Limelight Club

Bars in Kavos

Kane N           

I will be gracing the decks in Limelight on 20th May so be ready for some serious cultured underground dance music.

see for more info

Kylie N           

was a good laugh

Pete H           

went on thursday watchin lisa lashes. still cant walk i was dancin so much. phat ass

J W           

i was out der at the same time tim westwood was der  that night was f**king great the club was ramed that might have been the best night out der 4me dj femme fatale was out der to that night was good but kavos is not a place uk garage so der was not much people in limelight

Lindsay C           

We went to sandstorm at lime light and thougth it sucked. The bbq we had there was gd tho, nice seeting the place, piyt it wasnt more busy but we got completely ripped off with drinks and the cocktails were pretty minging, sorry guys

Jimmy W           

The only night we went to Limelights is when Tim Westwood was d.j, he was awsome, doing lots of short, rough mixes. So solid were ensuring they where their as it was the place to be that night. The club is circular and pretty good, allthough it was well crowded that night. Limelights has a pool outside with outside d.j's and bars.

Above the club is a circular gym, I went their once it has a good view of the beach and pool and old basic weights aswell as a kickbag. They play rocky music while you train. One of the owners of limelights was sparring their with the boss of k.f.c who is a pretty good fighter. I did a bit of sparring with him and then loads of sparring on the bag. It is bloody hot in their. 4 euros a visit, check it out.

Tess H           

This is crap unless you go on a Thuirsday to Sandstorm it is fab. Ultrabeat and Lisa Mafia was on when we went and it was fab. We were given free drinks if we danced on the bar and the barmen was lovely also the manager sorts you out it is the best night you will have on your whole holiday

Harriet, fran, sarah and            

Was looking forward to going to the club, as the reps really bigged it up, and Ultra beat was DJing, but we found it to be too empty, however it does have a beautiful setting

Cat Y           

Absolutely brilliant club to go to especially when there are top DJ's on.
Definately recommed a night and Limelight!!!

Gemma B           

Limelight is not all that..we had a ok night in there..but would rather of stayed in a bar..the music was crap and it wasnt wat they said it wud b...wont go into that...dont go there....:(


wot nights would anyone recomend to go to limelight

Karen P           

We were there one but it was really good. Josh PR guy is fab!! One of the best blokes we met out there, he was one of a threesome!! Josh, Riggers and Nick from Spotlight, excellent guys made our hols amazing!
Miss you guys


1st nite-we ended up here and i jumped in the pool fully clothed.loadza mad ppl running around pissed and jumping in the pool!bit dangerous wit no lifegaurds or owt!good jeans have shrunk tho abit coz of it!

Kimmy H           

It was such a nice place, shame it didnt get busier cos it would have been wicked! They had a really nice PR called josh, he was so lovely!

Shauna W           

limelight was brill especially the pr's one was called mickey the funniest guy you will eva meet when in kavos you must visit limelight

Leanne G           

we thought it was great and we went in the pool every night maybe not allways by choice but we did the thing about seeing spunk in the pool is a load of bull s**t! there are people gettting it on but hey what the hell its all part of lime light watch for the glass at the bottom though can be dangerous. it has a big round indoor club and then a big chillout section near the beach and then the famous pool. its wicked. the prs are ace aswell 1 called wez he is the nicest man you will meet he lobs you in the pool mind! great club and we are back in september then beginning of the season to work! should be fun!

bolton birds june 2003 for any one who remembers us!

Kerrie G           

i thought sandstorm at limelites was absoluty s**te sorry ! the drinks were alful i asked for vodka a nd coke good nos wot i drank tho

Renberg 3           

it was f**king super and there is a babe working in the bar she would have 1 or 2 if you do have chance to go visit limelight its mentel on a good day i would go back if i had the chance

Judo J           

the most awesome place by far
soo chilled, but remember the signs say u aint supposed to dive in, that didnt stop us mind u.
go there to chill during the day and jump in fully clothed when it opens at night.
there might be spunk in da water tho

Jessica B

Paul: I got back from Kavos on Monday (23rd) plenty of bars were advertising for staff. One I think it may have been the Fire Bar (not positive tho) had a huge list, PRs, DJs, bar staff, glass collectors, etc etc.

There were loads of apartments available as well. One in St. Peters (10 min walk from Kavos) advertised at 10 Euros a night.

Caroline L

Hi i m going to arrive in Kavos on the 22nd of june i need to know how to do from the airport to Kavos and the most important how to find a job and accomodations

Paul W

i need to know if anyone knows the best way to get a job in kavos. or if i should just go out there and hope???

Sue W           

They should have a "we loved it thumb up there"! This club is the dogs! Plays monster tunes, if house is your thang check out limelights! Not one to be missed!

Angela R           


Dave F           

More birds than you know what to do with, go in the pool and you'll love it, just dont expect cheap drinks, best club in kavos by far!!!!!!1