Future Bar

Bars in Kavos

Sophie J

Greatttt place, guy who gives out flyers and things for Trinity was lovelyyyy, and veryy sexy too =D

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Caitlin G          10/10

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Fab :D espically when it was Trinity :)

Brillaint Rap Pack was a good Nite :D:D

Emma R          7/10

Just got back from Kavos this morning we had an amazing time.Went to futures on our bar crawl.was madness.ended up actually dancing on the main bar my friend started a whole new idea.Soon all the girls were trying to get up on the bar.great fun!!!!!!!!

Troublesome B          10/10

amazin espically around half 4 gets rammed b4 then its nice to chill out in there

best place in the WORLD

Dizzy W          10/10


Katie M           

Just back from Kavos and although we went near the end of season futures really is the place to go - party there until 5 then finish off in atlantis.

If you can still drink after atlantis shuts (between 6 and 7 depending how busy the night has been) then head on down to after and chill out by the fire.
Futures really made my holiday (well a really fit doorman did anyway - He knows who he is)

Lauren J           

Me and my best mate are thinking of goin 2 kavos in the october half term this year, and i was just wonderin if the bars and nightclubs will still be open, and if not, is there any point in goin? I would be grateful is someone could help me out coz we wana book it soon!  

Mari G           

Oh my god what an awsum place to go. Me and my m8 Chloe luvd it, we were there every night what a great way to finish off. The club Atlantis is the best ive ever been to.

Dolly F           

Hey this is where we went when heartless crew was here, we come home yesterday miss it loads

When to ALANTIS after heartless crew , the chap from the bar there wanted to marry me lol his name was COSTAS gonna miss him loads lovely greeek lad i got free shots of him too , to many tho,its well crap to be home

Gemma G           

really liked it here. loads of fit blokes and good music.

ChloŽ J           

Me and my friend Mari have just come back from Kavos. We loves Future Atlantis! We were there every night! We are missing it like crazy and everyone there! We went to the foam party there an it was insane! Loved every minute! :-) Definatly going back there next year.. Quality!

Stacey E           

WICKED had an AMAZING time everytime we visited will b goin back next year.

Becky S           

Future & Atlantis often have Trinity nights there, the week we went out happened to have Hed Kandi there - amazing!!! It was a Porn Stars and Playboys theme, (we went as Porn Stars lol!) and dancing on the bar was so good, loads of attention from the lads! The music was brilliant, Hed Kandi were fantastic as always, there was also the dude from Tom Novi's track 'Your body' MC-ing - also v.good! The only thing was the heat - but what can you expect from so many people packed into a club in the middle of summer in Corfu? Over all, definitely worth a visit - quality night out!   


we went to see dj luck and mc neat here! was a wicked night and we went back again another nite - free entry to a wicked club and the drinks wernt too expecnsive, they also let u dance on the bar if ur brave enuf lol we had to get sum lads to help us up tho gives u such a buzz tho knowing evry1 can c u dancing lol- cant say much for the random bloke who kept coming over and licking our legs tho!!!


We went on a school night out with our rep here.  It was ok, they played cheesy music all night.  We also saw Judge Jules there, other dj's play there too.  Not really my kind of thing, but as long as there's not a named dj playing there, then it's free to get in

Chloe S           

If you like to dance then Future is the place to be, great music, great atmosphere, shame about the toilets! Then Atlantis is great for a bit of air after partying for a few hours then chilling, by the way, check out the fountain!!! Really impressive!


Atlantis was ace, some nights it was a bit crapy, bt if ya go l8a on its gr8! the drinks are a bit pricey bt by the time wed got there wed had a lot to drink so onli bought one or 2. Can get a bit mad but they let u dance on the back of the bar n its a cool place. If it all gets a bit too much ya can jus go out into atlantis for a bit. We weren't quite sure if we were supposed to pay to get in but if ya do, go round the back n there is a WELL creepy bouncer who lets ya in. One night they had a dj who they said was gunna b big n now es playin in all the student unions n clubs, so thats cool. They seem keen on avin up n comin djs. Theres this funi PR who jus screams "future" (hilarious) we all have some gr8 memories from future


Laura N           

woohoo Future was the best place there!!

went there every night 2 till 4 then through into atlantis till about 6!! it was always packed and full of fit boys!! the music was also great mostly Rn B and funky house the drinks were expensive but i think i only bought two in the 7 nights i went there.. its best to get drunk before ya go its cheaper!
Going through into atlantis was cool aswell, it was really chill out and the hot dogs they sold were yummy!! Never went 2 Venue once future was the place 2 be! 

Vicki M           

Future was amazing, I was there every night from June 2005 til August 2005. The 2 main resident DJ's, Jimmi Sea and Wez Wilde are top guys who played some amazing R'n'B and Funky House tunes. The best nightclub in Kavos by far. Once Future closes its doors at 4am, it's down to Atlantis to continue getting pissed and dancing until the early hours of the morning to the best R'n'B tunes from DJ Tango. For those wo have a problem with the price of the drinks there's a quick solution to that....get pissed before you go in. Totally amazing!!!!

Louise C           

Hi everyone I am going to Kavos for the first time 2nd September and I have been looking forward to trying out Futures. There has been loads of wierd stuff happening to their website lately, when I tried to get in a few weeks backs a message came up saying 'what goes around comes around'. It looked like someone had hacked into the site, but now it just says 'all events are cancelled'. Can anyone tell me if this club is still open as usual? Hope it hasn't closed down just before I go on hol! xx


It's true by 2am Future was def the place everyone would be such a different atmosphere from the bars and more expensive but still a quality experience!!

Jeni W           

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Classic place, loving  the trinity specials - DJ Luck & MC Neat ROCKED DA PLACE

Cant wait for the reps reunions & skegness reunion now!
Jen x
addictive  clubbing  .  com / jeniwuk


Oh my god i wana join in:-

Its like being back in there!
She's right Eddie Halliwell was amazing! Def the best night i had in kavos!

Lauren P           

Future and Atlantis is by far the hottest place to be come the early hours, funky house old skool garage and new r&b....THE BEST!


EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE!!! Eddie Halliwell was djing at the club on our last nite in kavos and it was off da hook!!!! best way to end the holiday and the music was wicked!!! x