Memphis Bar

Bars in Kavos

Rich T          10/10

I loved this placed albeit I was there about 18 years ago when the place first opened, I was one of the original PR's working the streets offering "Free big Mother###ker" cocktails to anyone within 300 yards!!

Still have many happy memories and in my head I am still 20!!

Toria B          10/10

hi can any one help me!!!!! trying to get in contct with nikos the bar manager he is very good friend of mine, but lost contact, need bar phone number can any one help please please please  xxx

Charlotte A          9/10

loved it in yer cuz 1 of the onli places that played hardhouse, DJ enga is wkd!! if u spk 2 mike the PR tell him tom frm rolling stones got his crab cream...ha!!! elvis the glass colecter is luvly aswel!!!! really cheap drinks 3 euro 4 2vodka red bull an 3shots!!!!

Ellis D          8/10

Good for cheap drinks :)

looove the pina coladas, Edelwiess #1 tho xx


memphis bar is definatley the place to go! i 1st went to kavos sep 05 and went memphis every nite, woz gettin bout 6 shots free with every drink! the other pr's will tell u its s**t but it aint! everyone is really friendly and make sure u ave wicked time! we were remembered when we went back july 06 by gitesa who runs it and she definatley keeps the free shots coming! d.j's were great and always play whateva song u want! gotta try the legendary headf**ker 'memphis special', bout 6 dbl shots of drink in a pint glass straight! it does live up its name! cant wait to go back, c ya 2007!

Geordie B           


Loved Memphis, mainly for the banter from the DJ and the fact he played all r tunes nd let us sing down the mic, class. Didnt care much for the bar staff, espec the wifey, Billy nd the glass collector, they all needed to cheer up and were at times rude, but didnt stop me going in everynight.  If your going to Kavos soon then u have got to visit this place, dont be put off by the smell ha, by the time uve downed the shots they give out ull be too drunk to notice it anyway. 
Enjoy, I wish i was there

Rock C           

lovin the memephis bar all the staff are so friendly specially billy the barman n the yorkshire dj! we used to finish our night in there and heckel the dj to play some decent tunes (get Ant n Dec on!!!!!!!!). NOTE to girls DONT go near any of the prs ESPECIALLY SLEAZY STU that boy has problems (and a lil dick!!!! )

Zoe R           

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i loved the menphis bar i went wiv the lad who worked as a p.r there iv his number hes well fit,stu hes called,cant wait to go over an work now wont be long were the leeds girls xx xx  this is wat i wanted to do wen left it was great over there xx

Lez D           

i would go here again u do a bit off haggling wiv the PRs and they do u sokme mad deals 5 euro for 2 cocktails 5 shots each fish bowls and champaigne plus to mention there were 10 of us goin there so not a bad bar worth a the pompey boys


cnt rememba goin in but rememba the PR irish dave!! wat a night u had my son eh! u lucky bugger!!


OMG! watch out for the PRs most nights they picked us up and carried us in (foremans lift style) despite the length of ya skirt (v embarassin!!!) its prety good n they have mineral water ice cubes, can get decent priced cocktails n offers on drinks. Wasnt our favourite bar bt was a laff as evry night we used to plan our run past the prs (many attempt failed).

Its a laff

Joanne D           

Memphis bar has to be the best bar to go to in kavos, All the bar staff are great especially JULIOS!!!, and are DJ, we had loads of FREE DRINKS and good TUNES, we had a great laugh all week, hope to see you all again soon, the HEARTBEAT CREW from LIVERPOOL, (SEPTEMBER 2005)

Kylie N           

we f**king love this place!!!! worked here all season 2005!!!!

Panndora S           

hey greek boy juliano it's us mancs nic caz lea and tash had a great time thanks for everything if ya ever see chris again tell him sorry for getting him the sack ha ha ha ha hope to see you next year just me and lea this time love ya xx send our love to the seaside crew xx

Jodie L           

got really drunk there. massive bruises today from fallin off the podiums. it was good british music and friendly staff. free shots aswell.

jodie and becky   cardiff, caerphilly. 

Brian D           

Julio, you are an absolute diamond,
Thanks for everything,
Top notch, Yamas.

The Shetland Boys

Nicola M           

Had a fantastic time in Kavos - this was one of the regular bars. The staff are great & the PR's are brillant - would recommend this bar if you like dance music & pole-dancing

Nickie K           

  We loved it in there, Maria was brilliant and really helped us to enjoy our nights out.  The staff were friendly and werent shy on giving free drinks.  The dj was excellent playing a good range of funky house.  The Albanian who pretended he was from South London was good entertainment too.  Would definately recommend this bar to anyone.

Scott W           

Myself and 8 other of the lads flew out to kavoz, july lasts year 2004, we had many quality nights in the memphis!!! staff always made ya feel welcome and av a laugh, but best of all you did'nt have to remorgage the house to get a round in 4 da lads!

me and the lads ad such a quality time over in kavos, we'v booked up to go back, middle of june 2005, WE CANT WAIT AND WE WILL DEFFO BE CHECKING OUT THE MEMPHIS BAR AGAIN!   

Scott W           

we went to kavos july last year 2004, plenty of quality nights in the memphis!

all the staff were a right laugh, always made you welcomome, and to top it off,you didnt have to remorgage the house to get a round in 4 the lads!   


The music and drinks were ok here, although there are much better places to spend your money. The PR's are ace tho. Tim, Luke and early all really nice guys. Tim is very sexy but a bit of a tart, watch out that he hasnt got any vaseline on him........he will try and use it. Ask him if he is up to 50 yet?.

Lou & Tash........BRISTOL


the poles r classic n the barstaff r ace! shame i thought it was called nemasis till the last nite (wondered y no1 knew where it was)! o and tim u get bit wet when that welsh bird u s**gged poured all that water over u? hahaha u shudnt ruin ur looks wiv ur sleezy personality! cya nxt yr

Dj K           

used to dj there 2 years ago, sum fat t**t called nick is playin now! is nikos an yannis still there? fanx

Nicola A           

good bar, cheap drinks, music good, me and my guy went there a lot had a laugh, got stickers all over the place, few good nits that i can remember

Raffaella P           

We're sorry about our english but we were in Kavos this august and we enjoyed a lot we are Raffaella and Emy