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Liana G

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great time in St Georges Summer 2006 and getting ready for Summer 2007.  We were all there again last Summer and as usual had a great time.  Two of my daughters actually worked out there for the Summer last year and had a ball.  Hope to be out there again this Summer as usual, well once you go to St Georges the place pulls you back year after year like a magnet.  See you all out there!

Christine D           

Just returned from holiday in St George and we went to Stamatis nearly every night.  The staff there are very good.  The food is good.  The view over the sea is gorgeous.  They do great cocktails and for my husband a great pint of guinness.  They have a number of large screens which was great as we could watch the football.  England 0 Croatia 2 not good eh!  They also had the Scotland game on and the Greece game on all at the same time which was great for everyone.  We would certainly recommend going here for a very enjoyable night.

Chloe G           

Hey! if your thinking about goin to st george, palm beach is the best hotel Ive been too, and Stamatis is the best bar going! hi to all the staff in Stamatis, May 2005 best ever! Will defo be back next year! Best thing about it was the 'who and what is this?' quiz, did it every night and never got bored, great atmosphere and well worth going back, see you all soon, Chloe x x x

Matt H

was a wicked bar, sky sports news on everyday, my dream bar! really good service, drink and food was gr8!want 2 work thr nx summer! c u guys again soon!

Ruth M           

We all had an amazing time in corfu and loved Stamatis! Went there every night n had the best fun ever! definetly goin back soon
loved it n now miss it x.X.x

Katie J           

Love this place...we visited in August and what a laff we had...some of the best bunch of ppl we've had the pleasure of meetin on hols and we can't wait til nxt year!! the nightly music quiz was a blast and the bar staff excellent..some more than others (wink wink jimmy)!
Wud recommend it to all especially wen it's busy in august so roll on summer 2005! see you all nxt yr, katie.xx

Linda M           

I have just got back from Corfu. Had a great time stayed at Stamatis bar. Everybody was really nice and made me very welcome. The room i stayed in was very nice and well looked after. The family were lovely and Spiros and the bars staff were very good. I have stayed in St George at least 8-10 times in the last 3 years so I love it there. This was the one of best places I have stayed in. I enjoyed it so much that I'm going back in September to stay again. Best Wishes to you all Linda x

Effi G           

all i can say is BIG UP STAMATIS BAR!!!!!! the best bar in corfu itself!! i spent my whole summer in stamatis bar falling in love with the most sexiest waiter in stamatis!!!! cant wait to go there this year.... everyone get ready for me wohoooooooooo!!!!!!!

Liana G           

I use to be a rep in St.Georges many moons ago, my main hang out then was Stamatis bar (still is). So to all those that got to meet Stamatis himself and his two lovely sons Nicos and Spiros.....I knew them when they were baby's. We are talking about 20 years ago! I have been going there ever since and now I take my Kids who love the place as much as I do. If you think its nice and peaceful there now you should have been there 20 years ago!
Stamatis bar is brilliant, and all the staff are great. The beach is brilliant, the resort is excellent......But dont tell anyone we wouldnt want to spoil it would we! Hi to everyone that was there end August begining September 2003, it was the best time ever.......I was there with my Husband George and my 4 beautiful daughters , if you look on the 'Stamatis Website' we are known as the 'Gounaris Clan'....
hope to see you all next year..............Liana Gounaris.

Sharon H           

We have just got back and had a great time thanks to the wonderful barmen and DJ. We also did the "Who and What is this?" quiz every night and had a great laugh. See you all next year.

David S           

One of our best bars, and restaurants (at the back). We regularly did the quiz which starts about 10:30 and has 30 songs which you have to answer. We managed 29/30 but still didnt win as we lost on the tie breaker question which was asking how long a song was. The other people were closer and went on to win the Albanian wine, and then gambled to win a better prize (but they could have ended up winning a bottle of water!).

A very good bar with friendly staff and a good place to go if you are staying in the resort. Films are shown during the night and then music, football and rubgy is on most of the night.

Lyndz B           

Hey! Liz and Christopher if u reading this then we all say hiya! it was a fab holiday wasn't it? any one thinking of going to in Corfu then palm beach is a great hotel and stamatis is a great bar!!


Regina P           

stamatis was the best but we also enjoyed hoolooodoo's and freddies. baz was the best bar man in stamatis but billy-bob was also very nice. we love u guys!!! cya'll soon!! regina philangie xxx

Nikki P           

we loved it should be an option!!!
thanx 4 a brill holiday miss all da staff at stamatis.i would recommend it to all ages it was absolutley brilliant.

Lyndz B           

Just got back from corfu today and i wanna go back!! Stamatis was by far the best bar...with the best bar men! The greeks were gorgeous and Jimmy was dead friendly-nicest guy you could wish to meet! he didnt even get mad when i poured a bottle water over his head!!! I'll definitely be going back!

Laura H           

just back from st george 3 days ago and me and my mates loved it!! they made us feel really welcome and we all had a great laugh!! and yes,jimmy is good looking but no one compares to panos, the sexy greek guy at the beach bar....................i feel in love with him!! hehe. he is such a sweetie but exteamly sexy too!! oh and guys,watch out for my mate nat!! she's a stunner!!!! thanks so much for lettin us stay in your bar till 7am spyros!! oh,while i was ther the dog that stays at the bar,lulu, have 8 puppies!! xxxx

Stewart H           

Well ive got to say, having just discovered this page I had to BIG UP stamatis bar (which is also Reflexions Club - same place different dept.!). My girl and me went over at the start of septeber last and stayed in the Stamatis Studios, so of course we soon found the bar (opposite). The staff were fab (John, Jimmy, Spiros, Aleco and the others), the music was cheesey but great (nightly pop quiz and karaoke etc...), drinks well priced with a happy hour too! I've got to say they made our holiday - definately going back next year!
Ps. the loo paper thing is true - put it in the bin.

Kirsty ?           


Becky H           

wicked bar staff, but shame about the music. really good atmosphere though and they have a sexy greek waiter. always a good thing a girls???

Hannah W           

Fantastic! What a laugh. You can always find a smiling face in the bar from Jimmy, Sian, Anne Marie, John, Spiros, Marie and Angello. The music is full on chedder cheese and the pop quiz is well funny. Kareoke was hilarious and the beers are cheap in happy hour- bring on the Amstel!