Bars in Sidari

Jamie R           

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oioi bin bk frm greece for while nuw lyk just say tht  am deff bk rockin mojos bar nxt year  fkn missed getnn hammered off thm ice teas lyk had wkdd time here bk nxt july reet l8a lv jamie r

Lukey H           

lou been trying to get hold of u babe was going to go uot to napa but could not get hold of u or doug hope u bin ok soon as u can ring me when u get back u can come and stay with me missed u and every 1 else...luke <london>

Kimmy N           

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hey dj billy its celine n kim!!!!!!!!! the ones who got everyone up dancein n danced on the bar. we propa miss ya we might be coming bk next year we dont know yet. we went to a weddin party the ova day n did the billy boy bop lol. we have still got out t-shirts and wear them alot. please write bk we miss ya sooooooooooooo much u were a propa laugh love the essex girls xx

Louise B           

hey to every1 on the mojo site...just a quick message to say thanks for all your messages.  i have left corfu & am having a well deserved holiday in ayia napa...!!

haven't forgotton ne1 my phone isn't working here & difficult to get to the net am flying back to england on the 18th sept so will b in touch with every1 then...
glad every1's had fun in mojo...hope every1's ok & keep smiling
leetha & billy hope mojo is just as fun without me c u guys at home very soon.
love & hugs louise xx

Sammy-jo L           

please email me louise

love mojo

Sammy-jo L           

hey mojo

guess who ................... it's sammy-jo a.k.a mojo
i am really missin you even though i was only in corfu about 4 days ago
i am quite pleased to say that is the best holiday i have ever had and that is because of two important people
louise and dj billy
i am quite upset cause i had to go
but i will probalys visit next year
i will send you the picture of me and louise and you can keep it and remember me
hope you haven't forgot me
i am wearing my mojo t-shirt now and crying because i really miss u and i also i would like to say thanks you for mentioning my name over the dj box you really embaressed me though
i will email you all the time now
love ya loads
love from mojo

Gill D           

Big Hello to Letha, Louise and Billy

great place to watch the world go by on your comfy sofas, drinking sex on the beach cocktails.
hope you are all well and hear from you soon.
keep in touch Letha
love Victoria, Andrea, Becs, little bro Scott and Gill (from visit one)
( girls on photo board wearing orange tops)

Katie M           

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hi everyone!

     i went to sidari with my mam in august this year, and i jus want to say what a fab time i had! me and my mam were partying every night lol and had many a laugh!
our favourite bars were mickey's inn (which was just sooooooooo fab! we were in there every night at some point, and had many a laugh in there, and i would advise everyone to go in and check it out, the bar staff are totally mint and i am determined that that will be my work place next year!) but also mojo's. mojo's was also totally brilliant! and again we were in there at some point every night to have some of the best cocktails i'v ever tasted! also though, the barstaff were sooooooooo friendly and i made a good friend in there, louise. which by the way louise if ur ever reading this, id love to hear from you! i gave you my e-mail address, and the night i met you it was my birthday and you gave us free drinks lol! so yes please, if ur on here, please find my e-mail address and let me know if your still in sidari and how your doing! sidari, i'v got to say has been my best holiday so far and im defenetly going back to work there next year! i'm glad everyone else on here also seemed to have a great time! 
  lots of love- katie (from newcastle) xxxxxxx

Chris northern boi! (i ca            

Hi louise its chris agen, ive got ur email but u aint got mine so ere it is : mail me sum time

Daniel S           

Hi everyone Mojo was wicked loved it cant wait to go back next year. Hi to everyone from the Dinos appartment hi Gazza and family make sure u stay in touch and i will be coming to Cardiff to c u soon.


Emma C           

Hey everyone its emma from newcastle. sorry lou but i had to enter your email adress because i dont have one. its horrible being home!!! cant wait to come back and work next year. Mojo's is definatley the best bar in Sidari.Smile And Billy is the best D.J ever and i miss him loads!! my mam fancies Akis how embarressing!Laugh Louise and leetha i miss you both loads and cant wait to see you's again. hope you have a great time love you's all very much emma x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Cry

Rebecca S           

can any1 tell me where the reunion is gonna be in manchester next yr? coz louise told me about it but i cant remeber where she sed it woz bouts, plz sum1 tell me!!! coz i cant wait! lol, cyas x

Rachel C           


   its rachel,
 finally figured how to send you both a msg!!! i so wish i was back in sidari ive bin bac since saturday mornin,we were delayed an hour which int to bad, but straight out clubbin on sat nite!. i had such a brill time especially in mojo felt like i was at the club i normally go to apart from some of the cheesy tunes!ha ha!
  really nice meetin you n (is it lisa,you told me but i was drunk so i forgot, dont mean to sound ignorant or owt!) your both lovely and so was that other guy who worked behind the bar with louise.
anyway if you both wanna keep chattin heres my email (think it works never use it!)
     speak to ya soon
luv ya, rachel x

Jodie B           

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hey leatha me biatch lol!!

yer ill tel daz lol we have got sum canny nice stuf in now like all summery n stuf!!
wel i cnt w8 for our missions when u get bk lol to essex and manchester lol should be fun me nd u hahahahaha we wil b laughin the whole of the way lol
miss ya babes
speak to ya soon hope u r havin a good tym dnt b meetin 2 many cocneys wivout me lol
c ya soon
lv jodie

Chris northern boi! (i ca            

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hi guys, y r non of u writin bak to me, u forgot bout me already! i aint forgot bout u guyz im comin bak nxt yea in june i think wit some m8's n i fink toddys comin to! how u all duin hope your well, write back soon, Chrissy boi.


jodie!! cant wait to come home! yeah were goin to essex and manchester now, gotta meet up with some ppl there. cant waaaait to see everyone at work again! tell darrin and everyone at work i sed hi nd am missin em all! desperatly wantin new clothes so they better be some good stuff in.

love ya xx

Gareth C           

click to enlargeMOJO's is AWESUM!! Can't Fault It!!! Bet  U made a fortune off all the T-Shirts my lot bought!!!!

Missin Every1 And all The Tunes!!

Jamie R           

yesssssss letha a can spell u cheeky git lol can yee lyk u r frm high spen wen u bk lyk radji???

lv jamie xxx

Jodie B           

hey peeps

letha told me to write a comment on here so here it goes lol.....
aint been to sidari but letha wants me to go (if u are wondering how i no her she works with me wel did lol at republic bk home lol) shes a git canny lass nd is always up for a laugh n i dont think any 1 has a bad word to say bout her!!
me n her off 2 essex lol so meet sum cockney boys lol aint that right hun hahahahha!!!
well have a good last 6wks there hun cnt w8 to see ya when u get bk yyeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!
mwah love ya
love jodie


jamie... can u spell?


leather? guy.... u know how to spell my name its on the flippin post card, and how many times have i explained it to ya anyway! and best pr my a**e... only ppl u got in were the people that were comin in anyways!...  tell h i gots no credit but will text back at some point.

Chris northern boi! (i ca            

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yo peeps at mojos how u duin im pissed out mi face so wens dat reunion den im well c*min bk nxt year louise soz i aint rung u in a bit i aint bin finishin work till like 8.30 your time so i guessed ude b at work i'll ring u soon wite bk if u can chris   xxx


I live in the lakes part in park head.

I'm still on corfu,. i live with Letha.
But i think i met you here, i think i was tlaking to you once when i was with le...

Jamie R           

oioi rrr the old village is s**t lyk usual una fuk all 2 do lol wot u 2nd name lyk?? were bouts u live in winlaton lyk??? hw lng u owt in greece lyk whoo u wrkn there iii??? cathc u l8a

lv jamie xxx


Hi all

I think the gun is great H, Letha showed me it the other day and now i will be claiming it. After all i need to protect myself.

Jamie, you live in too. How cool its that. Hows the lil' old vollage doing these days?

Oh yeah, its a good bar, the staff are great, Nickos, Harris, Akis, Louise and of course me fabulous housemate Letha. Cheep drinks too! (which is always a god thing)

Guy M           

oioi all the people at mojo leather use ur survival kit well nikos i might be bak out to see u next year haris ur a funny man and finaly to the best dj ever billy boy  only one problem u need to play moor rock lol cya all next yr guy

Jamie R           

haha shut it letha man nee were near as bad as s**tty spen man lol when u bk lyk?? iii a bk nxt year lyk bout 6th july. ii nt bad owa here lyk bin canny sunny actually lyk whoo lol reet al catch u l8a

lv jamie xx

Welsh G           

Hey dj billy! why wont you play Chez 'I am the one and only'!!


finally i can see all these reviews, think there was sumthin wrong with the comp or the site, i couldnt see half of em. silky wilky aka adam. will see ur sexy ass in manchester along with the rest of u boys. me nd lou are still coming to see yas!! karrie, will hopefully see u and cat at some point, until then its msn messenger lol. hope u girls ok and am living off nuggets now haha

love yas!


oi jamie, u chav from winlaton... will probs see u knockin around at home (hopefully not!) haha just messin. whats it like at home? all u guys comin back next year? will see u all then... hi to everyone else.. toddy nd chris, and big shout to H (harriet) lol she'll kill me for that, phil and guy when u read this site. am gonna get some nuggets 2nite, in remembrance of u guys.. claire loves the gun btw.

le xx

Karrie B           

well ive been back nearly a month now! gota say i loved mojos, an letha loved my chicken nuggets aswell! got all mypics back there quality!

hope evry1 else as a gud time like me n cat did!
karrie x


hey everyone! letha here the PR from mojo. glad to hear u's all had a good time! i dunno how mojo has 8 out of 10 pfft!  mine and lou's camera wouldnt develop so we lost all the photos for the photo wall we are making. we were absolutley gutted!! there was some really good photos of everyone on that camera... wasnt happy!! would appreciate it if anyone that has got any photos of themselves in mojo could send them to mojo. the address is further down the page. will see all you lot next year as i'll be workin here again next year. thats if they allow PRs next year. i've gotta stand in the door now meetin n greetin as they say....

mwah xxx

Silky W           

Mojo is the best bar in Sidari. I went with 9 mates and we went in Mojo every night. The bar staff were always attentitive and would always welcome us, the drinks were gr8, music just what we were after, atmosphere buzzing, oh. . . . .  and there was this little gorgeous geordie girl workin there who always made our nights a joy. Are thinkin of going back to Sidari next year and if we do will no doubt be going to Mojo every night again.

Jamie R           

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hya ii cnt wait to c*m bk nxt year lyk weve booked up 4 bout 6th july soo well c*m nd c u if u still there. ii nee botha al try nd send the pic owa 4 u lou kk.   lv jamie xx

Rebecca S           

hiya billy! im glad u wrote back, i got my pics the ufa day, there r sum good ones of u lol. becky x

Dj B           

yo guys its me the dj thijnk its really cool that u like what i do, love to see you all next year and basically keep your messages coming gonna setup an email address so you all can contact me and get your pics on the website. love you all peace xxx

Gary S           

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Rebecca S           

hiya peeps! bin bk from a sidari a week 2day! i miss it so much, especially mojo's! best place 2 be i spent my whole 2 weeks in there lol! just wanna say hiya 2 every1 behind the bar n big hiya 2 billy the dj! mint guy, n e plays sum mint tunes. anywayz c yas all nxt yr im goin bk lol bye xxxx becky xxxx

Gary S           


Ashley T           

heyyyy!! iv bin bak from sidari for about a week!!the new dj billy is great one of my v v good friends! his absolutly lovely!!soooo funny! although him and the other djs and prs (martin and daniel from mint,dan from turtle bar,billy from mickys inn) i met would chuck me in the pool everyday then get us drunk everynite! then there was joe from bar premier! im really missin u guys! lol hope ur all ookay! as u all no im c*min bak next year todo pr work billy ull still be there so ill trust u put a good word in for me!lol member guys that daniel,dan and martin have my number so get it and text me!! missin ya all loads and ill see u soon

ashley xxxx

Chris N           

 hi its me agen bi da way it wer me chris dat left both them messages b4 i didn't think the last 1 saved so i did it agen oops! i am so bored it is unbelieveable i wish i wer bak der wit u guys i had such a blast! i heard da tune insomnia today n it well reminded me of u'z lot at mojo's i am well lookin 4ward to next yea wen i c*m bak to sidari can ne of u guys recomend any cheap and decent flights and accomadation near the main strip, if so let me know ok. rite ide best go b4 u get sik of me ok, oh p.s louise y arent u returnin my txts n i aint got ne of urs that u sed u sent, let me know, cya! chris.

Chris N           

Yo hows u peeps at Mojo's, jus got home today, well gutted. How do i start complimenting u guys ur jus all so wiked. Lou lou o lovely lou lou wat a wiked girl u pull da best pints ever, prbably coz da glasses are huge. Oh ye and also u do one mean blow job m8 lol (the shots i mean) i was a bit dissappointed that u didnt give me a screamin orgasm tho lol oj lou. Leatha top class bird, u must be good at ur job coz u managed to pull us into mojo's but the lads at IQ ad no chance tell dem i sed hi bi the way n that toddy sed look afta those dog tags he'll no wat u mean. U guys made my holiday n i thank u loads. One last shout out to the worlds no1 Dj no not Tiesto, Billy wat a geeza absolute f*****g legend! Top guy plays top tunes wat more can u ask for! If ne of u'z see Pedro frm loxides tell him i sed hi! Cheers guys write bak if u can Cyaz in a bit peeps


Chris N           

hi all u peeps at mojo's, i got home today n jus had to check out this website, wer do i begin complementing u guys, louise ur a star i loved chattin to ya at da bar everynite it wer wiked n also dem blow jobs lol (shots i mean) ur jus a wkd girl n i cant wait to c ya next year. leatha wkd bird well put it this way u wer da 1 that got us in on the 1st nite so u must b gud coz dem lads at iq couldn't lol. tell dem i sed hi by the way and also if ya c pederz (peter frm loxides tell him i sed hi) billy da dj m8 wat a f*****g legend the best tunes eva m8, make sure u keep playin insomnia 4 da blackburn lads yeah!

c ya in a bit peeps i'll c*m bak soon dnt u worry u aint sin da last of me!

Becky S           

becky again i forgot 2 giv the thumbs up!

Becky S           

i forgot 2 say, tell billy the dj i sed hello n e woz a mint dj, luv becky! x

Becky S           

i wanna say hiya 2 louise the bar maid! she proberbly wont remeber me now but i came home yesturday, i woz in mojos every niye for 2 weeks me n my m8 vicky! u always gave us free shots n we always got orange bacardi breezers! u av got 2 remeber us! anywayz me n vicky r c*min bk nxt yr so we will c u then! bye hunni! x

Louise B           

Hey Jamie, Thanx for your msgs, the bar isn't the same without you guys sitting at the bar evey nite!! The Pr who never changes his vest has left now...cause he needed more money to buy new clothes!! Please can you send us a copy of the photos for the Mojo photo wall address is...

Mojo Music Bar, Sidari,Corfu,Greece, T.K.49081.

Look forward to the pictures...

Lots of Love Lou n Letha xxx

Becky S           

hello people! ryt listen! u have got 2 go 2 sidari in corfu it is the best place eva! especially mojo's! big up! i ad a gr8 time in there i woz in mojo's every night for 2 weeks! thats how gd it woz. the staff r gr8! really friendly, and billy the dj is mint gr8 guy! so go 2 sidari! xbeckyx


Hey james Ridley me n my 4 m8s saw u 1 nite in sidari wen u were bladdred n u sed u new where warrister woz just thought i'd tell u dat we made da place up n u luked like a muppet! U all seemed like class lads though n we ad a laugh wen we saw u! I fink u sed u were from Blackpool! Speak 2 ya soon Katie

email me at msn if ya want at

Jamie R           

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drinks were propa class(ice tea) wkdddd people great lasses cnt wait to gan bk nxt july

Jamie R           

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wkddddddddddddddddddddd time in mojos cnt wait to gan bk nxt summer wkd staff some reet nice babes. wkdddd drinks(ice tea)


This bar was ok, apart from a miserable bar girl! but hey give it a go!! 


This bar was gr8 to chill at..... good music, friendly staff and a nice location to begin the nite out workin ya way down town......... one of the PR's needs a new vest tho.... he neva changes it so b careful!

Kerrie H           

Great PRs - friendly, but not pushy like others in the street.

Great cocktails at good prices, pleasant barstaff and good DJ.

Nutty N           

 wow wow man everyone best go there when they go 2 sidari its wkd i car wait 2 go bk n work and dance,party have sex haa jokin 

Kate +

Sidari well what can i say!?.. Ne jobs goin? ha. Me and my two mates r looking for some jobs in sidari for nxt summer so if ne one has ne info about ne jobs goin plz could they get in touch. . Thanx

Claire L           

Cool little bar, but my mate Letha makes it better! Everyone who works there is so friendly!

Pvc N           

hey everyone!!! goin bk to corfu again 21st april hope everyone whos c*min on hols come in for a drink!!! cant wait for another crazy summer in the one an onle sidari.. anyway people cya soon...

Donna O           

Hey anyone who remembers mojos last year - the staff especially - lost all emails - please contact me on - SORRY! Would be great to hear from u guys - going back next year for another look!


Lel-ika how dare you!! You forgot to mention your partner in crime on the Mojo steps!!! We were SOOOO the best PR's! he he Have got some wicked photo's, you'll have to come and see them soon. Have left you a message on go take a look! Mwah xxx

Katie F           

alrite kenzo, sidari wo so goddamn long ago, how depressin. i so miss it! &yeah u r so right rob wo the fittest dj tehe. there were a lot of gorgeous prs around as wel tho ;)il always remember our nights in sidari tho, so amazin, never to be forgotten. bit sad that we'll never see ppl again really. ah wel we'll always hav the memories!!
love ya xxxx

Charlotte L           

Did no one else think Rob wsa the fittest DJ in Sidari?! We did!

Donna O           

I loved this bar, me and my partner had a whale of a time, bar staff so cool and friendly. Top place a must visit.


Hey!!! The mojo music bar is ace!! Iam one of the 3 crazy welsh girls who screamed all night and danced on/ outside the bar!!! I miss it sooo much and we are definetely coming back next year so watch out for the 3 welsh screaming girls as you walk past!!

Rachel B           

the actual bar was pretty cool but the best thing were the two lovely PRs outside who we shared our chocolate with!! we danced on the steps with them a couple of times and had a blast. thanks girls!!!
rachel and megan


Would love to work in Sidari next season have bin thinkin about it for a while and next year i have all the time in teh world on my hands so i was wondering is possible could u send me any information on jobs/contact numbers etc that i could get in touch with - have looked all over the net and cant really find any information so any help would be much addy : thanx a bunch!

Jess N           

heyyy!went to sidari on 31st may-15th june..absolutli brill!loved mojos n v staff,kate leigh n hannah,missin ya if u readin this!:) lol.danced all nyt on the bar n outside wiv em,it wa a good laff n we met sum gr8 ppl:) they play gr8 music its jus a same its ryt at the end of the strip so dunt get that many ppl in! xx

Sam F           

Always went in here when it was empty but the bar peeps were lovely so it didnt matter! Definately go here just for the margerita slushes! And its so close to IQ bar you just cant go wrong! x

Megan R           

Mojo played some banging tunes, had great seating areas and FIT barman. we loved it there. u should go. yes u should.


Its changed so much since it was the OhLaLa, but its still really great! The whole renovation thingy looks really smart! Alekos is still a madhead and I hope he doesnt mellow out by August cos thats a guy u wanna party with! xoxox

D B           


Gemma R           

hello mojo,hey rob its gemma and genna hear,were sooooo sorry we didnt have enough time 2 go in to mojos in may but were due back in 7 weeks so we will c u soon i promise we'll come in 2 mojos first more thing your well fit!!!!!!!!!loads of love gemma and gennaxxxxx