Pegasus Hotel - (Accommodation in Roda)

Amelia S           

I have been to this hotel now about 7 times over 7 years with my family and could not fault it! I loved it that much that after 2 years away me and my boyfriend are going back there in July this year.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and the family that run it are so friendly and helpful, the pool and surrounding area is lovely, the best in Roda.  There is a snack bar serving food from early in the morning and the food is delicious.
My family has recommended this hotel to many of their frinds and family and everyone that has been there has been back again. Roda as a whole is a beautiful village and has so much to offer to people of all ages, singles, couples and families.
I can't wait to go back there again this year!!

Aqualand - (Places to Visit on Corfu)

Amelia S           

This water park is fantastic, everythime we have been we have had a great time!  There are always loads of sun beda available and the slides are great fun!  It wasn't that expensive either and we found booking it through the company that are opposite the Mistral karaoke bar were cheaper than the tour rep.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

New Port Restaurant - (Restaurants in Roda)

Amelia S           

I have been to Roda many times now and we always make sure we eat in this gorgeous resaurants.  It is right on the front of the beach and looking out on the sunset while your eating lovely food is fantastic!

The 'Captain' is so friendly and they always look after you when you are eating there. The food is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite is the lamb kleftiko ( lamb, veg and potatoes cooked in a greaseproof paperparcel in the oven, so when they cut it open all the juices from the lamb have been soaking into the potatoes and veg) Beautiful.
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone that asked and when we have been joined by family on holiday we have always taken them there.

Roda - (Resorts on Corfu)

Amelia S           

click to enlargeWell where do i start, Roda is an absolutely beautiful village and i could never fault it. I have been going with my family since i was 10, have been 9 years on the run since and loved every holiday there.

We have stayed at the Silver Beach hotel which was lovely but sometime slightly noisy as it is close to a few of the bars and then we found the Pegasus hotel and have stayed there every year since
Roda is a fantastic place to go on holiday and i would recommend it to anyone that asked. I haven't been the past two years and have missed it that much that me and my boyfriend are going this July and i can't wait! Anyone that has been to Roda will want to go back again, and you will see the same faces year after year just with more people!
Roda was a small fishing village and is based round a triangle shape. As you enter Roda there is an old town (restaurants, tavernas)on the right hand side and a new town (lively bars and restaurants)on the left, with the beach all along the front, which makes a great walk at night after dinner! It is great for people of all ages, singles, couples and familes! 
There are many bars along the new town strip, my favourites being: Drunken Sailor, Domas and Mistral. These are all lively bars and propably the most popular with the 20 -30. There is also the Harbour Bar down by the beach at the very end near the harbour. This is a lovely spot to walk to after your evening meal and have a few drinks while the sun sets!
The food in Roda is gorgeous and very reasonably priced! My favourite restaurants in Roda are: Newport, along the front of the beach, Roda Park, half way down old town and Roxannes, on the beach front by the Aphrodite hotel.(Fantastic baked potatoes at lunch time!)
The shops along both new and old town are great for your present shopping for your family and friends. There are also quite a few food stores with everything from bread to Metaxa!!
click to enlargeFor day trips out i would recommend Aqua land and the Corfu night trip, i found booking it through the agents opposite the Mistral bar was cheaper than going through our rep and have used them each year to book our trips.
Overall i think Roda is a fantastic place to visit and can't wait for my two week holiday in July. I would and have recommended it to plenty of people, of which every person has loved it. The Pegasus hotel is wonderful and the family that runs it are so friendly and helpful. For anyone thinking of going to Roda, Go, it is an ideal location for a relaxing holiday, with quite a lively nightlife! With its gorgeous beach, beaming sun, lovely welcoming people and beautiful secenery what more could you ask for!!
If anyone would like any info about Roda please feel free to email me:
Hope you have all found this informative!

Mistral Cafe Bar - (Bars in Roda)

Amelia S           

The Mistral is a lively karaoke/disco bar just at the beginning of the bar stretch and the owner Costa is really friendly! We go to the Mistral every year we go to Roda and always enjoy it! The bar staff are usually male and attractive!! There is a daily karaoke and also daily games with prizes from cocktails to cucumbers, including a full english breakfast fo those of you that love a fry up!! They also do food throughout the day, if you fancy a lunch time snack, the football is on and daily films which are advertised outside! For anyone that wants to take part in some karaoke or holiday games then i would definitely give the Mistral a visit! The cocktails are great as well so obvioulsy any one that likes drinking will love this bar!!