Tango Bar

Bars in Kavos

Sarah S          9/10

I arrived back from Kavos and already miss it loads!!!

This bar was very friendly and the jelly shots were lovely. I would go back tomorrow if I could!
Just wondering does anyone know the names of the PR's who work there? sarahsmif@hotmail.co.uk thanks

Jon C          8/10

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hi there all u wacky ravers jc discos here..............

just thought id tell ya that ive been here too and yea it was amazing i would love to dj here so if u want me in ur club contact me via email jcdiscos@hotmail.com  im lively and out going and one hell of a party dj ma number is 07799212390 give us a call if u got a party!!!

Paul D          10/10

this place is mint, ive just got bak from kavos and loved every second! tango bar is quality! theres a gorgeous rep outside called kerry (SOOOOOOOOO FIT) but inside is gud 2, drinks are cheap an musics guuuud xx


Really loved this palce and ended up goin here every night before heading for future!!

Jelly shots are lush and the lovely old lady there who cleans the tables is a ledg!!

If we go back again this summer no dobut we will be found here!!

Sharon and amanda            

Tango bar was WICKED!!! it had them lights where anything white glows! really cool. Great to dance on the wall.... (you can keep an eye on the talent going passed aswell)

The jelly vodkas were nice and refreshing, and you will allways get shots straight into your mouth from the bottle.
The prs are smart, just little guys very nice and not too pushy.
The DJ (Patric) is nice... very cool suped up car!! plays rnb mix's well.
Bar staff (Theo and Yanis) are soooooooo funny Theo is like a drill sargent??! and Yanis is a bit of a prankster. Great bunch.
I would recomend the hotel special (lefkimi special) its a really friuty cocktail tastes great...
We'll be back here next year, (Tangos bar is also a hotel)
Getting threw them long winter months for the holidays again,,,, yeah!!! 

Dolly F           

Hey well we was staying in lefikimi hotel so it was right below us really lively spot to stay

The 3 prs trying to get u in all fancied themselves 1 looked liek marron 5 geezer,
Loving the VODKA JELLIES Tunes are good in this bar


Well......great bar to go to, cheap drinks, free shots, amazing crazy bar staff n also some tidy PR lads!! Really good music,gutted i didnt get the Kavos 06 CD tho.....i want it!!  xx


Really tidy bar loved the vodka jellies they def beat the cheap shots you had everywhere else!

Chloe S           

It might be small but it's great, shots out of the bottle, drinks are cheap enough, music's excellent, just don't fall over the little stage if your pissed!!  If you don't like jelly don't have shot!


this bar is realli small, but they play good music and have ace offers on drinks we got 2 (delicious) cocktails for 4euros (think they were called sexy b*****d or summat they were green think it wa peach shnapps, kiwi liquer n summat else if you find out put t on here n let me no was soooooo yummy) with 2 jelly shots (disgusting) and they poured shnapps in our mouth! :)


Hayley H           

Tango Bar was awesome. The bar staff were wkd and as for the PR's what can i say BUFF TINGS. We were always welcome in there and had a laugh. I cant say that I like the jelly shots but my friend seemed to neck them down everytime!

I would deffinatly go back there its brill!


I loved Tango Bar, especially as it was right next door to our hotel.  Another reason was the PR's!  Pure Buff Tings!  Adam and Dan!  Wicked geezers too!

Loved it, wanna go back. 


Hey the pr's at Tango were ausome! the wer wkd once u got talking to them and OMG! I rate the jelly shots out of me and my 4 mates i was only 1 who liked them so it was gauranteed everynight that id get 4!!!!!!!

Kim M           

 loved this bar was amazing the atmosphere everyone njoyed bein in the n the offers for the drinks amazing

Tracey G           

ne one stay in lefkimi hotel on 15th july 2 22nd july?!X


4euro for 2 cocktails and 2 jelly shots and a free snapps.  The bar played some good music and was really relaxed and really clean cut.  The best bar in kavos by far!


A good bar with a nice atmosphere, even when packed everyone is friendly and just havin a lugh!!! the bar staff pour spirits down your throat!!!! the drinks offers were cool and this is a nice bar, even when your on the street outside you piick up the feeling of it!


Hey! Tango Bar is a good place if you just wanna chill or dance. Wana say James you are such a cool guy no wonder you quit! Dont be a PR for them, they just dont appriciate you!lol
IF any guys that went to Kavos and wore white shirts with names on them and helped a girl take care of her drunken friend by getting her water please contact us. the photo we took of you guys got distroyed! we looked for you every night afterwards to say thanx but we were too drunk so couldnt remember your faces! it was outside the Tango Bar on a friday night/saturday morning so it was like the 9/10 th of july! If you read this you have to remember us we gave you all kisses..!!
e-mail me mad_gal_87@hotmail.com
P.s Kavos is the place to go.. forget all the bad reports. it all about the night life in Kavos x x

Monkey T           

hey i have not been but as i am the monkey king there must be monkeys there. why cant the earth revlove around a monkey. mr potatoe head asked me one day for a ciggarette but there was none around. then the magic man came up to me and asked for a digestive. all in all i will give it 2 thumbs up with a basket of monkeys.


not a bad place but no draught beer (only bottles which were expensive) but good cocktails and the free vodka jellies
staff were brilliant
prs were cool especially megan
dj tommy was a cool guy good loud music
a cool place to drop in for a few drinks between bars

Asmita P           

Another fave place of mine while on hoilday as not only did i get to dance all night to the amusment of my boyfirend, sister and her boyfiend on stage but i love the music. I only went in a couple of times but loved it each time. I can't remeber much about the drinks as i was always pissed but they must have been good as never complained about it. You do get your posers but all in good fun and Its nice on the outside as well as in. would recommend to anyone who loves r&b.

Laura H           

this was my fav place to kick off what ended as many crazy nights of drunken stupor in kavos, the beats are mostly hip hop, much to all my freinds dismay! but the atmosphere more than compensates.even when the speakers were thrown down the stairs by some "barry gadge" the majority of the crowd in good spirit followed them and the party continued on the street! all the barstaff are total legends!(especialy theo) pouring shots of aftershock down your neck from the bottle (class!)just stay away from the dirty dj patrick girls who was the only dissapointment of the holiday, (if any1 is misfortunate enough to come into contact with this creature they can kindly tell him from me, he is a "malacka" which incidently means greek b*****d!)however his performance in the bar is spot on, making tango the place to be if u visit kavos -well at least for a few rounds...

Joanna S           

This bar was brilliant. we met loadsa nice people in here includin pj from big brother 3!

Gerry D           

Best bar in Kavos.Theo the barman is superb,he better hav my Celtic top behind the bar.

Kim R           

loved the prs especially ryan he was soo cute, Red vodka and red bull was the best in kavos from tango, the music was good and the seats were sooo comfy!!!!