Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Glen G           

Captain Theo's Boat trip.    Having read some of the review here we were quite wary, and I mentioned them to the rep (this was the 1 trip we booked with the rep) - she was aware of the bad ones, and said that this is why they only use Theo now.

We had an excellent trip. I can't remember the exact cost. i think it worked out about 60 in UK money for the 3 of us for the full day. That included transport there by air conditioned, clean coach. It was well worth the money.  Be warned that Theo however is a bit of a letch, but much to my wifes relief, he likes "The Sexy Mamas" as he calls them - i.e the over 50 ladies.

He talks about this almost constantly on the PA system on the trip, but is never rude, so don't worry about the kids. A couple of older ladies on our trip said they did not really like him keep cuddling them but were embarrassed to be the ones who said "no".
Anyway, the guy is crackers as is half the crew. Imagine a band of friendly mad Pirates (if there could be such a thing) and you've got the right picture.
As a sailor myself, I was wondering about taking my family on a boat abroad after all the horror stories you read and hear. However, even to my trained eye, the boat was very well maintained. There were plenty of safety devices and flotation - in fact there were enough life jackets for about 3 each!  I could see that a LOT of time is spent maintaining this boat - I noticed that even the little things were oiled/cleaned or whatever.  Beyond the banter he's a good skipper, and I noticed later that no one had felt sea-sick - I think that part of keeping folk busy may be for that reason (it often works well as anyone experienced at sea will tell you), and if it is, then that tells you something about how good this guy is at his job. 
The crew were lovely with my young daughter. The beach we went to was on the Greek mainland somewhere, as for reasons we never found out, there was a change of itinerary. We were told it was because of the swell, but I know that was not actually true. Either way, it did not matter, in fact, I think it was a bonus as it turned out.
The beach we went to was lovely and sandy. There were some loungers (3 only) and water sports. Some people went up on the par ascending thing. Most enjoyed it, but two people fell over on takeoff and cut open their knees and legs quite severely.  I imagine the rest of their holiday was ruined. This is a risk you take doing this stuff of course.  To be fair, I must point out that the water sports are nothing to do with the boat trip company of course, and what happened was probably not the water sports companies fault either.
The BBQ was very good. Lots to eat and well cooked. They also catered for veggies. The stay at the beach was just long enough. We were lucky because as we left, another cruise boat arrived with an 18-30 contingent on board carrying boxes and boxes of beer and hanging off the boat shouting, swearing and screaming (sometimes I'm embarrassed to be English - can't we get these people to pretend their  from somewhere else?). 
Next we went to a deserted cove and swam ashore through beautiful clear water.  So clean, you could see the anchor on the bottom.  Theo thoughtfully got a life jacket out and put it on her, so that my 8 year old daughter could perfectly safely swim that distance (like I said, a good thoughtful skipper underneath the banter). This was a fantastic experience, and a first for almost all of us. One of those things I'll remember forever is swimming side by side through this beautiful cove with my wife and young daughter. Magic!