Bars in Ipsos

Ady Howarth

anyone here from 1990-1996 the early years

Lorraine O          10/10

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hi guys its lolly here frm ireland,how is everyone?

Kira H

i wiil miss corfu but i wont miss walkig on the road there were know payments until you get to the near end of corfu but i will still miss the hot weather and evrey thnk els 

Sara W          10/10

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Claudia S          10/10

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Hectors, the only club worth goin to in ipsos...missin everyone in there so much...especially hector himself who always looked after me and amy for lookin after my stuff while i was dancin around in my undies at the foam party...a week i'll never forget...missin you all like crazy and hope i'll see you soon xxx

Sorcha F          10/10


The one and only NightClub to be in Corfu.....im missing you all so so much and cant believe im not there
Will have to get something sorted...i need sun and sea and of course My Wee Spiros...miss you darling and i will see you all soon...

Roger S           

andare e morire lei il culo italiano pulisce

Manola87 M

dove posso trovare tutte le foto scattate dal 20 luglio in poi?

Kieran H           

u alright lilben how you how is every 1 i cant wait till next year its going 2 be alsome


hey every1 woah it so good  the music is gr8 n all da fit lads in there its the best i only went in twice but i wish i went in more but at least i got in as i am only 13 cnt wait to come back it was gr8 hope to c ya soon katy xxx

Gary J           

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back in 2 days, yes its the mad dj from hectors that always seems to have a bud in his hand
cant wait to have a mad one with all of the 2005 possie and hopefully convert a few 2006 workers into
crazy dingos

Chelsea S           

hey gary, how are you? chelsea here, the mad PR with the huge boobs, any way hope your well, think im back this year! hope its as good as the last! take care and see you soon baby!!!!!

Kerry H           

hectors was alright. sexy dj (gary)  cheers 4 the taunts at hectors and villa sofia.,wont be in ipsos next year as repping in rhodes. Any one going 2 ipsos hectors is a must esp round 4 am and your slaughtered.its so much fun.

kerry (kez) x

Melissa C           

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Pics from 2005

Sharlie P           

just wanted to say thanks to everybody for making my time working in corfu a good one hope to see you all next year


john you are soooooooooooo fine, Thanks again

Laura G           

  oh the sadness of being back in England!  I have only been here for four hours but it's sad to think of Hectors being open  still and me not being there with all the workers that are left.
 Big shout to all the Ipsos workers of 2005, you are all legends and the friendship bonds I have built with you all will never be broken.  It's been a mad but amazing summer with many cherished memories!
To all the tourists who made 2005 in Ipsos enjoyable and worth it for the workers, thank you all!! (you know who you are)
Anyways, I'll be back next year so stay in contact!!
In the words of Gary Joy,  "GET UP HORSE"

Sarah and elisa            

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we finally managed to get some photos, oh the memories
oh sean-paul!!

Gary J           

Hi everybody,
Me and Phil would just like to thank everybody that took the time to write messages on this site.
We had so much fun working over here.
We are going to miss so many people that have partied hard with us over the past few months.
Big up especially to the mad Irish loonys and all the english massive.
Thanks to Mal for the hat,
We will be in Ireland very soon,
All that is left to say is:  GET UP HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John O           

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i see we left our mark on you gary, you're still saying get up horse after we left....we miss you all!!!! and do u all remember this pic!!!! and the other on on the last morning

Michele W           

Without Phil and Hector himself we would'nt of done half the things we did there. They got us drunk and let 16 Irish guys and 2 girls run amock on the place!! If anyone was there on Wed 7th you would of seen an Irish invasion of madness!! Anything that could of happened, did!! It was certainly a nite to remeber!

Phil im trying to get the photos up,tink theres sumthing up! Ill get there eventually! 


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Aw wow, the most amazing nights were had there... Thanks to Gary for those stamps, I could never get enough.. remember the underwear stamp - haha, what a laugh!!
Thanks also to John, u were so good to us.. Like Orla said, we owe u big time! Can't believe we missed your goodbye, we were so sad. But you scared me half to death when u came behind me in the tourist shop and poked my sides! Not a good idea when there are ornaments all around me! Ah well, it was a nice surprise.
Hopefully we'll get a chance to come back next year, if we are we'll let ya know!
Missing everyone loads..
 Niamh xxx

Ali and shel            

Hiya all

Ali and Shel again. The two sexy ladies from the big irish group of girls. OK so here's what we think of Hectors... Italians, not so nice. Free drink.... NICE. Music, the dj could actually mix... unlike AA cough. Does anybody remember Maniac?? Hector rules. Even though we only met him briefly so he could stamp our boobs. Cool for an old guy. The older bouncer who hung around with John protecting all the ladies and keeping the club calm, you rock and thanks for all the job advice. We're after your job next summer so BEWARE. John, ya legend, thanks to you Shel now knows that all the male race aren't dickheads (just a selected few)!!!!! Gary, thanks for the free cd's although they do seem to be making us cry. Boo hoo! Anywho enough said. Ya know your the best club. We will see ya next year, just watch this space...................................................................x

Orla B           

Hey to all in Hectors thanks for everything

Jon, Its your 'Bambino Orla' here. One of the big group of Irish girls.. Thanks for lookin after us all every night in Hectors we owe you big time. The girls were all sad to miss your goodbye that was real nice of ya 2 come up.
Thanks again xx

John M           

I knew Henry had some Irish in him!!!!