cases end in tiffanys, we highyl recommend not only ipsos but Tiffany's as the way 4ward!

Paul B           

danni n steve sos hay hows it going ohhh yes oi oi lol,glad we made u welcome hope u both all gd  da kkkhow u doing ladys rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bless ya so wass up wit d**k head,told ya no gd 4 ya,love t c ya again n get messy ewwwwwwwwwikkle katy when did ya come out cant memba send some pics hun,niel n ross if u ever read this when can i start the take over bid hahahahahaha its my bar oiooioioio lol

Paul B           

oi oi u knobbers ben n gray nice one mate anytime,still no mates then ben u YIDDO,in dubs now wit me women miss the sun though donna n stevo oi oi wasssssssssss uppppppppppppp, hope u all gd, {brummiebascos} oi oi went down a treat wit every1 paddy mate was da story u crim, ill add ya n get kaz t sort da pics out bruv, hope u all gd partner,sos i took me time t get in touch,hiedi u sex godess HOW U DOING baby x missed u, didnt come c me x


Hey Neil, Ross anyone else oh yeah the Spurs Fan Paul you found me any mates yet Paul, what can I say but great guys the 3 of you, I think Ben has finally sobered up , Hey Neil I miss the hangover breakfast I have had to put up with bloody rice krispies . Thanks for the Mythaine pint glass btw  very kind of you well better go take care enjoy the rest of the click to enlargeseason hope to see you next year . Oh before I go sorry we didnt get to say bye to you Neil

Kerry S           

at first arriving in ipsos us three girls were petrified as we were not left alone by forgein men! but one night we happened to stumble across the door of tiffanys. anyway to cut a lovely story short we met paul who was awesome company and i think appreciated ours to. paul you're wicked huni, apart from nearly having me in tears discussing love lives!! sorri we couldnt stay longer to say goodbye. boy ur drinks are strong, how can u live with yourself after kim got in that messy state!!! haha. at the end of the week we didnt want to go home, sorry we didnt discover you nad tiffanys early. - kerry (the 3 K's!) xx p.s told ya u got some good reviews. get in touch and let me know how ya doing and i'll tell u about dickhead!!:P

Paddy P           

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Paul my partner in Crime, dude send us an email when you look at this and say hello to Ross, Neil and Steph for us.  Sorry didnt get chance to say goodbye you wasnt at work when I decided I was going back.  I am prob gonna go down to see some of the Essex girls that you used to come in and see me at AA's in October so if your back home then give us a shout?  I have created a webiste to upload all pics of workers so tell them to email their pics to me and I will upload them.  Anyway here is a pic of Steph, Roxy, Ally, Ross and Neil.

Take care mate


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heyy paul its katy you probs dont even remember me but i remmeber you ya such a nice lad its great in ya bar im supprised your not about 4 stone with all the cleaning around the tables you do i hope to come and see you again it was great watching world cup final in tiff's ya kept my mam calm from all the italians running around i hope to come again love katy xxon da pic dat me wit the blonde hair plz rite bak if you rememba me xx


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Me and my friends only went 2 Tiffanys da once on our last nite. I wish we had da chance 2go in there more coz Paul was a really nice guy, he made us feel welcome plus he was cute 2.

Here a pic of me Paul, my friend Michaela (well half of her anyway) and a guy we all meet outside da club AA's. We r thinkin of goin bak 2Ipsos next yr, so i hope Paul is there again!!!

Donna & ste            

We went to tiffanys bar when we were in corfu (every day/night) the food is great and Neil and Ross are a good laugh, Paul is a mad essex boy but you will have a great laugh when he is there (usualy at his exspence) if you are going you will have to try the cocktails ask Ross for a Flaming Lambergeni cocktail not for the faint hearted.
Hope to be back soon
Donna and Steve