Valentines - (Restaurants in Acharavi)

Sam P           

Ladies...please ...take a look at the gorgeous Greek God of a waiter in the beach front branch of  Valentines ... if I wasn't married....forget the food!! Sorry, I got carried away, but it was my fondest memory of Acharavi...and I'm a food lover! Free salad bar, mega Mythos beer...humungus plates of scrummy food and a sunset to die for...God, why did I come home??!! If you have kids ... no worries, these guys look after the worst of brats with ease while you enjoy your food...I should know!


Eriva Apartments - (Accommodation in Acharavi)

Sam P           

hey!! yes it's red hot in good old blighty now that we have returned from a fab week (not two weeks!!) but nothing can possibly compare to the peace and serenity of eriva! hi dale!! glad to see you got back safely...jealous that you had 2 weeks there...back to the grind mate! e bay queen! ( mick got his record deal hang on to the signed copy!!!

people...go to's fantastic....if you have kids, as we do - even better, i assure you - you'll have a superb, and relaxing break! i cried when the coach arived to pick us was like leaving family!
thanks peeps!!!!