Agios Spiridon Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Vince G           

We travelled to the Blue bay escape Sept 03 for 2 weeks All Inclusive holiday.
I have travelled lots of times all over the world but my girlfriend & her daughter & friend had never been abroad before.
I told them lots of stories about all the places I'd been & what a great time they would have.
We arrived at the hotel tired n wet as it was pouring down,
into the reception through a cloud of smoke as all the guests congregated in that area when the weather was bad,
because as we found out later there was nowhere else to go if it was raining.
After checking in etc we started to walk to our room & my 1st impression was Butlins in Corfu.
We had 2 girls of 12 with us & the only entertainment they were offered was painting with the under 8s.
The place was alive with wasps all over the food & drinks,
The food was second rate & very poor choice.
The pool & surrounding area was much too small to accommodate all the guests & the muddy grass area
was the only place to sunbathe.
The staff were rude & the so called all inclusive was a joke,
there was no water available unless you asked for it & god help you if you tried to get a glass on your own.
The snacks turned out to be dry toasted sandwiches & even when we asked for butter they said it wasn't available till morning.
All in all the hotel,staff,beach was total rubbish with the only decent thing being the trips you could book outside.
The best place to go was, out the gate by the pool, turn left, walk to the bottom & slightly to the left & it was right in front
of you.
We done some really lovely trips from there & the only trouble was that we had to go back to the hotel afterwards.
That was the 1st & last time that we would visit Corfu.
If you want a fantastic all inclusive holiday that is 2nd to none please visit the Occidental Grand Hotel in Fuerteventura.
I travelled there in Oct 2002 & we have booked for this Sept 04,the place,staff,beach are all you could wish for with
great entertainment for adults & kids alike,also it's right on the lovely sandy beach that stretches for miles.