Valentines - (Restaurants in Acharavi)

Mary M           

Hi, of course the service was excellent in 2002 as noleen and myself were more than privilidged to entertain our guests. We miss everyone like crazy and to all our regulars don t worry WE'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!

Vento Cafe - (Bars in Acharavi)

Mary M           

As a local for six months my best friend noleen and I never left Vento we totally fell in love with ALL the guys they're cool, friendly and always eager to take care of they're adopted sisters!!!
We miss all our BAD BOYs SEE YOU SOON THOUGH XOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yamas Cocktail Bar - (Bars in Acharavi)

Mary M           

The service is top notch the guys are great they make everyone welcome and they're not half bad lookin either!!!!!!!! Panos is always quite willin to get you pissed on cheap ass shots (not that we were complainin) so cheers guys OH i mean YAMAS!!

Freddo Music Cafe - (Bars in Acharavi)

Olga M           

good internet service and good icecream just make sure its to go. staff not so eager with the non greek. lots of better places!!!!!