Bars in Kavos

Angie Emson          10/10

Always go to kavos, 1987. The very 1st holiday there, It's not what you would expect seeing all the young ones on holiday on the t.v, making fools of themselves, most of it's for the TV. The SOS bar is situated at the end of the strip of bars, but you will be welcomed by a very helpful. And caring family, Jeff has sports screens, showing most live sports on, and has a fan tasting dj, who does karaoke also. Start your night in the SOS, they serve lovely cocktails, melon ones are amazing, and also jugs,bowls, and individual cocktails, Start here and your night will be amazing, as Jeff and his family will get you into the party mood, A PLACE NOT TO BE MISSED,

Alan W          10/10

click to enlargeHi Jeff and family

Hope your all well in sunny Corfu ?
Peter and I were thinking of coming over for a week around the 3rd week of September 2012, but we were wondering Jeff have you any rooms available. Please will you contact me asap.
I am not sure if you will get this email, as you might have another address.

Kind Regards

Alan Wilson

Jill T          10/10

Nicest ppl I've met can't wait to go bk not been for years ! Worked here for afew years had the time of my life! Jeff harriot and kids! See u soon hopefully ! Jill x

Ian C          10/10

this bar still sounds as good today as it did in the early 90s still continuing with the great sounds.I worked there for 4 years,92- 95,jeff and his family treated me as one of the family and i miss them all.You will definatly have a great time here day and night love to all ian.would love to hear from any of the old gang my email is

Salv M          10/10

Oh dear... just a flashback to last week and my sister and her friend singing kareoke in there... i cringed soo much. I loved the place, we were always very welcome in there, and the manager always wanted us in there. The DJ (Lee I think his hame was) always spoke to us and encouraged us to sing Kareoke and then after we finished, told us how crap we were ... us and or neighbours at the hotel would go here all the time during the corse of the night.


Kelly C          10/10

hi guys. it is deffernately the place to be in kavos. jeff and his family are great. i worked in the sos bar in 2001. it was the best time of my life. i also worked with karren nuttal. would love to get back in touch with her and any one else i new out there. my email is

Karen N          10/10

i worked in sos bar in 2001 and 2002 jeff was definately the best boss in kavos and sos bar is definately the friendliest bar!! i would recommend it to everyone who visits kavos even if its just to meet the family who own the bar. miss you jeff say hello to all the family(and all the cats) x x karen x x

Sue S          10/10

what a great place, once you get in you dont wanna leave. Jeff n Spiros do the bizz wid the drinks n youl get to meet Ricky n Sharon(shame iv lost their email add cos now i cant keep in touch


Steve H          10/10

what a place   its deffinetly the bar too warm up in before you hit the strip, and in the day its got loads of fans so its really cool.  jeff the guy who owns it is legendry  he give us a fishbowl between 6 of us n wer all big drinkers n we wer f**ked. the dj is a pisser  the pr's are sound n the music is mint its a rite laugh. theres not a drink you could think of that you couldnt get out of that place its nuts  10/10

John W          10/10

Best bar in Kavos!!! Cheap Drink, relief from the constant dance music and ace staff!!!  If this bar was in Scotland it would definelty be my local. Loved it !!

Vicky           10/10

i luvd this place... the staff wer ace used 2 av a ryt laff i propa miss it... it wa always 1st and last stop on our nyts out, made sum ryt m8s in ther by end ov holiday, i cnt w8 till next year guna go bk nd c em all so they best b gettin prepared 4 me!!!

Colette chris hannah beck S           

it wos amasin we luv all the staff george is soo funny xxx didnt wana go home

Michelle G           

Me and My boyfriend Ross sat in here for a couple at the beginning of our nights.

Its a bit mellow from the rest of the Pubs and nice and cool.  wa dragged in to watch a few of the Wrold Cup games in there.  but was fun!!!

Staff were all friendly and amazing.

The best Cheeky Vimtos in KAVOS

Chelle and Ross,   (Glasgow) x x x

Rich S           

this place was awesome. watched nearly all the world cup in here. nice for a quiet few beers and a game of pool before hitting the more lively bars. this was our meeting place.

John S           

sos is a place u start out in at the beginnin of the nite, it isnt as mad as the rest of them but has all the ale like what we have at home, it was the only bar i went 2 that had every drink u can ask for. When we were approached by the 2 sexy pr's we didnt want 2 go in at first but they said just have 1 drink in there an if u dont like it  there r plenty of other bars to try (which is true! plus the pr's were rather tasty if u know what i mean!!!)..... once we were in there we had such a laugh with george the barman that we ended up goin back every nite 4 a few hrs, they also have karoke and pool tables. jeff the fella who owns the place is cool an loves the ladies he is so funny!!! but a great guy who is football crazy, we had a laugh with him an his wife durin the day when watchin sky sports with all the footy an anythin else u wanna watch just ask jeff an he will put it on 4 u. anyway top class bar deffinately worth goin. heres a round of  4 the sexy pr's who got us in there in the 1st place, 2 george jeff his wife an the rest of the family 4 makin r holidat GREAT

Steven S           

sos bar is a great place to start your night whilst letting your food go down,before hitting the real over the top bars,its also a great place to take a little time out to talk to people & have a laugh,with good drinks & really friendly staff,ive enjoy it several years! cu there end of aug06 on!

John T           

Fookin fantastic.. the bar men wer funny as! good bar to start the nite... n a mint bar to watch the footy in.!!!!!! If your goin kavos.. you simply gota go!!!

Howard J           

SOS bar rocked, it was a great warm up place and the PR's were well sound, the bar men were cool and give u free stuff from time to time. Great place to watch some footy and drink some beer. ! 

Andrea J           

Absolutely wonderful! Wonderful bar-men and great DJ! Hiya Sweaty Tony!!!! The bloke who own this bar are the funniest men ever! Prepared to be teased unmercilessly. Drinks are great, dont know whats in them jelly shots though!!!! The strawberry dacquiris here are divine and we had a fab night at the Baloon Party!

I loved this bar, the best place in Kavos

Louise F           

sos is the best ever me and my family have been coming for years great friends with the bar owner jeff which is a class guy. se you next year love lou lou ricky sharon nicky and chad


i loved this bar. Definately coming back to vist next year.

Dave R           


Big Thumbs Up to Jeff and his team what a bar. Best In Kavos !!!!

Top DJ (Jonny) and game for a laugh barman George aka donkey.

Going to KAvos ??? Dont miss this bar its tops

Aimee L           

had a great laugh in here!
after a lifetimes worth of watered cocktails me n my birds went in search of a pub with good old john smiths and were we could get a good pint a diesel!
although the very sexy dj did abuse us for our pint drinkin and spent most of the time throwing things down my top or shouting at us to be quiet when karioke was on it was wel worth it.
and hopefully sexy geordie will be dj-ing there next year or i will be extremely dissapointed!!!!!

great jelly shots too!!!

thanks luv yorkshire AND teeside birds xxxx

keep in touch-

Rach B           

me and my sister went 2nd sept. we loved it in sos bar. very friendly .nice prs outside. will defiently see me nxt year.
rach and donna


rachel g, the barmen at sos aint sleazy at all, jeff and george are just like that they have a laff thats the wasy they are, there cool blokes, i agree with u tho steve is a top geezer!!