Cocoon Bar - (Bars in Ipsos)

Matty L           

hey its matty this is an awsome club/bar drinks were kewl,entertainment were kewl and the best things bowt it were the fine female prs ne one that liked me keep in touch!!

Shooters - (Bars in Ipsos)

Matty L           

hey is matty herre just a quick thing to say this bar is the best for real, music is awsome,entertainment,drinks are cheap i fully recomend this to ne 1 wanting to have a good time in ipsos, i came for 1 week it aint enough so i am definatly com bk nxt year for 7-8 weeks for a job sumwere lol

the best bit for me was the prs(especially chelsie) jus a little word for her i managed to get me clothes dry lol after our water fight lol
cya nxt year n ladies watch out for me x x x

Pirgi Place - (Restaurants in Ipsos)

Matty L           

hey dimitri its matty lol great place to eat the food is great,drinks are great, very entertaing great place to go...

cya next year matty

Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Matty L           

i have jus got back from ipsos 4 days ago n alredy i wish i was still ther this boat trip is the best in corfu definatly great food(especiall the kebabs) Captin Homer is hilarious a great laugh sophia is lovly, and there son is a great laugh. swim stops are kewl i dived of the top of the boat when my mate wouldnt lol.

wen i come bk out there next year for bowt 7-8 weeks i am definatly going there at least once a week lol
well i ad a great time enjoy your self c u next year