Hebe - (Accommodation in Kavos)

Rich G

stayed in the hebe last august. don't read all the bad s**t people have written it isnt that bad. don't break stuff though because you do have to pay a lot! best banta ever with the sheffield boys, and all the sexy ladies around the pool! the hebe and the apartments next door fink its pennys are so lively during the day! andthey are right next to some top bars, crash n the barn  

Atlantis Club - (Bars in Kavos)

Rich G

Futures // Atlantis is absolutely amazing everynight! You will definitely end up chillin' on the beach of After or Atlanis. Hit the Barn or Crash bar though for early on chilled out drinkin'. The barn is the best bar to drink at during the day as well!

Rich G

Kavos - (Resorts on Corfu)

Rich G

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Was Out in Kavos last August 14th-21st....Fink i was the Youngest person there Being only 17 & 2 days old! lol...
...Was the Best Time Ever, Non-Stop Drinking, in the pool, around the pool, at the pool bar .
Hebe Apartments are rockin', right in the centre of everything, has a much better vibe than some of the other pools!
Crash and the Barn definitely the best Bars to check out, and Rolling Stones playes some Phat tunes!
Might be back in Kavos for a few days this summer, in mid july! Although its a bit chavvy, it is the most amazingly vibrant place ever!!! Love It!