Lumber Jacks

Bars in Ipsos

Jon H           

hello kate how are you lot aint the same without you lot here miss u all wat do you mean you might come n c me its bout time we all met up 4 a drink back home speak to you soon say ello to everyone take care x 

Sharlie P           

Disco Dave?? u mean CRINGE don't u..... nah only jokin i luv u dave, tar 4 the crisps an cheese salsa dip las nite..... me an chris enjoyed it! c cringe is good for 1 thing....


Hey jon - its Kate  are you back out there?? we went Zante this year it was the nuts! would have swam over to see ya hahaha! been back 5 days n hate it! might have to come n work next year!


Hi dave and everyone else! Had a fab hol, the bar was great! Hope you're all still having fun in the sun coz we're back in rainy scotland. Hope to be back soon. Tell Alfredo hi! And dave...I'm still wearing the Libra curtain dress! Lol! xxx

Laura T           

Hello Dave you cant have forgotten me with my deep throat lol!!u still priced the r'n'b smells t-shirt outta my pocket but i swear ill get it somehow one day!! Hows ur 15 year old fan club? please tell me you didnt!!! say hello 2 martin-from-stoke-on-trent from me and t'other laura who has kept in contact with her 3some buddies!! dont b bitter cos she wudnt have one with us.... she thort one per holoday was quite sufficient!!


Disco Dave now now then.  How r u???  Not sure if you remember me but spent 7 weeks in Ipsos in 2003.  I went to the water park with you, alex, jon, zoe and teh guardian.  You undid my bikini well every strap on it when i was laid down so i could not get up!!!  Take it you have not changed i thought fatherhood and marriage may have calmed you down.  Have you heard from the other DJ forgot his name thats terrible the chubby one with dark hair i always hung about with him.  PS is Shadow still living out there??

Jon H           

well dave looks like youre doing us proud ha ha how am i supposed to come and work there when it sounds like youve destroyed the bar already, anyway hope 2  be out there soon speak to you soon mate


Haha! Sounds like you met Disco Dave, has he really still got yellow teeth? Tell him to buy some Pearldrops, that'll do the trick! 

Crystal S           

the bar was s**t and the dj was crap.  would recommend that you avoid this bar as the dj thinks he can pull anyone he wants and he's ugly with yellow teeth! 

Jon H           

Wats happening dave its jon lost my phone just after spoke to you last whats the work situation like out there at mo mite come out there ! send me an email to my address when get this and we will sort somethn out! ps. I hear youve been going round lauras and that just in time for when they get out the shower ! thats me boy

Disco D           

How the hell are we all!!!

firstly a big hello to everyone from 2003, second i am returning for the summer 2005
WATCH OUT IPSOS we are looking for pr staff to start early june till late september if anyone is interested leave a contact e-mail or leave a message i will return all messages with an e mail¬!!!! Many thanks
p.s. dont forget keith now of nellies R N B smells!!!! 2005 is officially the year of sambuca in ipsos and lot's of it BEWARE BEWARE !!!!!

Martin E

is chris still spinning tunes for lumberjacks - i hope you are !! - alright ya bastaaad! - i remember having a laugh with you in the summer of 2000 , we all used to meet up in edem on a sunday afternoon for a drink and a laugh.

i rang you about 3 years ago when i was living in sunderland, if you remember i was going out with a lass from there, and we both worked in corfu.

hope that head is still shaven... and f**king use vinyl you bastaaaaaad !

mail me soon chris, be real f**king nice to hear from you .


Kate R           

Hi Jon its Kate again.....Im not ignoring ya, my hotmail is full at the mo and i cant check it at work! as soon as i can get on someones computer i'll empty it! Hope you are ok, we all well miss ya!! havnt been back this year i was checking up to see who had! anyway babe i'll mail ya on your old email tonight hopefully.


Dex P           

ello jon!!!! its dex my mum and dad said hello!!! if ya cant remember us we came out last year and one the free chinese and i come and stood outside with ya!!! we may be going back out next year!!! Hope ur avin fun in england!!! Email me on l8rzz

Jon H           

well if it aint the best lookn girls that visited ipsos last year ( kate, kate, kim and tanya how are you all have you lot gone back over there this year or just checking up on the website anyway hope to hear from you soon ok luv jon X

ps. will catch up with you on youre hotmail !

Kate R           

Hiya Jon H...........How the hell are you, ive not heard from you in ages babe!! Ive left HSBC so mail me at

miss ya loads........

love kate n kate n kim n tanya!!

Jon H           

hello mary its jon nice to hear from you hope you are all ok at dominoes my breakfast spot ! didnt come back this year because couldnt afford youre breakfasts ( only jokn ) if you get this could you tell costa and chris and everyone at lumberjacks i said hello i might be coming out there next season hope to hear from you soon ok x

Mary N           

hi john is mary from dominoes i dont know if you remeber me but i was the one you been asking for a better price for your breakfast!! Lumber jacks is great but with you working there wasnt that great!!!!!! This year Lamber jacks is not opened yet as he is waiting for you to come!! Hope you see that messege!! Hope your well and come soon love from dominoes xxx

Lauren & lisa            

Hey Jon, Dave, Dex, Martin, Shadow & anyone else we forgot (sorry!!),
remember us, the tall blonde girl & the short (argumentative) one, we were at Lavrion during the storms!
thanx for helping our hol pass in such a blur tho, hope you're all doing good! xxx

Claire S           

Hi all

This is to all the lads, A big Hello from Ian, Rita and myself from The Queen Vic. We got loads of crumpets left over for you all. Hope to see you all next year Take Care. Here's are e-mail addy.


hey jon, hows you? sorry ive not been in touch been ill, but ive emailed you so get back to me hun
love kate

Angie G           

Hi ya jon, Martin, Dirty Dave!!!
Hope ur flights all ok.
Jon pigs trotters feet still here but bored now got to get a job now. Hope u manage to get a job etc what will u do without all the girls!!
Dave ur lines need to change for next year they r so crude and boring.
Jon my email is
see ya XXXX Angie

Natasha L           

Jon i have sent u an email! Miss u!

Heidi H           

Hello you lot! Thanks for making a quiet last week of the season in Ipsos a good one!! What would we have done without Lumber Jacks aye? Jon - I've proved you wrong and done the deed so they'll be no invite!! x

Alicia E           

Hey jon glad to c u got home ok! i'm at uni and its well scary! nightlife rather good though! (wud be better if there was some tables to dance on tho!) WQat u gonna do now ur back? U gonna work in ipsos nxt yr? Is dave back now? Take care Alicia x x x