Restaurants in Ipsos

Dani N           

hey just come back from ipsos and loved it. Odessey is a great restaurant. The food is great and Denise and Lana are really nice. They have all kinds of food and if you are missing home and british food, they do a wicked sunday roast!!! When you have finished your meal you can then go to tiffany's. I can't wait to come back.

Val B           

 unfortunally denise did not open before we left this year, but i already know that this is a fab place to go, if it's just for a drink and to say hello, or for a meal. odessey is in a lovely setting on the front, and just funtastic people that own it. i know also that lana was going to work there this year and she and denise will make your holiday, the hospiality we have had off this kind people over the years is outstanding and they have become very good friends to us.

thanks guys, please do go in and say hello when ur in ipsos
val x

Paul(bubbles) A           

 yazoo d yeah v nice place always gd food d is gr8 all staff look after u well nothings a prob xx l8rs

Ian R           

what can you say ? . evertime we  had a meal there it was the best food excellent service .

denise stef &michal were very helpful and delightful to talk to .
miss being there did not want to come home .
hope to see you soon. take care .
lots of love
paul & ian .

Val B           

What can we say but FUNTASTIC. This is not the first time we`ve been, the restraunt does Denise credit. I have now adopted Denise as my mum, she is funtastic will go out of her way to make the evening alot of fun or very romantic.
The food is out of this world and also very cheap.
Steph was also wonderful very pleasant and helpfull.
This is a must even if u just go in to say hello and have a drink.
Thank u once again guys u do urselves proud.
Love Val and Bri xxxx


sorry- submitted twice and didnt change to excellent!


we went to Corfu for a week on the 28th June and basically ate at this restaurant about 4 of the 7 days we were there. The decor was lovely and there was lots of choice. The food was of real good quality and we never had any complaints. The staff were so nice and friendly, we spent the night when Greece won the footie here, and shared champagne and cake with the owner/chef's etc! It was the only place we found that did alot of things you'd find in restaurants over here, and all at a good price. Had 2 starters, 2 main courses and a few drinks each for about 38 euro. Make sure you try this place!

Bri B           

WOW !!!! what else can i say. Denise as put alot of hard work in this year to Odesseys and CREDIT is well deserved. The place looks FUNTASTIC. It`s got a whole new outlook with a bigger bar (lots more wine, oh dear !!). The food was absoulty lovely, unfortunally didn`t get a chance to try everything on the menu. My husband and i had the mixed grill it was cooked to our liking, a must.
These people are so genuine they make ur holiday by just being the lovely guys they are, nothing is to much trouble.
Thank u for being our second family, the worse part of going here was saying goodbye.
Please pop in and say hello u won`t be dissapointed.
Thanks guys and Take Care. Love ya

Val B           

We went to odessey`s last year so could not miss out on it this year. The meals r good, the steak was good and they will cook it to how you like. My husband had the Lasange, you get a good helping. The staff r great and again have become very good friends, very welcoming and will help you on any questions you have about Ipsos. The reastraunt is owned by Denise and Franco who have become our second family, Lana does not work in reastraunt but owns a clothes shop next door (Denise`s daughter)and one for the Ladies is our Leftery, lovely lad. If you do go to Ipsos please don`t miss the chance to go and have a meal and meet these lovely people you will not be dissapointed. Watch the wine though Denise got me very drunk on this this year, good stuff.