Petrakis Studios - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Terri H           

We stayed at the Petrakis Studios with Golden Sun Holidays. They described the Petrakis Studios as a well maintained property, but if this is what they describe as well maintained, then I would hate to see the other properties!! We arrived to find beetles, cockroaches, slugs, lizards and flys -and that was just inside the appartment! The whole place was damp, dirty and smelt of urine. The wardrobes were flithy and musty, no way was I hanging any of my clothes in there. The bedlinen was full of holes and the pillows smelt discusting. It was a flithy dirty little appartment and should be renamed the Particularly Tacky Studios instead!! If you are thinking of staying there or know someone who is, please take my advice and stay well away!!