Hebe - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Rosie S           

went to kavos june 28th - july 13th 2004. stayed in the hebe appartments. had heard bad reviews about it before, the maid steals your money, and theres open sewers. the maid doesnt steal your money but is really scary, during the second week and are beds still hadnt been changed tried to take clean towles and sheets which had been left on the wall outside are room, apparently they weren't for us as the maid came in are room shouting at us and took them back!!. the rooms were basic but thats all you need if your planing to stay in kavos,the pool side bar is good but there is no reception area and you can not contact anyone.

the best bars, bonkers, (nikos is great and gave us loads of free drinks), plan b (hi kim!!), and heven is alright if you just want to chill. without fail if you want to or you don't you will get drunk every night in kavos, although when i was trying to get my m8 home cuz she was in a state it was really annoying as everyone trys to drag u in their bars for free drinks got pulled by both the arms a couple of times.
the beach is ok, but don't get an umbrella on a windy, bad mistake, bought a sunbed and umbrella of a woman and it kept falling over told her not to worry but she wouldn't listen in the end when we were in the sea it actually blew in with us and we ducked underneath until she had come and got it, quite funny actually!!.
don't go with the reps is all i can say. we got persuaded into booking for all the trips on offer for 110 euros, thought it sounded good. bar crawls were s**t, reps encouraged us too get drunk, but when we had about 3 head f**kers which really do what they say and were absoutley pissed they took us home even though we tried to run off and got really mad with us just like being back at school!!. booze cruise was also s**t and the boat we went on sum1 was sick over and the beach we went to was rubbish. the only good thing was the visit to the waterpark which was amazing and not a rep in sight!.
i would def recomed the crazy speed boat ride it was the best thing of the whole holiday, it goes so fast and turns on it's side, it goes into caves and then to a really nice beach where they do champange diving and also give you time to go snorkling, but stay away from the black reefs.
the nightlife is excellent for young people but not for people who want a quite, relaxing holiday!!
i went when i was only 16 and my firiend was 17 and it was just the two of us, i wouldn't do it agsin as it was scary and you really need to be in a group to feel safe. but all in all a good holiday~!