George Studios - (Accommodation in Roda)

Christopher P           

We have been to George Studios three times, the last was 5 July 2003. We've
been with olympic everytime... the apartments are on the front. Very few cars
come down this road so its pretty safe for kids. THE POOL IS OPEN TO ALL. i
dont know what that other guy was on about, he seemed to be a bit moany if u
ask me.. trading standards, **rolls eyes. (i reckon u could walk to the pool
edge in 25 strides )The pool is lovely and i enjoyed swimming many lengths
in it, it also has a shallow seperate bit for little babies ( great for volley ball )
there is also a slide for the slightly old kids ; ) . Under shade, there is a pool
table with seating, Valentinos Bar is really nice, and hes a really friendly guy (
the barmaid even does haircuts, so i took full advantage, id recommend it if
shes still there ) there are alot of sunbeds how ever sometimes you couldnt
get a 'prime' one and would have to go slightly further down away from the
pool which isnt so bad. The apartments we stayed in were lovely, 2 single
beds very clean sheets regually changed. (no spectacular view, unless u like
horses ). they had a two ring electric cooker, with kettle, plates glasses knifes
forks all clean, and a small table with two chairs, great for breakfast and lunch.
Surrondings. The beach for a 1, 2 at a strech walk from the apartments, id
reckon you turn left when u get to the end of the road as if u go right there is a
shingle beach. The beach to the left is very nice, and i made great friends with
the sunbed guy, a right character, he cracked me up. he sung " save all your
kisses for me " perfect with a greek accent, and hand fished, a squid and a
fish!! There is a small pier with a mini harbour, i fished a couple of times but
was unlucky, however there are lots of lovely fish in the water. The water is
lovely and clean and is very gradual, 100m out is about 5ft 8. As im still a bit of
a youngster 16 at the time, i still enjoy building sandcastles but on the slightly
larger scale, sand is perfect although can get a bit black if u dig a bit, worth it
in the end though. There are several bars to choose from in the resort
however i would recommend the "harbour bar" one year it was packed and
another it was quiet, nice little place though. All the bars show films on big
screen, all you have to do is buy a drink and your welcome to watch. As
restaurents go, im a bit of a fussy eater but there is alwayz something to suit
and i would definately recommend the (Od-er-see-us) Odsyeesy which caters
for all, all the food is really cheap and lovely. There is also a bike place where
u can mopeds and mountain bikes, wide selection but not for me. it gets very
hot, and the midges can be a pain sometimes. Overall its a lovely place i
really enjoyed myself everytime, all the locals are really friendly. Great spot for
familys, couples, and elderly. Maybe not so great for the 'young adults' 17-22
as i would recommend Kavos or something. This year we're trying Sidari just
down the road hopefully it wont be a disappointment, A thumbs up for Roda
though!! u'll love it