Bars in Kavos

Pete J           

brilliant place. the iceman, maverick and goose will be back again soon

Kylie N           

went here at the start of the season as it was the only place open usually to pissed to rember xxxx

Mark L           

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Lauren M           

click to enlarge kavos reli gd place 2 stay!

Louise H           

no way is checkers worth 4/10 atleast 8 i had a wicked time there! may 2004 for my 18th.            

i was with this guy i met in checkers last monday night bcos it was mi last nite n he danced really well,was 27 and had a young lad.i tryin 2 find out his name.if u read this: we went to the beach and u lost the ring ur lad giv u! im sorry i didnt sy goodbye, get in touch!


This was like the best club ever!!! going on til 6 in the morning and you just really didn't wanna go home. I went in May infact i got back yesterday morning and it was fantastic!!would recomend this club to anyone. It's got everything, the music is great a bit of the old bit of the new some great mixes and the lights were great! it's a must do.

Alexandra C

I am trying to get into contact with the owners son Nikos Pandis if anyone has any info or you are reading this yourself please send me your email address via this site.

Lin M

i need to see sum pictures of the bars and clubs on 42nd street

Simon J           

Great club playing great trancey kinda music. Apparently the DJ was from Euphoria or something like that. Well worth a visit. Don't know if its changed as this was in May of 2002. Give it a go!! Crazy barman on bar in the courtyard part as well.

Bobby H           

a pile of s**te. wouldnt go there again.