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Bars in Kavos

Stefano Chef          6/10

hallo good morning i'm in benitez for sex x couple hetero & lesbian and trans , very big c**k italian 22cm - 00306988602395

Anon O

Anyone know how to find the pictures from sex club foam parties few people have said Kavos Foto Express but nothing for ages on there site or Facebook?

Robbie W

Add your comment hey karen p me and my friend are allso in corfu. We would like too party with .you girls. And we wish you a happy Birthday

Dazzer C

Coming to Kavos on 25th June 2015 can't wait to meet people there

Josh Turnbull          10/10

going to kavos june 19th for a week add me on facebook josh turnbull to meet there

Dan B

Well im going over to kavos with a few mates and taking radio xl with me

wanna add me on facebook search daniel bailey

Rachel D

hiya my names Rachel i work selling tickets for the foam party its now 15 euro but you get a free bar you can drink as much as you can handle. the foam party is defiantly worth coming to its really mad one of the best nights you''ll have in kavos and defiantly unforgettable. phones or wallets or bags shouldn't be brought in as you'll probably lose them cause if they drop in the foam your not going to find them again and if you want to bring a camera its best to bring a disposable camera . anyway if you want to reserve any tickets we can make arrangements no charge to reserve.

Abbey G

Omg turn 18 next year in april and going to the sex club foam party In June can't wait gunna be a ball hope sum people are gunna go

Annalise E

Heyyyyyyy All! coming to Kavos 2k11 in july!! me and the gals cannot wait to hit the clubs. Who knows the best place to go clubbing!!!! :) Wirte back Annnnnnna :)

Karen P

click to enlargehey me nd my friend ( im on the right, nicole on left!) are stayin at unbrella beach apartments on 17th june for 2weeks! hu else is gunna be there???  gunna be celebrating me 20th birthday on 25th! hu gunna join us!!!

Gavin R

Me and my mate are going to Kavos for 2 weeks on June the 20th :) whos all going?   facebook gavin reid

Agro S

OMG teves is retirering

Craig G

  im goin corfu on 14th june, what hotal u stayin in then x

Olivia C

me and kayleigh are going on the 14th june for two weeks whosss gonna be there... or is it going to be dead bahahah

facebook- olivia craft

Caitlin G          10/10

10 Euros get in :)

Brilliant never seen so much foam before! it was fantasic! was jsut lying on the floor coverd in foam abserltly slaugted and soacking wettt! haha!
was fantastic loved it :)

Geordie B           


Loved the foam party here, was proper mad, rite laff, wud definately recommend it to anyone going to Kavos.  Me and the girls only got back last Fri and already i want to go back, bohoo!

Lez D           

f**king hell what a laugh, this place is mad as f**k. 10 euros to get in not bad. so much foam better then anything back in england.....................rock on the pompey boyz


click to enlarge

this was the best place we went to all week, cost 10euros to get in but was definatly worth it- fit blokes everyhwere lol. the foam is wel good its like a huge hot tub party lol and evry1s just dancin n messin around in the foam, however dont wear ur best clothes coz u WILL ruin them, plus our shoes klinda got lost in the foam too lol but most ppl wore bikinis which was a rly gd idea.

defininatly recommend this place it was the highlite of our holiday and wud love to go back

Mark K           

click to enlarge had a threesum wi 2 birds got me c**k sucked in foam party f**kin loved then threw wat i fort wa are lads tee shirts wi are names on in crowd then reailsed it wa my parda tee shirt o christ very expensive holiday went thru 2k in a week o yeah got robbed as well cos some c**t forgot 2 lock the apartment door

Kylie N           

this place was alright!!!!

the prs really spoilt it they were cheap and nasty


Just one big foam party all night long!


went to the foam party here - was not that busy.  the music was good.  the place is quite small and not that much room to slide about !!!!.  the doorman who were greek were p**ves though


hey gordon, we've booked a holiday to kavos n we're leaving on the 10th of june, i cant mind where we are staying tho....the something apartments...we'l maybe see u there...

Gordon K           

Me and 8 of my mates are going to kavos on June 13th to Chandris apartments!!Anybody goin there , been, or know anybody thats going???Whats the best club or bar for good dance tunes??

Jade H           

THE BEST FOAM PARTY EVER!! met a very lovely bloke n ended up coming outta foam party n jumping in the sea! 1st kiss so romantic! i loved it!