Aphrodite Hotel - (Accommodation in Roda)


Me and My partner went on our first holiday to Roda back in 2001 after only being together 6months - we stayed in some apartments called Stellis apartments (they were naff and have since stopped running as apartments and are now privately owned) - and we used to walk past Aphrodite every night and say we were going to go back there next time. We eventually went back with my partners two children in 2003 along with my 2 nephews, my mum and my partners mum and stayed in the Aphrodite hotel and we absolutely adored it. We were right next to the road where the mopeds went by and the didnt bother us one bit. Accomodation was massive, lots of space and very clean. The kids and us loved the pool and it is literally 10metres away from the beach and the nearest bars and restaurants. EASILY the best hotel in Roda.  The silverbeach hotel looks nice and is nice inside but its too far away from the beach for me!
If you are going to Roda this year or next year i am so jealous!  It is our favourite place to holiday and we hope to return there soon enough. Everyone at the hotel is so friendly. It was actually the owners little girls birthday party when we were last out there, and they invited the whole hotel to her party and gave everyone gallons of free wine............. the couple who own it are very nice people indeed!
Definately recommend this place to anyone

Maggies Place - (Restaurants in Roda)

Vicki   (June 24, 2005)         

HEY MAGGIE.................

Hello to Maggie and all the girls.......... now, you might not quite remember me Maggie, but me and my partner and his kids visited you back in 2003 and before we left you bought his two kids and my two nephews a chain each as a thankyou present for coming to yours every night!

Seriously - to anyone who is going to Roda - VISIT MAGGIES PLACE! The food is amazing, as are the staff, and as is the builing! Oh, and i cant forget about the toilets (sounds silly but believe me, you will know what i mean when you see them) - free sun creams, perfumes, deodrants etc, and all decorated like a little dressing room!

I hope all is going well with the business Maggie, i bet they are still queueing to get in through the doors at 7.00pm every night arent they?
Big thumbs up for this place

Aqualand - (Places to Visit on Corfu)


Absolutely brilliant! 8 of us there, 4 adults and 4 kids aged between 5-13 - all loved it - no-one wanted to come home!

The rides are amazing, so many to get around and not enough time, you will never be bored. For the cost of this day trip, i would reccomend it as a must to anyone going! Beware to take LOTS of sun cream..... its a bit of a heat trap, and also, try taking your own food and drink (they know how to make their money at these places)
Remember to smile for the cameras when you are on the rides though!

August - (Best Time to Visit)


Have been here in June, July and August - would reccomend any of those months! definatley a good vibe about the place in Roda in august though!