San Antonio Resort (Adonis) - (Accommodation in Kalami)

Sam H           

this is the second time ive been to the adonis appartments in corfu and its jus a brilliant holiday wether you are on your own with kids or young and want to party, it is ideal for partying as its jus 15 mins in a taxi to kassiopi where u can find several clubs and loadsa great bars. the staff in the adonis appartments r so much fun like, gave me sum free drinks on me alst nite. the only down side is the never ending climb to the apartments, unless ur lazy wen in which case u can use the lift. and the secodn is tht ther is no air conditioning which is liveable but bloody hot. the service from the rep we had gemma was good, n she were fitt as!!! ther is a couple of groceryt shops in kalami whwich r fairly cheap. the view form the top appartments is sensational. the beach is pebbley but its stil nice, the sea is clear blu n propa nice n warm. its excellent for scuba diving me n a couple of the lads went a few times n once u get so far out its jus spectacular. there are two places to book excursions other than thru the rep as thy are more expensiv. there is a place to rent motorbikes n cars out, a place to rent boats out.

overall its ace