Blue Diamond Apartments - (Accommodation in St George Sth)

Karen P

I am considering going to blue diamond apartment with just. Is it far from the resort and what is small beach like?

Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

K T           

One of the best trips!  The key to getting a good beach is to shop around for the agents with the best deal (not neccessarily the cheapest), we found there were lots of deals.  The second thing is to try and go on a trip with a named beach, rather than just sandy beach.  We went to Kalamaki beach and it was fabulous .  If you find the same beach name poping up again and again then use a travel agent who goes to that beach as there is likely a reason why they all go there!

My final advise to anyone going on the boat trip is JUMP OFF THE BOAT! On our trip the boat stopped in deep water to let us have a swim.  Our boat was pretty high off the water (around 9-10ft) but if you are an ok swimmer then my advise would be jump!! The sea is fantastic and the jump gives you quite a rush!
I was there last year and I am going back again this year!!! 10 out of 10!

Illusions Bar - (Bars in Kassiopi)

K T           

How can you not love this bar!!!  No 1 in kassiopi, the people are great, the music is great, the cocktails are great!! 

I hope it is as good this year as last!
See you there
The karayoke queen!

Eva - (Accommodation in Kassiopi)

K T           

Does anyone know how much the air con is in eva?

Nelly Apartments - (Accommodation in Kassiopi)

K T           

Lovely apartments but now unfortunately a little over priced. 

They are basic self catering apartments in a quiet area with a view of the beach.  The pool is small but sufficient and located right next to the apartments.
If you are a couple looking for a quiet holiday with clean, no frills accommodation that feels safe then this is perfect. 
p.s there is no oven in the appartment.

Mary Elena Apartments - (Accommodation in Kassiopi)


Are these comments referring to the Mary Helen apartments at