Fire Bar

Bars in Kavos

S V          1/10

went out every night of my holiday and didnt have one hangover untill the day after i went in to this bar

bad hangovers

Daniella B          9/10

hey i worked here all summer 2007 and i am going back in 2008 to work!! its a great bar and everyone has alot of fun! the music is great and you choose what is played and drinks are def not over priced! ide like to get it straight that nothing is added to the drinks, whats is on the menu is al that goes in so dont let ne one else tel u otherwie as its al bollox! hope to see u al there next summer!!! woowoo!


hey, was back in kavos on 22/09/06-30/09/06.  this bar has changed it's name to sexy b*****d cos it was getting too many bad reviews.  dont be fooled.  guy that owns this place is still a p**ve, he just didnt have that many pr staff now so you were able to get passed it without having to run


drinks are cheap in this bar so its ok i suppose x


This place is crap, although we did get cocktails for 2euros.  Watch out for the pr staff, run past them if you can.  Watch out girls, the guys will actually give you a firemans lift to get you in there, and then block your way to get out!!

Carl J           

Was ok in here is you drink smirnoff ice but ALOT of people say they put meth into your drinks, mainly cocktails and spirits, tried to avoid this place though.

Lee D           

this bar was wick,i worked there for five months and f**ked more p***y than you can shake a d**k time ever,

lee  email me if you remember me, 

Kylie N           

top bar be careful of drinks as they are not shy of adding a little meths!!!!

good fun thoughxx

Keri K           

Just got back from Kavos (10/10/05) This was our fave bar!! The owner Timos was so funny. Gave us so many free drinks. He also let us chose which music we wanted each night and trusted my boyfriend to light the fires!! Pedro was great too. Gave us loadsa free shots. Would def go back to see Timos and Pedro!! I recomend this bar to anyone thinking of going to Kavos!!

Pandora S           

click to enlargeseptember 2005 lee(brummie) the pr we f**king love you you mad b*****d thanks for finding adam it was a funny night leanne now knows chickens dont drown, hope to see you next year love ya lots xcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcx nic and leanne the mancs xcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxc 


We avoided this place like the plague! Which was a shame coz it looked quite good, but the "sexy bast-ard" PR outside was horrible he wouldn't take no for an answer and always tried dragging you in and touching you, he was just a creep! And he always wore a stupid hat too!


beware of the cocktails!! "sexy b*****d" is a raucous drink!

Lucy B           

NOOOO! DONT LET HIM DRAG YOU IN THERE!!! it smells and is just gross. he will actually drag you in, but tell him to fu*k off! mean it people dont go in!!!OuchPissedAngry


SEXY BAS-TARD!!!! This man was funny, the bar was ok, but not great, the drinks were ok and this is the only place with decent fire dancing though! they just set everywhere on fire, quite scary sometimes!!!! get on the podium or tables and dance and they give you a free t-shirt!

Jenna F           

this bar was crap! the only thing going was the tables being set on fire. if you were walking up the street, you were DRAGGED in the place and they took offence if you didn't go in

Sam B           

Lovin it! we didnt even hav 2 pull them and me and my m8 never had 2 buy a drink every time we went in there! The fire's wicked but the free drinks are better!

Richard R           

2 words for ya! sexy bass-tard!!!!! got to know owners, free drinks all the time, hotel was opposite so always started there. bunch of jokers, safe as f**k


my comment above...was meant to say PULLED not pilled hahaha! oops x


went to kavos on a girly holiday back in june2004, had an ace time! went to the fire bar almost every nite. My mate pilled the boss, 'spiros, so we got atleat two free cocktails every time we went in. The only bad thing is when they set a fire round you when u have sunburn..ouch!

Sara J           

Great bar, great staff, great music, great drinks!!

Andrea J           

sorry, but this place is crap. the owner wouldnt stop trying to kiss me, dity old git and the pr's were far too pushy, insulting you when you wouldnt go in. the "free" slammer was something that tasted like turps and the alcohol they out in the cocktails would strip twenty year old varnish. they have a podium in the centre of the the bar, which they keep on setting fire to (shame they didnt set fire to the two dirty minging scrubbers who were dancing on it. the sign on the front of the bar says it all "we accept w**kers, pissheads etc", give it a miss and make your way up to edelweiss, the barn and bonkers!

Elaine R           

It`s elaine from wigan just wonderin if andy remembers me an becs got home tues 7th oct had a wicked time. Just dont fall for andys tirck to get you in. A group of PRs surround you and say " have you seen the moon tonight." You look up and they carry you in!!! If you remember us give us an email at or we mignt see you @ the pier sometime!! See ya round sexy andy!!

Rachael F           

Sandra, ive sent u an email RE martin think u might be happy to read it got some info for u x

Natalie J           

We thought that it was one of the best bars in Kavos and we was there every night!! The owners of the bar were very friendly as were the PR's! The DJ would change the music for us and the PR's when we went in because there is only so much R'N'B a girl can take!
I am looking forward to visiting FIRE bar again next year.


It was good. We went nearly every night mainly because we got carried in. The blokes wer Fit, Elliott was lovely. The drink did make me ill one night though I only had a shot of vodka and it didnt taste right!! music was good too. Would deffinatly got back to Kavos had a great time