Kohenoor Restaurant

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Millie J          10/10

At home we eat curries quite regularly and we would say that kohenoor has beaten every curry house we have eaten at in England. It has delicious food and the owners and staff are very welcoming and kind. On this website there is some bad reports they are getting the restaurants mixed up with the curry house that has closed in the middle of Sidari. Anyone who is a lover of curries won't be dissapointed at this resaturant you should definately give it a try. 

Lisa G          9/10

We ate here as it had the same name as our favourite curry house at home but we weren't disappointed. It was a bit of a walk from our apartments but well worth it. Excellent food, fantatsic service, well worth a visit.

Stacey G          7/10

Nice tasty food - good value for money - restrooms(toilets) fairly clean
We also found this restaurant clean and very tasty the food. We only went once to eat and once we got a takeaway but it was very good. If you like Indian food then I'de recomend it - the thing is we fell in love with  Cactus Jacks where we spent most of out eating time, but Kohenoor friendly and good value for money

Sylvia C          10/10

We have been to, and enjoyed food at this resturant sinced it opened. It was great when we were there for a week this winter the restuarant was open Friday Saturday and Sunday. For eat in or take away. We had a wonderful takeaway and it worked out 'cheap as chips' but totally wonderful. Keep up the good work guys!!!!!!

Ste G           

I've lived here along time and I can safely say, this restaurant (along with macdonalds, i am not a fan but its clean) has one of the cleanest kitchens and hygenic food prep in sidari...don't be mixed up with other indian restaurants.  These guys are good and know about food.  yum yum chicken pasanda. 


youve got your restaurants confused! your talking about the s**te restaurant next to mcdonalds. this restaurant is fab and is way down the road towards the main supermarkets. the other restaurant is the all you can eat buffet, this restaurant is a proper waiter service restaurant. careful not to get the two mixed up as i know the guys there lost alot of business to people confusing them with this poor imitation. everyone should go to the kohenoor-its great! good luck with next year guys!

Sam D           

This restaurant sounded really good, because they came around and give us leaflets and told us that it was a chinese and indian all you can eat. We had only been here a few days and thought it sounded quite cheap, but later realised it was quite expensive. We got the buffet all you can eat, and there was about 12 choices of food. All indian with about 3 chinese dishes. There was hardly any left in the tubs, and were all greasy. We tried a few, and thought it was ok, but not great. The next day my boyfriend was really ill with food poisoning, and i was also sick. We dont think it was anything else as we hadnt had any alcohol and had not ate any other meat or off putting food.

Mike G           

We ate there twice in a week, better than most Indians i've been to in UK, good prices and service second to none.

Helen C           

By far the best restaurant on the island, the staff are excellent, really friendly and efficient. The food is better than most indian's in england. Very good value for money, we ate there 6 times in two weeks. Try the tiger if you dare! (we did!)


Yo! Go to Sidari every year and have been doing so since I was a little girl. Since discovering this restaurant a few years ago, we have visited at least twice everytime we go on holidaY.
The food is great, my favourite has to be the King Prawn Marsala(which I really cant spell, sorry!)The Service is very efficient and the people are lovely-they always make us feel very welcome everyrime we return! Big up guys!

Diane B           

I am a curry Queen, and this place was fab. Service excellent and the food superb, huge portions and always delious with leads of meat in the dish. Maybe slightly more expensive than the avarage restaurant bit at the end of the day you get what you pay for.
We ate here 4 times in 2 weeks.

Definately worth the long walk from Terezas pool,apts anyway

If you go to Sidari and love your curry, then you would be mad to miss this place.



Graham G           

Very nice food, service,and a smile as well what more can you ask for,the Kohenoor could show a few of the other restaurants in Sidari hows it's done.Try any of there curry's there excellent10/10.

Andy W           

Great food and not over priced like some others.

Pearl W           

I think Colin Yates has bad taste.

Pearl W           

This is one of the best curry houses my husband and I have eaten in, we ate there three times through the holiday it was always full,so were we when we left,currys were made as hot as required but always tasted fresh,service was exellent,made our holiday.

Colin Y           

Very expensive and food not particularly good.

Carol K           

Went last year and it was the worst and most expensive meal we had.My son ordered a mild curry dish and when it arrived there must have been 4 whole bananas in it and not a lot of curry.It looked and tasted absolutely disgusting,ours was't much better.We are going back to sidari on the 12th august but certainly won't be going here.