Aphrodite Apartments - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Kerry S           

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Ive not yet stayed at these apartments but I shall be there from the 12th June to 26th June 2006 so anyone going at that time give us a shout! So far there is 3 lovely ladies who not only are Scottish, but are all Physical Education students at Edin uni!!!! We gona rock Kavos! I was there last year in the same two weeks of June with 16 fellow Scots aptly named the "auggies crew" seein as it was our last year at st augustines school and it was immense! Loved it so much im back again! Any help about where exactly the apartments are situated would be great!   

Thanks peeps!
PS here is a pic of us 3 gurls at new year!

Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Kerry S           

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Yep the boat trips are awesome! 9 girls in my group on the boat n it was just fun and games all day! beach was nice and the BBQ was pretty good! Diving off the top of the boat was great - didnt realise how cold the water would be tho!!! Oh well here are pics of us gurls from the boat trip! enjoy!!!