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Peejay J          10/10

I agree with all the comments here! The weather in October is very variable - but compared to the UK it's still wonderful. I've been in early October twice, and enjoyed myself both times. Yes, it occasionally tips down, but it freshens everything up, and only lasts a couple of hours -- then it's back to normal. Mid month many places close down quite suddenly, and the population seems to go down by half almost overnight! But many places remain open, the sun's still very hot, and I think it's better. If you like walking or cycling, it's far cooler, and you feel more energetic. Of course, Spring is the very best time.

Nat N          8/10

Weather wise in October you take your chance I'm afraid 

We have been for 1 week and had cold rain every day. We have
been for 2 weeks and had glorious sunshine every day. If  guaranteed sun
is the most important thing for you then don't go in October.
But if you like a bargain, less hustle bustle in resort & the
chance to see a spectacular lightning display then it's a great
time to go - but that's just our opinion

Antony F          8/10


Sylvia C

October means that places are begining to close down. The weather is quite unpredictable, but can be very nice. It is a very laid back time to be there, I like it it is though a sad time because for most it will be six months before the chance of a return. I have been there in January, last year, and it snowed that was wonderful!!!! February when it was cold but very bright, March this year when the weather was wonderful. Easter about 5 years ago, which was April and was totally amazing. The only months I have not visited so far are Nov and Dec. so out of the 10 months I have been there I have to say Corfu is a truly magical place and seems to attract many of the same people back year after year. So find your own special area in Corfu and your own favourite month (if you can) or like me enjoy all the differing things that Corfu has to offer each month.

Lisa W           

we went to sidari in august and again for 1 week in october. weather was nice had rain twice but apart from that was quite hot. well it topped my tan up abit! shops sell stuff off very cheap as end of season so get some good bargins. also as its end of season and everything is calming down the workers out there treat you very well as theres not many of you! if you get what i mean lol. nice time of year to visit but me personally july or august again for the heaving nightlife lol.

Keri K           

We have just got back from Kavos went 3/10/05 - 10/10/05. we just managed to catch the end of the season. By our last day only a few bars were open but we still had a great time. The weather was so nice. Only had two days where it was cloudy and a tiny bit of rain but still warm. The rest of the week was very hot. Bit chilly in the evenings but once u have a few drinks u dont notice it  If we go back again tho we will def go July/August time so its more lively!!

Lorraine Z           

Visited Kassiopi this year in May and weather was lovely apart from cool evenings. We are returning next year but on 24th October (school holidays). Are most of the shops/bars/restaurants etc still open then?

Katie H           

I went out to Corfu on Mon 18th October 2004 and came back a week later on the 25th. It was gorgeous weather, it was in the 30's for the whole week with no rain or cloud. It was hot but a little swim in the pool at Takis apartments was a good way to cool down. Def visit Corfu at this time again!Best holiday ever!!Thanks to eveyone who we met..Caroline, Nicole, Mitch, Grainne and Ian, Steve, Maggie and Hubby!Caroline, Andy and michael, also our next door neighbours Sam and Katie, keep in touch! x x

Lin O           

We went on the 4/11/04 and had a brilliant week,the weather was hot for the whole week and we got a lovely tan, got a bit chilly a couple of nights but rest of the time was excellent. The week before and the week after the island had had pretty bad weather so we were very lucky


i came back on the 18th i went for 2 weeks the weather was really hot appart from 2 days where we had thunder storms all of the bars and shops are closing for the season now.

Rach H           

It was pretty quiet (Just got back two days ago).. mainly older generation... weather was top 20s though!! although it rained on the departure day and we got delayed two hours cos of the thunder storms!!!


I went to Corfu Sidari last June and had the best time. I am going again next week but i am hearing a lot of bad reports about the weather.I have been looking on the forecast and it looks like i should expect a couple of days rain at least, but when you live in Manchester i guess i am used to that! No matter what the weather is like, 2 weeks of getting up in Corfu is better than 2 weeks of getting up for work!

Barry L           

Very queit most places closed down but still plenty places to eat and drink open. Weather was half and half sunny for 6 days then dull for the rest of the fortnight, would go a bit earlier next time.

Dan K           

Stayed in Sparios apartments between 26th of Sept to the 3rd of Oct which was nice and clean and quiet, not many bars good bars but shakers was ok but watch for different charges when ordering the same set of drinks. Plenty of fat people about i'd say about 90% of them but the place was for to quiet at night.

Thomas B           

October is definitely not the worst time of the year to come to Corfu. I am here right now at the Dassia Chandris hotel and although we had some raindrops last night, the temperatures are still between 24 and 32 degrees centigrade. I don't know the water temperature but it is in any case delightfully warm to swim. Don't hesitate to come here, also now!


FAR TO HOT its so hot you have to stay on your apartmant all day and rent about 4 fans.
that is why every thing is closed, cos people canot work.
the only safe haven is the pool

Kelly M           

Going in October has its good and badn points. I noticed that the pubs & clubs were really finishing/getting ready to finish, the weekend of the 5 October. What was good is that it isn't as busy as main season so there seems to be a more relaxed atmosphere. As for weather unfortunately it wasnt that good during my stay, we could only sunbathe for 2 days out of the 7, it was still warm but cloudy and few rain storms.

Rachel W           

If you are a family looking for a quiet hoilday in corfu then october is the time to go because its not in season with loads of drunk 18-30s roaming around but there is still places open to visit.This is the time we go and we are now going for the second time.As it is quiet in october which we discovered last time we are now going again.

Brooke C           

Me & my boyf visited in October 2000 & it was really nice about that time. We stayed at the Scrivas apartments which were in St Peters (about 1 mile from the resort centre, good if you want a bit of piece & quiet). The weather was a bit disappointing (it rained 4 days out of 7) but when the sun came out it was really pleasant. We loved the chinese restaurant at the other end of town & the video bars are wicked. It was still dead busy even though it was supposed to be end of season. I would definately recommend the boat trip to the blue lagoon, it is really breathtaking. The food was great & the locals are really friendly & helpful. If you are into R'n'B & Garage like me then you will love Crash Bandicoot (a bar at the lower end of Kavos). I really enjoyed myself & i would go back in a heartbeat but not in October. My friend went in May this year & said it was great.

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