Palazzo Bar

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Debby N           

Palazzos bar is a great wee bar to stop and have a couple of drinks b4 u move onto sumwhere busier!! we loved the 2 georges sooooo much pedro has to stop!!!


Lovely people who ran this bar, the music was good as it was a mix and not just RnB! We would always stop in here for one before we carried on the bar crawl!

Alix C           

Loved this bar! It was one of our two 'locals' while we were in Sidari. We were in there so much that by the end of the fortnight we could just ask for "our usual"

Brendan D           

You've got to go to PALLAZZO bar!!! It rocks like Gibralter!!! They make the strongest cocktails, not like weak stuff some of the othere bars sell!! Try a singapore sling from there!!! If there is a group of you then ask for some money off your drinks!! Ask for free shots of vodka NOT the red stuff they give away for free!!! Older George looks about 70yrs old but rocks like a 17 yr old!! The other Goerge is a lot younger and looks like craig from big brother1!! Have a great time if your going, I did!!!

From a Stokie!!

Kim B           

George n george, lol miss ya loads n miss givin u ya kisses on each cheek lol hope 2 see u click to enlargesoon, loved ur bar!!

Sarah S           

hi 2 goerge and rick who was out there last year been reading though this and rick u little stud u had load of birds whilst u was in corfu u charmer ne way hope 2 u soon !!! love sarah one of ollies mates if u rember me !!

Mike T           

say hello to dj jhon see you in may i work in athens

Mike T           

say hello to dj jhon see you in may

Emma D           

palazzo i would say is the best bar in sidari shame about the staff behind the bar this year yani and nikos complete nobs but still got good old little george your the best! definately will be back once again next year as i am every year! luv ya yani the boss and little george

Christian C           

Had a great time in Plazzos Bar it made our holiday as my girlfreind and I got engaged on her birthday and celebrated in Plazzos Bar



Lauren M           

went to nearly every bar on the main road except this one, if i'd have known it was this good would definately of went. well i know for next year now, bet it can't beat calypso though can it what do you think????????

Hanna W           

just wanted to say hi spent all last week out there!!! missin the sun sea and sex! luved rick to bitz(he was 1 of the S!!!!) so haya n keep up the good work


We really liked this bar went there every night. Great music, nice staff and tasty cocktails!

Rachel B           

the only reason we went in there was to watch the big brother final...... nice atmosphere and good big screen lol

Angela D           

we watched greece win euro 2004 in this bar when we first got to sidari and we were never out of it after that, absolutly loved it!


Would love to work in Sidari next season have bin thinkin about it for a while and next year i have all the time in teh world on my hands so i was wondering is possible could u send me any information on jobs/contact numbers etc that i could get in touch with - have looked all over the net and cant really find any information so any help would be much addy : thanx a bunch!

Gemma H           

hi to all especially to alex! oh and we can't forget the stallion rick! down boy!!! we miss you all and hope to see you next year. can't wait! gemma and april from nottingham xxxx


loved this place! went everynight,rick the pr guy bless ya ur so sweet! see ya all nxt year hopefully x


id never really been in til this year. Its one of my dads faves-but dont get me wrong its not all boring an that!- so when I went with just him in May, we spent a bit of time in there and it was really good!
The atmosphere is great and all the satff are cool! George-absolutely mad! Cya all in August!

James S           

this bar was the best ive been too out of all the greek islands i have visited george,pedro,dj sunshine (john) Dj Kira (rob) miss you all had some good laughs so many free drinks it was unreal dont think i spent much that holiday especially when i was doin my micheal jackson impressions hahaha hope to you see you all again soon!

Ema W           

We pretty much lived in this bar for the week! The atmosphere is great, lovely staff, even got behind the bar myself. Bangin tunes all night and so many fr drinks i lost count!

Rachel B           

Hello to everyone that worked in sidari this year missing you all loads can't wait to get back there next year! Hello Kate, Lauren Shane, Rob, John, Laurie, Cheeky Monkey George and the one and only Yanis.Had the best summer of my life, meet one of the best people out there this summer i think you know who you are ya prawn!!!!!!!!!!

Matt B

Hi guys, i visited Sidari in July this year and had the time of my life!! Palazzo Bar was awesome, everything about it and I came back thinking, "I have got to work there next year!!". So if anyone can help me with contact addresses or phone numbers, I would really appreciate it!! Laurie, if ur reading this, Im missing ya, but, I'll be back!! My email is
Thanks for your help!!

Steve and lorna B           

Theres only 1 thing you can say about this Bar. Out of this world. We had only been in Sidari for 2 days when we walked by this bar and heard the superb music that was being played by DJ Sunshine. We ventured in and stayed til they kicked us out at 4am. Brilliant cocktails for the mrs and the vodkas for me were getting so large by the end of the night i felt as though i was drinking it neat. All round top bar, friendly barmen, where nothing was too much trouble regardless of what we asked for. Would highly recommend this to anyone going to Sidari.

Shane G           

Hello to everyone i worked with Laurie, Kate, Lauren and Rob! hopefully see u all again in may. Dont leave me on my own this time please (kate + Lauren) I hated workin on my own!!!!!!!!

Alison L           

your bar is so cool!!you gave me free vodka and slush, i think you were trying to get me pissed!!while Rosie and Martine the two coolest lasses ever were dancing inside the bar bit!!i miss it loads and i want to come and work in sidari, so beware youll see me again!! Oh and i remember Shane, pr man from outside!!hi shane!!(i think im thinkin of the right bar, always bit drunk by the time i made it down there on my club crawl!!)

Paula H           

We just got back on Saturday morning and by Saturday evening was really missing our visit to Palazzos. Great place, great staff and the music was really good. would recommend a visit.

Lauren C           

just got back home from working as a PR for palazzo for 2months, the best bar in sidari!!!, wanna say thankyou to yanni, baby george, cheeky monkey george, laurie, dave and rob for making it the best two months of my life, didnt wanna come home at all!!, will definately consider coming back next year!!!!
never been to such a friendly resort, would recommend to anyone to go there!!especially to work. hope all you workers r okay and still having fun!! especially you laurie, my little prawn!!!hhaha!!! BEHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see when you get home mate!!!!!


Yeah Gareth I have to agree with you on everything there!!!
I've known the George's for years (been going to Sidari for 14 years) but BABY GEORGE'S COCKTAILS ROCK!!!
WARNING; dont ask for wee george's cocktails because if he even THINKS your irish, you'll be pissed by the time you get the second drink!!

Gary W           

the polish girl is fit

Gareth L           

Palazzos is the best bar we found in Sidari! The bar staff are a great laugh (there's 2 George's and a girl called Laurie). We really got to know them and got lots of free shots and drinks, had a great laugh every night we went. The music/DJ is very good too. If you like Cocktails, ask for a "Baby George Special"!

Gary J           

This was a good bar, very relaxed and nicely set out. The staff were very friendly, except George (we think he's very touchy when we mentioned it)......he was a tit and totally up his own backside, a real slimeball. Nice place though, would go back again

Colin T           

a bit noisey at night if your over 35 but nice relaxing bar for people watchers during the day

Tref P           

nice place, one for the kids but nice people running it,good buzz

Fiona C           

really lovely staff, they actually send free drinks to your table. do go even if some of the singing is dodgy.

David M           

Don't take any notice of the ratings, the Palazzo is a friendly, bustling bar, typical of the resort. Quiet by day, as are all bars, but it comes alive about 8.00 pm. George, Yannis (I think they're brothers) and the rest of the staff are efficient and friendly, and you may just get a free drink if you spend enough!! Good cocktails, and well-located for the rest of the bars, restaurants and tavernas. Don't "nick" the bar-stools by the front corner - they're ours for a fortnight !!