Hectors - (Bars in Ipsos)

Kerry H           

hectors was alright. sexy dj (gary)  cheers 4 the taunts at hectors and villa sofia.,wont be in ipsos next year as repping in rhodes. Any one going 2 ipsos hectors is a must esp round 4 am and your slaughtered.its so much fun.

kerry (kez) x

Villa Sofia - (Accommodation in Ipsos)

Kerry H           

the apts r pretty good 4 greece,the owners r fantastic.

to sofia and costa,thank you so much for your kindness,cans of doctor pepper, shots and smoking room. missing you both, sorry didnt say goodbye i was 2 upset. sofia keep smiling and costa i'l be back in 5 years if im not married,you beter hope i am for your sake,he,he
lots of love to you both