Jessica Apartments - (Accommodation in Kavos)


Jessica Apartments was ok, nothing special. We stayed in apartment number 10. We were told that there would be a "balcony", don't be fooled - balcony in greece = a door which leads out onto tiled flooring! Can't complain though. Had a great time. There is a tiny window in the kitchen and a tiny window in the bathroom, these can be left open because they are too small for someone to climb through and also there is a very high wall at the back of the apartment so its literally impossible for someone to climb over.

There is a washing line outside. The bathroom is very small and there is no hook for the shower so u have to hold the shower head which can be a bit awkward. The water goes evrywhere so there is a mop and bucket in the corner.

In the kitchen there is a table, chairs, plates, pots, pans. cutlery, a fridge freezer, grill and a stove and a kettle. You can get a fan for your room but it costs 10 euros which is a bit expensive. But u will definitly need one because there is no air conditioning. There is an old woman who comes to clean ur apartment every day, she changes the bed sheets and towels and mops and sweeps up. They also provide u with toilet roll even though u r not supposed to flush it down the toilet!!!!!!!

All in all it was a good place to stay and very safe, enjoy ur stay there. xxx

Kavos Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)


The beach was ok. There was a lot of seaweed around and a few glass bottles in the water so be careful. But because the water is clear then it is possible for u to avoid them. There are many activities to do on the beach such as paragliding and watersports. You pay 2 euros for a sun lounger and an additional 2 euros for a sun umbrella. Overall its a good beach but i have seen better.

Trip to Corfu Town - (Corfu Excursions)


Went on a boat trip to Corfu town, costed 13 euros, wasn't booked through thomson, we booked it after we had arrived. Very good value for money, refreshments are sold on the boat. Trip takes about an hour and a half. The boat departs kavos at 4pm and then leaves corfu town at 9pm which is more than enough time to shop shop shop and then grab something to eat. there are many shops to choose frm so be careful where u buy from and shop around because prices differ. definitly go on this trip because it is well worth it and u will get a lot of bargains. they have so many cool lighters to choose from, and lots of fake designer bags and belts and perfumes. if i was you i wouldn't invest in a perfume though because the smell only lasts about half an hour and then you would need to spray it on u again.

Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon - (Corfu Excursions)


This trip has to be the best trip ever. It is where the film Blue Lagoon was filmed. the water is beautiful. You can go diving off the boat, its beautiful. take lots and lots of photos, beautiful scenery. You will love this trip.

Trip to Aqualand - (Corfu Excursions)


I didn't get to go but i reaally really wanted to. i couldn't find a price better than 30 euros which i thought was pretty expensive. aqualand is near Agios Ioannis in the centre of Corfu. Under 4's got free. 36 different slides, 6 different children areas, 15 adventure pools, 180m family rafting and a 24m high free fall.

Tel: 06610 58351 or 06610 52963
Fax: 06610 58352

Kavos - (Resorts on Corfu)


If you want peaceful then go out anytime between say 11 in the morning and 6 in the evening. bare in mind that this is also the hottest time to be out!!!! There are loads of little souvenir shops and supermarkets and bars that show new films so that will keep you occupied in the day time, also go on as many boat trips and coach trips as u can, usually priced at about 13 euros. Also go to the beach in the day time and get a nice tan.

Then i recomend going home for a nap at about 7ish and then coming back out at about 10 o clock because thats when the night life starts up. Me and my mates went out every single night, it was great. Always try and haggle with the PRs and bar staff cos they will say one price to you but you can always manage to lower that price with your powers of persuasion. Best deal i found was 3 smirnoff ices for 5 euros and 3 free shots too!!!!! that deal cannot be beaten anywhere. but generally it was 3 cocktails for 7 euros and 3 free shots so that also is not bad.

It was my birthday on the 2nd august so i went into evry bar and told them it was my birthday and i got plenty of free drinks that night. I had the best time and i would definitly go back again. everyone is jst so friendly. The bars close at about 2 o clock, maybe 3, but there are a few clubs that u can go to afterwards, there is a beach club called "heaven" which is good, and one called "after". Also make sure u go to mr beans bar, look out for a really tall PR called Ian and a short guy called Graham. they are the two nicest guys ever. also go to the edelweiss and there is a cute bar man called antonio. go to bonkers bar too and chat to mike and mark. i can guarantee that u will get picked up at least once while u are walking past all the bars, u come to expect it after a while!!!!

Make sure u go to the barn complex and get a pizza or a sandwich, there is a guy who works there after 9 o clock, he is so sweet, ask him for a sexy pizza and he will say "lovely jubbely"!!! He's so funny and short and he wears tight blue trousers with white pin stripes. Go to fire bar and there is a nice looking PR called Timos.

Bonkers Bar - (Bars in Kavos)


Mike & Mark - enough said!!!!!!!!
Must admit i never actually went in for a drink, just used to stand and talk to them outside!!!! ha ha.