Hong Kong Palace

Restaurants in Sidari

Nikos Nikolakis          1/10

The food was not the tastiest but the buffet was really cheap. The drinks were very expensive. The menu was poor and there wasn't enough food to fill your plates. Also there weren't enough plates and dishes. We were obliged to ask for them personally. Also the manager used swear words to the cooks which created a very unaesthetic and unpleasant experience. I wouldn't recommend it!

Shelley B           

After a poor meal on our first night we decided to try one of the restaurnts that got a good review on this site.

There were7 of us and the waiter was very attentive and served everything in order of ladies and age first. 6 out of the 7 of us enjoyed our meals ( the one that didnt is very hard to please!).

Laura N           

The food here is not the best and quite expensive too.

For those wanting an excellent chinese, try the Scheuzuan!! Just like the chinese restaurant's back home!

Stuart M           

I never ate in here simply because they bombarded you with leaflets anytime you passed, and it got so very irritating.

The L           

The best Chinese in Sidari by far.

Helen C           

The best of the 3 chinese restaurants by far, really authentic, chinese cooking at its best!

Steve M           

The food was great, well priced, shame the waitress didnt know how to smile.

Will T           

Great chinese food - it says it all!!