Kassiopi - (Resorts on Corfu)

Gerry H           

Went to Paleokastritsa in 2003 and  took a day trip to Kassioppi for a day and stayed over night. I really loved the place, thats why I am returning for a week in May this year. Setting is great, in a small  valley extending onto a headland peninsula, with harbour and coves and turquoise waters. The town itself is spot on for a holiday. Peaceful and a bit cosmopolitan during the day and lively at night. Loads of friendly locals who are genuinely glad to talk to you and not putting on the friendly act.  I particularly like the fact that it is a real living breathing Greek town and not just for tourists. Im just sorry Scuba the Newfoundland dog is no longer with us. He followed us around the resort that day and loved diving for stones in the harbour. I had to rescue him from the boat ropes as he was tangled at one point. Apparently theres a Scuba2.... guess I will find out soon.