Restaurants in Sidari

Kenny B          9/10

We have been to Sidari for the last four years and every year ate at least 4 or 5 times at the Asteria. The food was fantastic but the place always seemed a bit empty. Why they did not have a sign above the entrance I do not know. Anyway, sad to say, this year it appears to have changed to a sad looking bar with games machines. Unless the owners moved to a different location it looks like the end of the Asteria. A great shame.

Shirley J           

We read about the Asteria on this website before coming to Corfu - and were looking forward to trying it - we stayed at the louisa Apts - but we were very dissappointed as the Asteria was closed - don't know if it has closed down or just closed for the season - we went on the 15th September - does anyone know?

Emma M           

This is the place to eat if you are visiting Sidari in the near future. The food is beautiful, the staff are very very friendly and the atmosphere is very greek to the max, after all you dont go to greece and eat boring english food, DO YOU ??????

We were staying at the owners brothers apartments just up the road (Lousia Apts) and the owner often called into the hotel after work and joined us all for a drink and a bit of banter.
We were there for 2 weeks and ate here about 5 times whilst we were there as the restaurant was very upmarket, clean and buzzing and the othere restaurants were not a patch on this, this is definatly the best place to eat in Sidari.

Martin M           

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Kristos the waiter has brought us from the Olympic.  We met him there back in 2003 and then followed him in 2004.  We visit Sidari twice a year and have most of our meals here.  The service and food can not be beaten.  Order wine and Kristos will have a glass with you or meet up with him after work for a good nites fun.  Thoroughly recommended!

Paul H           

From the minute you walk into the Asteria, the place ouzes class. The waiter was excellent providing a prompt and very friendly service. The food was excellent and ate here most nights, trying the large selection of greek dishes that were on offer. I can highly reccommend this resturant to anyone visiting the canal d'amour area of Sidari as i was never disappointed by the quality of food and service. 

Lin O           

Great, wonderful, not a place to be missed when you are in Sidari.

Lin O           

By the way The Asteria is located at the Canal D'Amour end of Sidari, nearly opposite the Village restaurant.

Lin O           

We visited the Asteria when we were in Sidari at the beginning of October, it is owned by Spiros and Maria, it is by far the best restaurant in Corfu,they employ the best chef on the island. The food is fabulous and the portions are huge,the prices are very reasonable,we paid 69 euro's for 4 of us which included starters and plenty of drinks,not just local wine but spirits. Spyros and Maria and all the waiters make you feel extremely welcome. They serve all kinds of food, not just greek, try the shrimp saganaki and the spicy meat platter which is served up sizzling in cast iron dish. The food is delicious. Spyros's parents own the Louisa apartments and the food there is also very good,their greek salad is to die for. We are going back in June for our 4th visit to Sidari and we know where we will be eating most nights.See you soon Spyros and Maria.
Love from Lin & Bruce