Restaurants in Sidari


Worked here for a bit over the summer. and have to say sometimes the serive wasn't the best. But Milan and Dimiti were sweet guys. But i do have to say they do the best curry here i have ever tasted. There vindaloo was fabulous, never tasted andything so nice in all my life. Thing from the new chinese and indian menu could be abit preicey though. and when it was busy (ie thursday nights) it could be abit of a disaster. But the staff are lovely.

Holly D           

Sam and Demetrius u r AMAZING!!  and nicholas ur great too!! remember those gr8 nyts talkin about the loveky fantabulous.......Poosy!! hahahaha!!

Holly D           

i went to sidari with 2 of my mates in july and faros was my favourite restaurant/club there. we ate there 4 nights out of 7 and were in the club 5 nights!! service was excellent and the staff were amazing!! very friendly people.absolutely loved them and the place! well done faros   Holly, Leeds.  BIG UP THE FAROS MASSIVE!!!

Craig M           

Fodd here was grest. Try The indian or chinese food its great !!!!

Femke V           

We loved it there... Maybe that was mostly something to do with Dimitrius and Stamatus working there though. We DO miss you guys!!! It seems very unreal now though, because we came back on monday and the temperatures have dropped from 28 in Sidari to only 10 at most here in Harpenden. Hope to see you again guys. Take care, Femke and Sam.

Helen Y           

we tried this place once and that was enough for us, my friend had the soup to start and it was awful it had lumps in it that they tried to say was chicken, funny looking chicken thats all i can say more like congieled powder that hadnt been dissolved properly she had one mouthfull and left the rest wouldnt go again if you payed me

Ella D           

We had dinner there twice, we thought it was OK.

Helen M           

More waiters than customers. 10% off our meal offered to entice us in. Hubby had risotto with tinned carotts which was so bland he had to empty the contents of the salt n pepper into it. Not as it was advertised.
Prawn cocktail was very good though.
Quickest meal we had all holiday - from sitting down to leaving was about 30-40 mins.
Wouldn't go back enven if it was free.



Mandi S           

I am amazed at the comments for this place! We went 9th August to 23rd August, we had drinks and icecream every afternoon and eat there four times during the holiday. The waiters were great to us and our two sons and the six other family members and remembered us, gave us free ouzo and were really polite, attentive and couldn't do enough for you. We thought Faros was a fantastic place and i will be going back there next year and the year after too. Great place.

Lauren M           

we ate here twice as my stepdad liked it. i wasn't as keen, 1st time i ate spaghetti bolagnaise which tasted like pot pourri. 2nd time had chicken soup had finished it by the time my bread came!
i think they make more effort whe its a club than restaaurant but thats the same as calypso

Alan S           

More waiters here than you could shake a stick at - but try getting served!! Food made down to a price - not up to a quality. Had the Italian Sausage with Spagetti - Italians eat cheap Hot Dog sausages apparently! Both my wife and I left our food and went somewhere else.
Never done that before.

The L           

Great food at really affordable prices.

Anthony C           

Excellent breakfasts. full monty only E3,99. Can be too much at times. Includes coffee or tea or orange juice. Only drawback is if you want a light breakfast its E1,99 without drink and a coffee is E2,00 which then makes it as much as the full monty.

Review of the prices necessary.


As I like a variety, especially when im on holiday, I visited Faros Restaurant 5 times during my 2 week holiday (which is very good, normally only go to the same place twice) The food was amazing, the service excellent and the staff, well, I cant really put them into words. Lovely, fit, gorgeous, just simply the best, Dimitris and Spiros especially!! You definately get value for money here and I found it a wonderfully enjoyable time. If I go back to Corfu again, I will definately visit Faros again. it was fantastic. id just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the staff there for making me so welcome. thanks again and I do hope Ill be back again sometime.xxxx

Michael H           

We had two meals here and both were very good. Don't sit and watch the ejector seat ride next door as this may upset you.

Nick G           

We didn't actually eat here purely because they are one of the only restaurants to have people out on the streets trying to drag you in. I don't mind if they're outside the restaurant because you can just walk past them but this restaurant had people all down the main street in Sidari!

Steve L           

Lovely food and an excellent setting, situated right by the beach.

Emma R           

Friendly staff and good atmosphere,live entertainment some nights.

Andy J           

We had breakfast here. The full monty was massive and at only E4 was very well priced.The bacon and sausage were well cooked, which makes a change in Greece. The waiters and owner were all very friendly.

Lorraine M           

Food was fab. Try the fresh fruit cocktails- they are amazing!

Karen H           

Once we discovered this place we wanted to eat there every night. The view is lovely, the food was excellent and the staff were friendly.