Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon - (Corfu Excursions)

Mery J          10/10

Hello evebody;-)My name is Mery Me and my family had great time in Corfu in summer 2012! We really enjoy our holidays and wish everyone to have the best in summer 2013,we will be again in Mesongy and Moraitika,we realy love the night cruises to Corfu town and the dayly one to Blue Lagoon,i want to give you in advance-NEVER BOOK WITH REP OR GUIDE OR TAVEL AGANCY,BOOK WITH THE CAPTAIN DIRECTLY,be careful with the boat pigasos/the food can send you in hospital/be careful with the boat uranos,because is very old one and very dengerouse,we was in another boat with Constantinos,the best and safest way to get to the most beautiful beaches. Corfu see you soon,we are cominggggggggggggggggg!!!!:-);-)