The Old Tree

Bars in Ipsos

Pa B          10/10 old memories of 90's. Ipsos Corfu

Viola           10/10

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The old tree is a really wonderful place!!!! We had a great time there...the music is really good ,and  the staff  too!!They are so funny and cool at the same time

 I wish I could work would be so great!!!   A big kiss to the Dj Sam(summer 2008) and to the barman Fannys yes,you are a creazy boy but I like your mood and your style...I hope we will meet each other again...mybe if I find a holiday job there..................!!!
   Please someone help me to find it!!! 
Big kisses to my favourite place in Ipsos   bye bye and see you soon (I hope). VIOLA (Italy)click to enlarge

Stathis R

hello everybody!i'm the dj at the old tree(summer 2007)I lost all the e-mails from friends in the summer season!If you were there and you have photos with me please send them at STATHISCORFU@HOTMAIL.COM


Janis I

message to chris and andreas,

do you remember louise and janis from the 90's?  we brought u sky, dartboard and of course bisto. we were just 'tourists' to you but, we classed you as good friends.  our friend helen worked in mobys for a couple of seasons.  remember now?
well, this is janis, and i am due to come out there on the 24th september along with my new husband.  unfortunately we are not staying in ipsos but on my birthday the 27th, we will be calling in to see everyone, including hector and george(b52's).
hope you get passed this message and you are there to see us.  i am looking forward to meeting all of you again, its been a long time.
hope your all keeping well,
see you on the 27th september.
love to all
janis n andy  x

Emma M

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hi everyone cant believe im back home in scotland how borin lol. cant wait till next year commin over for the summer going to be even beter this time with lots of our friends :d.. the old tree brill plae to be at night likes great music, great laughs.. the bar staff are all sound and a great laugh.. best club on the strip.. cant wait to come again next year nd see aristos again lol ;);) well many kises to you all x

Paola Q

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge γειάσου OLd tree!!!!!!! we are the mad italian ladies who fell in love with you....especially with the staff (Vanis)!!!We had whale of a time in your company, the music was fantastic and the people too! It has been an unforgettable holiday and we wish  we came  back there soon! So  a lot of kisses to everybody and thanks to gave us  beautiful memories of our crazies nights in ipsos!! See you soon!!! Special Greetings from the "heart" of Italy!!!!

Jennifer O          10/10

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Hi everyone!!! Only 8 weeks until party party party!!! Cant wait for all the dancing and drinking!!! Had the best time ever in Old Tree summer 2006 I met my baby and still going strong after 9 months!!!! Looking forward to going back I loved it so much im going to live out in Corfu next year!!! Old Tree is the best bar on the strip even though my Sammy is not the DJ this year still great for a dance!! Get your party shoes on Flicky!!! Lots more dancing to be done this year!!!

See you soon everyone
Love Jen xxxx


Hey everyone, hope you are all enjoying the winter? If not.....only 12 weeks until the summer and counting. Its going to be the best one yet!!!! For everyone who came to the old tree last year and enjoyed it, hello and all the new people coming out this year pop in and say hello.Can't wait to get back to Ipsos and the Old Tree.

see you all in june
lots of love paris 
x x x x x

Alexia K          10/10

hey everyone! i have grown up in corfu and love it! if u havent come to corfu u are missin out on a lot!! guys: gorgeous

gals: cool

music: amazin

and of cource full of fun!   xristoforos the owner is one of the coolest guys in the world and his son whho works behind the bar is blody gorgeous! so go to the old tree next time ur in corfu! i garentee u'll have a brill time!!

Clare F           

Myself and my sister were staying in the Valentinos Apartments in Ipsos from the 30th June to the 7th July..the best apartments ever.... jimmy the barman is just the best !!! in every way !!:), we would go to the old tree and then head to hectors nite club...just had a fab time... anyone who wants to e-mail me please e-mail me at

Naomi H           

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Hi Paris
Can't believe you are out there this year and i am not!
I really wanted to work there again and especially in the great Old Tree but life goes on back home, boyfriend is just the best and also you need   to give you the freedom !!
 Things will be very different this year as few familiar faces wont be there. But i am coming out on holiday again this year with the girls 7th July  06 and we are looking forward to seeing you. We are definately going into corfu town for a posh boogie in privalage and crystal ! Plus am looking forward to the boat trip you mentioned.  Hope to see the a few of the other workers from last year again too.
Can't WAIT 2 C U and to anyone else who is trying to decide whether or not to go to The Old Tree "DO" its the best bar along the strip.
Many Kisses hunny
Lots of Love
Naomi xxxx

Chelsea S           

Has any one heard from Paul..........? xXx

Chelsea S           

Ah bless Ragget! x


little jon and paul!

its the mad wicklow girls here! we're coming back to youse next summer!! we hope you're going back to work! we cant wait to see everyone again!! let us know if youse are working next year!

amy, amy eile, leanne and grace!

Emma M           

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hey hey corfu's ttl amazin lkz been goin there for boot 5 years  the old tree is the best bar there likes if ya go yi have ti go ti the old tree lkz ttl brill a go wi ma cousin lana nd the rest oh the crew bt wotz anoyin is ma wee sis nd cousin following us all the time coz we hae the best holiday n they wnt ti join in lol TRY THE PINK PANTHERES TTL AMAZON A LV THM 

Lana M           

hey lana ere been gawn ti corfu fur aboot 9 yeers brill holiday lkz old tree best nightclub there is likez  go wi ma cuzin emma but weirdo sister and cuzin follow us lol newayz a say if ye eva go ti corfu check oot tha bar SEX ON THE BEACHES R FAB LOL ohhhh and has tha best dj

The M           

yo yo peps,

just a quick one to say i'm well an truely back in good old blighty and can say i'm enjoying it just as much as ever and cant wait to f**k off some where again. currently looking for a job, well  sort off but no joy sitting on my backside either watching s**tty t.v or recovering from the most recent hangover!!!
well well thats all for now and of course i remember you keira and soph obviously hwo's lovely wolverhampton?? a big hello to all you other sexy people out there that had the pleasure of meeting and knowing me, i with it could say it the same back ;o))))
no no i love you all and make sure you all stay in touch or get in touch either or
ciao ciao for now

Soph R           

Just got back from my hols there n i wish i could've stayed, spesh in the old tree!

great place 2 go if u ever go there, great music great drinks and most of all great staff, thanx 2 everyone who made my hol the best - spesh john  hehe. ladies id recomend u go just 2 meet him! happy holidays!  
cya soon xxx

John R           

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yo yo everyone,

good to hear from you all, still out here in ipsos rockin da old tree!!!
saying that it's pretty quiet now but at least the dirty greasy wops have gone!!
broke my toe last week so walking round like a spaz someone smashed there bike stand into my little toe, ouch!!! then on the way home i was on the back of dj g's bike and we came off slid about 40 yards down the road luckily it was raining or we would have been f**ked, we were just laughing are tits off teach us to go to kassiopi for breakfast after a night out in corfu town!!!!!!!
anyone that had the pleasure of meeting yours truely can get in touch with moi anyone with photo's gladly send them on coz i've took f**k all of my travels yet again!!!
thinkin of maybe going to work in new zealand when i get back if anyone's interested the more the merrier!!
little john loves you all
england's barmy army!!!!
cheers to the swiss girls for the pics!!!


click to enlarge click to enlargeops forgot to rate it and add my piccy :P


hey guys!

little john you legend matey! was great to meet you! in a way wish i stayed out there and just looked around for another job but glad to be home in england for the footy! :)
you do a great job there....pack it out....more than i can say what happened at news bar!! :P

mel (temple bar) is it you 'boobs'?? its me, mike who was staying at craig (cheers) apartment with craig (nellies)!!

email me sometime guys would be quality to catch up!



Hey John,

It's Mel Temple Bar. Hope life is still mad over there. Here is my e-mail give me a shout
Mel xxx


hi little john it's aline,

you and your friends are very good's PR, and the old tree it's the best place to start the night!!!!!!
Excellent's cocktails, very good sound and nice people. this was me and gini best holiday....!!!!
I will go back next summer..!! and the first place where i go it's the old tree, it's the best place to have fun
hope see you soon little john and say hi to all the staff of the old tree from me. ok???
a big kiss from swiss, i missing the time when we was in ipssos and we miss you john


I think that the best bar in Ipsos.This is my favorite bar.And the music is OK.Cocktails are very good, and ofcorse the barmens are the best.

big kiss


hey little john it's heidi(aka barbie-yeah thanx 4 that sam!!!) hope you're good! say hi to dimitri 4 me, i miss his shots and helping myself behind the bar, he's a little gem and tell him i miss him!!! just wanted to apologise 4 my drunkeness on my last night and thankyou 4 lookin after me in cafe uno, although i will never forget your drunken night either john,remember??? "i'm a really nice guy!" he he,don't know if you're goin back next year but i'll be there 2 hold you up 4 the whole summer babe! yay!

take care babe,message bk heidi xxx