Agios Spiridon Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Lynette W           

went to the blue bay st.spiridon on the 3rd may came home on the 18th may.
well what can we there early hours of tuesday morning apartment nice and clean one bedroom and a lounge consisted of two single beds in the bedroom and three singles in the lounge.
the cooker was a two rings only one large saucepan and one large frying pan.
what was i expected to cook during our stay here for two weeks self catering.
after a short sleep my husband went to the welcome event on the terrace.
he came back and we all had a look around the place .
we found that the shop on site was small and did not have much in the stock of food. problem( what are we going to eat while we are here)
for our first evening meal we had pasta and pasta sauce .
we found the swiming pool and bar it looked o.k.
we ordered two coffees and three cold drinks for the kids but was given them in plastic cups. yes the ones you get from the vending machine.
whats next the person next to me ordered a glass of larger the same again a plastic cup.and not full to the top.
around the pool was very slipery and you had to tread carfully.
there was a small beach on the right hand side of the pool but it wasnt that clean.
we went outside to have a look around to see what was there we came across a shop that had a lot more food in it it catered for all your needs.
also a small booking office that you can book your trips up at a much cheaper price than the hotel. to late we already booked to go to aqualand with the hotel at a cost of 120 euros.
we should have wated .
anyway went to aqualand a large warter park but it was cold and raining so came back early only two familys went so we met up under a shelter and found the rep that took us to ask if we could come back early.
if you go book outside its much cheaper its only 70 euros for two adults and two children under 5yrs go free. we booked for the second week to go again had a great day out weather was hot and on saturdays
its not that busy. the kids loved it there.
the childrens entertainment was not much good it started at 8 oclock with an introduction of whats your name followed by where you from and how old are you this took at least 20 minutes and then a few dances a short game and then at 9 oclock all over.
the big end to the evening was a game of bingo for 70 euros we was back in our room at 9.30pm and in bad by ten oclock.
we ended up up grading to all inclusive at a cost of 29 euros each kids under 12yrs old eat free .
the food was good plenty of choice in the restaurant.the kids could eat as much hotdogs burgers and pizzas as they wanted and also as much drinks as they wanted as well .
would recomend all inclusive only.
all wines and beers were served in plastic cups . not nice at all.
would we drink out of a plastic cup at home i dont think so?
the adult entertainment was limited to two singers singins the same songs at the same time each night.not bothering to dress up to look the part they stood around with a pair of trousers and a teashirt and fleece jacket to keep warm.
it wasnt what we have seen of entertainers in the past yeare of our holidays .even at butlings they dress up ?
all in all .
we will not be going back to the blue bay escape at st.spiridon corfu in the near future/
sorry but the blue bay escape means NO ESCAPE ONCE YOUR THERE.
glad to be home most people we spoke to did not like the blue bay
lots of places to go to. a short taxi ride away .
well hope i havent bored you.