Tina - (Accommodation in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

Apartments were very basic even by Greek standards. Not very clean and urgently needed redecorating. Showers were paticularly unpleasant - more of a drip than a shower, and trying to avoid sticking to the mould ridden shower curtain was part of the daily experience! Our fridge also made the noise of a small plane taking off which did not contribute to a good nights sleep - we turned it off in the end!

Little Italy - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

Really nice Italian restaurant with good food and nice atmosphere.

Out of the Blue - (Bars in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

If you are looking for a laid back, Amsterdam-esque type bar this is for you!!! Chilled with a great atmosphere, nice people (no Brit lager louts) and good prices. If you are bored there are even a selection of games to play!

September - (Best Time to Visit)

Kathryn D           

Went for 1 week and have no sun tan to show!!! Rained more than it was sunny and even on dry days there was a lot of cloud! Nice place shame about the weather!

Shangri-la - (Bars in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

An excellent English meat and veggie breakfast in here!!!

Janis Taverna - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

Really good place by the beach, if you can't find a meal to suit you then you must be extremely fussy and shouldn't bother going on holiday!!!

Petrino Restaurant - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

Lovely Greek restaurant, could not fault it. Great choice, service and food! MMMMMM!!!!

Oassis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Kassiopi)

Kathryn D           

Great place, the lady who runs it is as mad as a hatter!!! All adds to the entertainment!

Manos - (Tour Operators on Corfu)

Kathryn D  (01 October 2002)         

Not very impressed. Noone knew we were arriving even though the holiday had been booked 3 weeks before so the apartment was not clean. Very poor standard of accommodation even for Greece. Reps were pretty useless. Would not recommend.