Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon

Corfu Excursions

Natalie T

Can any plz tell me hoe much this trip is it's sounds aazing?

Sally H           

how much do the trips to the blue lagoon cost??

Sally H           

I am going for the first time to Corfu, could anyone tell me how long it would take to get to Aqualand, we are stying in Golden Sands St George, please could you also tell me how much it costs, thanks

Aine B

Is the Blue Lagoon Boat Trip suitable for young children (aged 11 years, 6 years & 20 months)?

Angel W           

WOW Blue Lagoon does sound amazing. I've a holiday with 10 gf's and can any1 tell me how much it costs and would i book through the rep?thanx

Andrea C           

Absolutely fantastic day out! Beautiful beaches, great food (chicken, salad, humous, ttatziki and fresh bread and wine!).First beach was lovely, the sea was absolutely amazing! The Blue Lagoon was awesome, I am 35 and jumped off the top of the boat and couldnt wait to get back for another go, i was pushing the teenagers out of the way! This trip made my holiday!

Paul B           

The BBQ boat trip to the blue lagoon was the best day of my holiday, it was totally amazing. Diving of the boat into the beautiful blue water and swimming with hundreds of tropical fish was breath taking, its a must for all corfu holiday makers.

Thomas B           

This is a must!! Go there and you finally will see, what turquoise water means. You enter the bay and all of a sudden you see the blue ground of the water and your only wish is to jump right into it! You will enjoy this!!!!

Tracy S           

This wa a great day out. You get to dive off the boat twice. The water is amazingly turquoise and clear, warm seas, tropical fish swimming around you. Kostas is lovely and a great captain!

I had never swum from a boat moored out from the shore before and I have to say that it was one of the most amazing expereiences that I have ever had.


This trip has to be the best trip ever. It is where the film Blue Lagoon was filmed. the water is beautiful. You can go diving off the boat, its beautiful. take lots and lots of photos, beautiful scenery. You will love this trip.

Steph M           

Its a totally gorgeous place and the boat trip is fun - we had a waterfight!