Restaurants in Sidari

Brian L           

We have just returned from Sidari. We enjoyed our meal at the Olympic, we had the Saganaki cheese for starters and then I had swordfish and my wife had moussaka. We ate out at the back of the restaurant overlooking the beach and sea. We had a very enjoyable meal with great views. Highly recommended.

Liz G           

just back from a girlie weeks holiday in sidari and ate quite regular at the olympic restaurant .the waiters were fantastic especially one called spiros he was so friendly as were all the others too.the food was great entertainment brilliant especially the greek dancing.will definately go back their next time we are in sidari.spiros i love you haha x 

Sharna D           

the food is fantastic, really nice and the waiters are brillant, friendly serice ou got loads and value for money was great,  they did the fire dance and it was fun

Try a blue heaven nicest cocktail i had on holiday

Christina B           

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We have visited Sidari for many years now and each time we go we always eat at the Olympic. The food is superb!!! We especially love the prawn saganaki...beautiful! The family who run the restuarant are lovely people and always make us feel at home when we go.  The staff are always helpful and we have made good friends of many of them. We love to watch the dancing and young Spiros, the son of Nikos and Maria, the owner's, has made a wonderful dancer . It will be a shame to miss him this year as I believe he's now doing his national service in the army.

We are coming over soon to visit again, I'm not going to say when, we want it to be a suprise, but it will be very soon. Can't wait to see you all again.
Chris Tony and Ian

Vanessa C           

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all the best

Vanessa C           

the olympic restaurant is a fantastic place to eat, enterment is too good to miss, staff were lovely as well. i will never forget my time in corfu as i met the man of my dreams, spiros bolovinos. sorry girls but spiros is not singal anymore, i no this as i am his girlfriend and i have been for 7 months. spiros is currently in the greek army and we speak every night. so if you want me to tell spiros anything write back love vanessa xxxx


i know that, i mean i do live in sidari for the majority of the year. but i was after all telling her spiros name, not a history lesson. like i said, there are 3 spiros at olympic. i happen to know that particular 1 and have done for quite a few months now. and by the way, the definition of popular is that there is quite a few of that item, which in this case is people by the name of spiros!


Its not "popular" as you put it, its religious. St Spiridion looks after Corfu, so men with that name originate from Corfu, same as all our other islands, different saints keep the islands safe, and the men are named after them. E.g Mainland Athens-St Kostadean-Kostas & Crete-St George-George. We also name our children after our mothers and fathers, therefore alot of the family have the same names.


The guy who dances is Spiros Bolavinos,the one in your pic is not Spiros. Spiros is Nikos and Maria (the owners) son.

Elina D           

it was brilliant. now i am only 13 and i have got to say the waiters r very very very very flirty. spiros is cute but has come out of his sheell. an all u girlz who think uri n with a chance with ervis r all rong. he has a new girl every weeek and i bet he hasnt foned one person. luk he is lukin for just a bit of fun maybe lyk yas all but apart from that everytin is great great great!!!!!!! great place xxx elina xx lauran i get wat u mean


 hi, the girl who wanted to know about the waiter wth black spikey hair and wears the blue shirt, his name is spiros. sorry dont know much more about him.This is an excellent restaurant the food is great and the waiters are really friendly and good looking. Apart from Spiros another one who doesnt dance and has short black hair. He isnt what he seems, beware girls. Apart from that go to the restaurant especially for the greek dancing and the dancer spiros.

Nicky & dee L           

nikos and maria have become great friend over the 11 years we have been visiting sidari. breakfast must be eaten here as it is excellent from the foodto the  service and the view outside the back is paradisenight time is brought to life by the free dancing and the boys/waiters really look after you and remember you with true affection. the stifado is the best in sidari. a holiday in sidari is not complete without a visit to the olympic.see you in june. merry christmas love nicky & dee.xxxxx

Rach A           

i lovved it in corfu it wer gr8 surntly at da olymipics resturaunt which was gr8 and espesielly da waiters which wer v polite and 1 absolutley gorgeous i dint wna come home and leave him  but the entertainment wer gr8 if ani1 know da name of the fit greek waiter at da oylmpic restuarunt plz rite 2 me fanx he ad blak spikey hair and a blue shirt and did the firedancin xxxx fanxxx

Shelley B           

This restaurant is not one for people who enjoy a quiet meal, every 10 mins the music is cranked up to deafening proportions! That said the meal was enjoyable. The waiters are very flirty and like to get the customers up to dance. One of our group had carbonara which was mountainous and stodgie so I would give that a miss. The stiffardo is very tasty tender so go with that. 

Aaron G           

great place to eat went july 4th -18th with my girlfriend had breakfast and tea here food is great staff are brilliant and very entertaining got some great pics of the dancing you must go eat here if you go to sidari cheers

Sue H           

We really loved this restaurant.  The food was excellent, we tried all the Corfu specialities and one of my daughters had the stuffed peppers one night which she enjoyed very much.  My grandaughter aged 14 months was made most welcome and highly recommended the ice cream!!  My other daughter tried the chicken and mushrooms, again enjoyed it very much.  The dancing was extremely entertaining even my grandaughter enjoyed it, clapping her hands along with everyone else!!  The waiters were all very friendly and very handsome!!  Last but not least you must try their cocktails, our favourites were Blue Heaven and Pina Colada, delicious!!!!

Chel A           

We went to Sidari for 2 weeks and came back yesterday.  We ate in the Olympic most nights and had breakfast in there every morning.  It is a really really nice place to eat and if you are in Sidari you must try this restaurant especially if you are a woman as the waiters are gorgeous especially Spiros and Dimitris who dance for you every night.  We found the best time to go was 8 o clock onwards this is when the main dancing seems to start.  The fire dancing is a must especially the bit where Tom sets the floor on fire in the shape of the Olympic logo.  I also really liked the bit where Spiros and Dimitris dance on the table and where Dimitris danced with a chair in his mouth.  We went towards the end of the season so the dancing times may change during high season.  My faves from the menu were Moussaka, Carbornara and the Roast Chicken.  All the staff in there were really really nice to me and really helped to make my holiday.  I was actually quite sad on our last night as I knew we wouldn't be seeing them again for a while.  If you do go to eat at Olympic take a camera with you as there are plenty of photo opportunities.  If anyone does go to Sidari please tell them Michelle and Andy recommended it!!!!!

Linda B           




we love this place always eat here at least 4 times a holiday n that was our 3rd time in sidari. have to say joanne loves the spaghetti bolognese in here she cant get enuff. Have to say the service in here is always great never had a bad word to say about this place!!!  all the waiters r lovely always make time to talk to you we especially love hot boy (dancing spiros) and dimitri their dancing is the best especially with the fire I will be part of the act next year look ooot for me!lol the 2 new guys cant member their names r lovely!  c y'all in july wen we will be back and staying in afrodite how excited r u???

Jeff B           

Good quality and value.

Angela F           

I must say that the many aspects of holidaying on a self catering basis is the luxury of eating out nightly we strated at one restuarant, this was Dionis? opposite the Hotel Mimosa, which was fine and good. Then we were almost poisoned and served poor quality food in our view at Memories, see earlier review left.

We have been priviliegd to eat for the last 5 days of out 10 day break at Oylmpic, where do I start:
  1. Fantastic Food
  2. Great Looking Waiters (Although,Married great for window shopping. They were 100% respectful to all diners, as lone women and couples and I met one woman who has been going there for 15 years alledgely. Dimitri, was my favourite and Paul and I would like to Thank him and all the team again for such a GREAT time..
  3. Food was good value either set menu at 7.80 Euros a head with Local Wine 5.50 for a Litre. Local White and Sweet Read, fab.
  4. Entertainment In House was performed by the waiters and was no extra in cost. We tipped on average another 5 Euros a night, happily.
  5. Finally, now home this (am) 17th September 2005 - No more Great Stifado, Mousakka,  Sole Fish. Great Helpings of Homemade? Ice Cream.

Damn - if in Sidari you have to visit on on Saturday Nights special entertainment than usual, so do reserve a table and for late or early morning flights, as they are especially busy from 7.45pm - 9.30pm. Enjoy and I hope that they maintain there great star rating, as they are geniune and good in all aspects, as outlined.


Kim and steven -           

We liked Olympic, the food was good and the entertainment was great.  The dancing was the best we saw the whole week, lots of fire and plate smashing!  The staff were really friendly and made you feel very welcome.

Lauren M           

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am bk!!
luved it agen as always! rememba las year hter was ervis!? wel theyve gt a new playa in town....the new spiros haha.........
this place cnt get no betta
luv it!
bk next year hehe!

Sarah W           

This was the best place we went to all holiday ! The waiters are fab, the entertainment is great!If your nice to the waiters they will be extra nice back it is wkd! You cant miss it if you go to sidari!

Tim S           

This was the best place we ate during the week here. First time we went there it was great, 2nd time not as good. Sit out the back and over look the beach. Lovely view. The dancing was entertaining and the food was good. Staff were friendly.

James L           

great food, great entertainment especially wen the waiter lifted a chair in his teeth great price gud value for money excellent


The most welcoming restaurant in Sidari by far, lovely people, lovely food, plenty of dancing and a kiss and a smile on your way in and out, what more could you want!

Gary E           

Everyone was nice here we had lunch one day and was made very welcome, They looked after our 3 year old very well.

Manchester G           

Sound place. Great food

Julia C           

Hi ya!

   Olympic retaurant  is a great restaurant and the dancing is fab! Good luck to the girl who is gonna be working there, maybe see you because going there in May and then going to live with my boyfriend for few weeks in July and he used to work in Olympic restaurant few years ago. Have no idea who this Ervis guy is but my boyfriend is half Greek and half Albanian and adorable and I trust completly,but u have to be careful if the other girl was planning on having a relationship with that guy because you never know so just watch out!  the food is great and so is service!


Yes it is karen to question asked about Spiros Bolavinos. Can this page please be used for comments on Olympic Restaurant, not for discussion on Ervis. Thank you

Lauren M           

sorry i never read that last comment right
my 2 friends looked like that and i was with them most nights

Lauren M           

hiya everyone
adrianna----yes that sure was me, long brown-blond hair and my 2 friends were tall and blond an small with dark hair

Adrianna Z           

LAUREN MUDD- Ok, were you there with another girl and one of you had brown hair and one was blonde?

Lauren M           

no that wasnt me.
this message board needs 2 b sorted out
not an ervis fanpage
lv laurenxxxx
am c*min on da 2nd august


firstly we all knew he was albanian secondly we stated everything you just said months ago so ermmmmmmm.............why you state it again?just wanted to clear that up!!!!!much love soph x

Emma D           

why is every one going on about erivies he isnt even nice lookin and hes not even greek hes albanian. and yes he is a player ive been there like 3 years how many different girls do you think ive seen him with fair enough he may be your boyfriend for the holiday time you are there but remember it is only a holiday,do you expect him to wait around for you hes only young!

Adrianna Z           

LAUREN MUDD- Were you in Sidari at the beginning of July 04 and sat at a table in the Olympic with about 13 people and twin boys, about 8?


hi becky yer we shouldnt call him all these bed names when he is a great guy,he does make a great friend.all we can say is good luck to him.wb speak soon.soph x

Becki A           

Sophie you are exactly right about good old Ervis, However despite him being clueless as a boyfriend he does make for a great regular friend.
P.S Karen from nat,jen in athens etc is it you who is Spiros Bolovinos's girlfriend?


hi all,as if every one is still going on bout ervis,lets face it he has treat us all the same n foolishly us english birds have follwed him,as nice looking as he is he will always be a player n one with with little interlect on how to treat girls.nevermind x

Em D           

what do u mean by this explain

Nat % vicky            

greeks dont people treating there men like,the men treat engllish girls like dirt if they are up for it!dont ever think your the only on.nikos and maria will tell you what the young men are like,except sprios bolovinos who is a sweetie so chill out.andio girls, from the below in athens gr


sorry vicky and becky do not go for alex the horse man love emma

Lauren M           

well i'll make sure i introduce myself 2 u wen i c*m on the 2nd august!!!

Becki (bekios) C           

to anyone actually wondering if olympic is worth checking out then the answer is definatly! the food is lovely, the waiters are so friendly and you're guaranteed to walk out of there with many more friends than you went in with. the greek dancing is phenomenol and a a definate must to see if you're looking for that bit of tradition. it is fairly priced especially for the 1st class service and entertainment you recieve, you're bound to end up there every night once you've seen how much fun it is.i'll be there every night from april 05 as i've been offered a job there! can't f**king wait!!! xxx

Lauren M           

thanx vicky n becky! sum of the girls on this can be SO juvenile! i mean, its ervis!!he was flirtin wit my mate whos only just turned 16! o wel, see yas all in august (in the olympic or has evry1 suddenly rushed off to dortaheas...?)
lauren xxx

Becky A           

Any of you girls who are upset that Ervis has a girlfriend,DON'T BE! I was in Sidari not so many months ago when Ervis got with his G/F and he was STILL trying to get back in my knickers despite that! He lives the single life whether he's got a girlfriend or not! This site is proof enough. Granted he's now one of my best friends but i was once the girlfriend going through exactly what this one now is, as are all of us girls on this site.

Vicky and becky            

This sight is hysterical! is it a restaurant review page or a chat room for all of the greek waiters birds!? (i know im just as bad) but for people reading this who actually want to know whther or not to eat at the Olympic, we are not telling them much.
This is the first time I have seen a 13 year old hand out such life and love advice also! you go girl!
Madness but hey I be back in the middle of all that sweaty greek skinny dipping madness my self next year! cant wait and no doubt probabley see you all shaking ya thing in Ceasars or Shakers! he he
AND OH MY GOD GET OVER ERVIS HE IS A CHILD! go for Alex the horse carriage driver ! REAL GREEK MAN!


he has a gf now?who is it?good for him shame for the english girls who wnat bit of fun with him.lol.hes worked at doretheas now for along time.but neway x x x

Nat % vicky            

sorry did not read your message before the last one.doreatheas corner is...at iq bar turn left then the next restaurant.walk from the olympic up wards past georges jewelery place and the pharmacy and its in between mojos and another shop.as soon as you turn the corner nits there on your left,beware tho girls ervis has pretty girlfriend now xxx xxxxx

Nat % vicky            

miss mudd you have just put what you want about the thumbs uo or down now,we do appreciate that but can you least make a comment????you will be glad not to be in corfu it is cold,going back to athens tonorrow,will still check e mail tho.clae nichta and remember spiros bolavinos we will all be dancing next year at your wedding to karens at olympic palace x

Lauren M

were is dorotheas corner??????

Lauren M           

wheres dorotheas corner???

Nat % vicky            

signomi,location is greece,not uk

Nat % vicky            

sorry to disappoint you girls but ervis no longer works at olympic,he now works at doratheas corner.as for him being a player,what do you expect when he has lots of english girls all wanting the same thing on their holiday,he is a nice lad but dont ever think you are the only one.food is excellent and of course the staff are equally as nice,guaranteed to be a good night with two spiros and costa dancing.Andio filos x


i loved the restaurant cos it was lively and such good food.off course the waiters were absolutely gorg especially ervis who i got real close to and well ya no.hahaha.lots of people have sat and called him names on here but i still talk to him now after 4months so he cant be that bad maybe he didnt like y`all as much as u had hoped!but neway top restaurant top entertainment top place loved it to peices and great even if u just wanted a drink.love soph x x x

Lauren M           

yes that is pretty obvious by now. YES he is gorgeous and YES it is hard not to fall for his charms but GET OVER IT!!! he's a greek (sorry albanian) waiter what do you expect. look out for george too he's quiet but lovely (and FIT) an lil spiros too. it looks like alex will end up like all his "uncles" too but it should all be harmless fun for you's, but its down to YOU if its not xxxx
lauren, aged 13

Sarah N           

sorry girls but ervis is a male s**g he has a different girl every week and says the same s**t to them all, he takes all his conquests to caesars just to show them off to all his mates. sorry girls but its the truth, jst watch you dont get hurt!!!!

Lauren M           

one of my mates wrote that,
ok so i agree but its annoyin!

Lauren M           

calamari not the only gorgeous thing!!!!!!!
george and ervis!!!!!!!!!!
spiros bolovinos!!!!
see you next year babe!

Ella D           

We went there one night with some friends, food was excellent, waiters were really friendly and very good dancers too! You must try the baby-calamari, they are absolutely gorgeous!

Natalie M           

the food and the service was excellent was on holiday between sep 27th and aug 11th and eat at the pub every night

Hayley B           

Half way through the meal the lights went down and we saw the best greek dancing we saw all holiday, this restaurant is a must for anyone looking for good food, excellent service and entertainment. Our only regret was that we only went there on our last night!!

Lauren M           

can i just say i did not once say i was ever going out with any of the waiters i'm 13 for gods sake however adrianna's email does apply to some certain people on this website!
love ya'll
lauren xxx



Mia S           

Yasas Olympic, Thelo ghamisi me......? S'aghapo Spiros Bolovinos! Kherete Kosta ke Imelia ke Spiros 1,2,3,4 ke 5, ke Ervis, Yojos ke Nikos. Zesto!

Adrianna Z           

The Olympic is a must to go to if you want to experience true Greek tradition, including the best Greek dancers in Sidari,the best food and service. My family is Greek(my name's a slight give away i know) and live in Sidari but we are visiting England at the moment. I have been friends with all the waiters for a long time now( minus George as he hasn't been there as long as all the Spiros's and Ervis), but i've become good friends with him as times gone by. Definatly visit Olympic for an unforgettable experience, however my only advice would be to ALL the girls and ladies who claim they are going out with any of these certain waiters because as nice as it is at the time the minute you've left and gone home there's always someone else! If you can accept this then you won't get hurt but if you convince yourself you're the only girl in their life you're heading for heartbreak.Especially with Ervis,P.S Spiros the younger dancer is very shy and barely speaks English so girls go easy on him! Andio x

Lauren M           

i no i'm probably annoying everyone now but i totally forgot to mention my 'babyface' spiros, he's a total sweetie an a great dancer (him and pizzipop spiros are sooo talentd but then again they all are!)

Lauren M           

Can i just say if you believe evrything written in this website then evryone is "special" friends with the waiters etc. its just an act! it is funny though, can't wait to come back next year an this is comin from a 13 year old!!!!!!!!! ervis and george are fit though!!!!!

Lauren M           

hiya me again, just like to say thanx to the waiters for my little memorie (just prayin it doesn't break!) and i'll never forget shake shake shakin with ervis an george on the table while it was in flames!!!!! a big hello to spiros and his lovely family especially his stepdaughter she is adorable and little alex, just booked again for next year wen i'll be 14 its goona be even better OOOOPS!!!!

Lauren M           

excuse me girls ervis is MINE!!!!!!!!! we loved george and kostas too.
the whole place was buzzin and especially on a saturday nite wen its PARTY NITE. then afterwards the waiters came for a drink with us in falkon. oh an after olympic shuts u must go to calypso its the best.
if any of the olympc staff are reading this say a big"yia sou" to little alex for me
and to ervis "OOPS!" SEE YOU NEXT YEAR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy H           

Loved the greek dancing boys!!(and wht a wast of good plates)lol.....the waiters are so sweet bless them all, evris was so up front bout his feelings 2 me!!sozzz i didnt kiss you b4 i went! I liked the door girl she was so nice 2 everybody nd her fiance was sweet and thought loads of her, and stayed loyal!!! (dats weird for a greek boy) ......


Brilliant restaurant all round, the waiters are so friendly and talented with their traditional Greek dancing. The owner always makes you feel welcome and his son Spiros makes a lovely Baileys, Imelia the seating hostess is so lovely and helpful and will sit and chat with you all night, her fiance Kosta(one of the waiters) is the sweetest guy around he's always smiling and beeping his bull horn. Have your birthday here they make it amazing with free cake, singing and dancing! There's not a bad word to be said about this place you can't fault it,go there enough and you'll leave with some great friends.No more holidays for us though after september as we're moving to Sidari next summer. Love to all at the Olympic xxx


Also Imelia is lovely and so so sweet she sat with us every night we ate there chatting away, Kosta also is so kind he gave us a free ride on his speed boat. Nikos the owner is lovely he sent us free jugs of wine every single night and sat and spoke with us all the time. His sweet but very shy son Spiros is very cute and always made an effort to say hi to us in caesars; Despite barely speaking English.I recommend this restaurant to everyone as we've made so many great mates here and experienced the best dancing (and men) ever! Going back in september,watch out Spiros,Kaniebas and Ervis! xxx