Restaurants in Acharavi

Trevor D          10/10

So sad to see that Valentines had closed, does anybody know if they have moved to another location, or does anybody have any contact details? the family made us so welcome, would love to see them again.

Lindsey L

just came home from acharavi cant believe this resturant has closed down
what a shame that the all inclusive holidays are ruining a beautiful village

Diane           10/10

 food excellent
location excellent
staff excellent

A must visit

Diane           10/10

 Just got back from Acharavi. Valentines best place to eat. Great food and the staff are helpful, polite and make you feel very welcome. Norman Wisdom is a waiter there c if you can pick him out.

Shall see all at valentines next year, thanks for looking after us!!

Diane, Elaine Les and Aaron xx

Lena &sia M           

Tom (Thanasis) Sia and Lena would like to say a special thanks to all of our costumers and to the people that have written a comment about the restraunt. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Sam P           

Ladies...please ...take a look at the gorgeous Greek God of a waiter in the beach front branch of  Valentines ... if I wasn't married....forget the food!! Sorry, I got carried away, but it was my fondest memory of Acharavi...and I'm a food lover! Free salad bar, mega Mythos beer...humungus plates of scrummy food and a sunset to die for...God, why did I come home??!! If you have kids ... no worries, these guys look after the worst of brats with ease while you enjoy your food...I should know!


Matt S           

This is easily the best resturant in the area. The food is world class and some of the best i have ever tasted. The price is perhaps some what higher than others but the footd you get is worth it,

Rachel C           

hi we went to valentines this year and we cant fault it. we went about 7 times in our 2 week holiday. it was great, the service was superb especially lena the canadian girl (you go girl!). would definitley go again and would recommend it there is something on the menu for everyone which is good if you are as fussy as i am!!!!!!!!

Victoria J           

Valentines became our favourite place to eat over the week we were there. Lunch on the beach and evening meal in the town, the waiters were lovely and the kids were always happy with all there meals especially the small pasta. Must try the Valantines pasta and Valentines salad we could'nt get enough of them.
The cocktails were lethal but absolutly delicious.

Barry L           

Food and service excellent staff very friendly. Price was good value for money, village sausages and the kalamari starters were brilliant. Main meals where plenty big and cooked how you asked for it. Excellent place to eat.

Patrick L           

Valentines was simply the best restaurant in Acharavi - nice not to be offered Chips with everything

Sean M           

Food great at valentines staff friendly and helpfull would go back to valentines as its the best restaurant I have been to serving delicious food.

Toni F           

Valentines gives you a fantastic meal and staff are very helpfull and friendly, would go back to valentines .

Shardonnay L           

Ate at Valentines 3 times in a week!! excellent food and very tasty waiters!! recommended!

Mary M           

Hi, of course the service was excellent in 2002 as noleen and myself were more than privilidged to entertain our guests. We miss everyone like crazy and to all our regulars don t worry WE'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!

Teri J           

The food at valentines is superb, the price was very cheep for a 3 corse meal and drinks it worked out about 20 pound for 3 of us! The waiter there love children so its ideal for you to take young and old kids! I've never been to a better restaurant! The greek style chicken is the best and the garlic mushrooms to start are the greatest! If you go to acharavi it's just across the road from the pumphouse and you have to go there and dont forget to read and write in the comments book!

Brendan R           

it is the best resturant in Acharavi and believe me We've tried alot of them. the food is great especially the greek style chicken and the pizzas. we enjoy the pleseant service and the extremly high standards of the restaurant.brilliant!!!

Laura backhouse & frances            

During our holiday we went here nearly every night due to its high quality of food, with a wide variaty of meals. It had very good location opposite bars with very friendly service!